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Worst value for money tourist attractions around the world

While travel restrictions are gradually being lifted, tourism is gradually picking up around the world and many vacationers are looking for their next destination. And among these travellers, there are many who choose a destination based on an emblematic place they dream of discovering. Sites that make millions of people around the world dream, but which can also hold unpleasant surprises. The ParkSleepFly travel blog has compiled a list of the worst value for money tourist attractions around the world.

At the top of this unflattering ranking, we find the Empire State Building in New York (United States), voted the worst site on the planet, with a particularly disappointing price-quality ratio. The ticket to climb to the top of the building is indeed 44 dollars, or 38.82 euros. A ticket that only allows you to go up to the main deck and not to the very top of the Empire State. A high price and a disappointment that earned the attraction a negative review rate of 4.2% and a score of 1.03 out of 10 in the ParkSleepFly study.

The Palace of Versailles in the top 10

In second place in the ranking, we find a trio: Buckingham Palace in London and Stonehenge in Wiltshire (United Kingdom) and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York (United States) with a score of 1.9 out of 10 The London castle, with an entry price of 35.75 euros, thus recorded a negative opinion rate of 3.3%. For the famous Stonehenge, this rate rises to 8% for an entry price of 23.25 euros, many visitors highlighting the impossibility of touching the stones that make up this megalithic monument.

Finally, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York has a dissatisfaction rate of 18.1% for an entry price of 22.05 euros, the main criticisms against this museum of modern art located in the Upper East Side calling it “disappointing” or even “dreadful”.

Paris syndrome: when some tourists are disillusioned with the capital

To complete the top 10 of this ranking, we find the London Eye in London (United Kingdom) with a score of 2.07 (entry price of 31.23 euros – 4.2% negative opinions), ahead of the MoMa, the Museum of Modern Art in New York (entry at 22.65 euros – 4.7% negative opinions). In seventh place is the first French tourist site with the Palace of Versailles, which has a rating of 2.7, with an entry price of 18 euros and 9.5% of negative opinions.

It is ahead of Petra in Jordan with a rating of 2.96, an entry price of 64 euros and 2.5% of negative opinions, the Vatican Museums (rating of 3.25 – entry price of 17 euros – rate negative opinions at 8.2%) and Edinburgh Castle (rating of 3.97 – entry price at 21 euros and 2.9% negative opinions).

Best sites in the world

For those who would like to change their plans based on this ranking, ParkSleepFly has also listed the sites with the best value for money. We thus find in first place the Great Wall of China, in front of Taj Mahal (India) and the Forbidden City in Beijing (China). These are followed by Prague Castle in the Czech Republic, the Eiffel Tower in France, the Grand Canyon in the United States, Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, the Colosseum in Rome (Italy), the Acropolis in Athens (Greece) and the Louvre. in France.

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These rankings were made taking into account a list of 30 tourist attractions around the world. Their place was calculated by comparing the entry price of the sites with the rate of negative opinions left by visitors. Entrance prices are those for one day, for an adult and buying the cheapest ticket possible.

The negative opinions were taken from the TripAdvisor platform, keeping only those classified as “bad” or “very bad”, thus making it possible to calculate the percentages indicated in the ranking. This data was used to calculate the score for each attraction, specifies ParkSleepFly.

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