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Why was this show canceled during the winter period this year?

Do you want to know the reason for the removal of the show Les Reines du shopping? Read our article to see what happened and find out when it will return.

Shopping Queens is a program that has helped many beautiful ladies dress better. Also, the show is well presented with the animation of fashion icon, Cristina Cordula.

This is why some women are disappointed with the removal of its broadcast on M6. In this article, we will tell you about the details!

The Queens of shopping: an incredible success thanks to Cristina Cordula

The program Les Reines du shopping was a hit thanks to French viewers. Indeed, all the women who are fans of fashion are always present when the show is on TV. In addition, Cristina Cordula knew how to use her dynamism and her talent to hold the audience as long as possible. To say that she was able to stand out from other fashion shows on TV.

Already, the goal in Les Reines du shopping is to dress according to the themes proposed by the presenter. Thus, candidates must choose the outfit that would suit them within a limited period of time. We can see that there are creativity, imagination and above all humor during the show. That’s why this program never bores us.

In addition, some women have been able to improve their style via Les Reines du shopping. And this concerns both the participants and the viewers. And yes ! The famous advice of the queen of fashion has had its effect on some French women. Suddenly, the show is at the origin of the beautiful ladies who dress rather well in the streets.

Finally, Les Reines du shopping was able to advise women, ranging from 18 to 70 years old, to renew their wardrobe. Always with the aim of highlighting them. Cristina Cordula goes out of her way to share her knowledge and skills with contestants as well as viewers.

The cancellation of the program on M6

The program Les Reines du shopping was absent for some time on M6. This affected quite a few fans since this program was a masterpiece for some. However, the channel has reserved another program that could interest young women. It’s called “Incredible Transformations”. But there was no more Cristina Cordula.

Indeed, this program which replaced Les Reines du shopping consisted in completely changing the look of a person with the help of fashion professionals. That’s why it was named Incredible Transformations. Thus, the show consisted in transforming the wardrobe, the style as well as the hairstyle of the candidates for them to be better than before.

Shopping Queens was stopped after some time to set up the broadcast of Camera Canapé. It is a question of spying on the life of another family thanks to the installation of camera and microphone within the hearth of this one. You could say it’s a reality TV show. To comment on the life of this family, the M6 ​​channel has carefully chosen a group of 6 people.

Indeed, a good number of programs replaced Les Reines du shopping for a few moments. Moreover, Cristina Cordula took advantage of her absence to continue to entertain her fans on social networks. Besides, she also tries to spend time with her son Enzo. But all that is over since the show has resumed for a few days.

The Queens of shopping: the show returns after a long break

You should probably see that Les Reines du shopping made its big comeback on M6 on April 25th. The concept has not changed and we are delighted to see Cristina Cordula back in action. Especially since she is full of energy and still ready to host the show as before. If you haven’t followed it yet, the program is broadcast on M6 every day at 4:25 p.m. So be there to relive the emotions you haven’t felt in a while.

However, we hope that the program Les Reines du shopping will be on television for as long as possible. May it not be replaced! Now it’s time for fashionistas to prepare for new episodes to benefit from the valuable advice of the queen of fashion.

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