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why OM will play the Europa Conference League hard in the event of qualification

Eliminated from the race for the knockout stages of the Europa League, OM host Lokomotiv Moscow this Thursday (9 p.m.) with the ambition of not losing to be transferred to the Conference League, which the club wants to play to the fullest.

OM conclude their group stage of the Europa League this Thursday at the Vélodrome against Lokomotiv Moscow (9 p.m.). With the disappointment of elimination already in the mouth but also the ambition to continue the European adventure, even a notch below. If they do not lose, the Marseillais will thus be transferred to the Conference League. And they will play hard for it.

Because Jorge Sampaoli and the Marseille players keep a bitter taste of the results collected in the Europa League. The Olympian dressing room feels that they have performed well in Europe, except in Turkey two weeks ago, but that their efforts have not been rewarded. Sampaoli points the finger at the lack of efficiency, as the only reason for the elimination.

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And the Spanish defender Alvaro Gonzalez recognizes that these good performances must lead OM to go all out to qualify for the small European cup, the Europa League Conference. “It must be a goal,” Alvaro confirms to RMC Sport. “This is the goal that is before us now and for which we must fight, continues the defender. If you start to pass certain rounds, and in the event that we play for example a semi-final against an important team , we will see things in a different way and the prospect of a title in the League conference could be very motivating.

Sampaoli: “We fight above all to defend the colors of our club”

Another argument is also the respect of the supporters, who almost filled the Vélodrome during the group stage of the Europa League. This season, the places in the European Cup were integrated into the “subscriber pack”. The crowd for the match, this Thursday evening, against Lokomotiv should therefore be quite correct, and that alone deserves, according to Sampaoli, a good performance from OM. “The people who support our team demand that each representation on our part be done by giving the maximum, justifies Sampaoli at the microphone of RMC Sport. A friendly match, training, an official meeting … the feeling that we feel in wearing this jersey must be stronger than anything. We must therefore play this match to the full, as if it were a final. Above all, we fight to defend the colors of our club.”

What if OM were in their place in the Europa League Conference?

There is also, within the club and especially at Sampaoli, the feeling that OM might simply be in their place if OM qualify for this Europa League Conference. With a promising but young workforce, a group made up of many rookies who are learning their coach’s instructions, OM are learning and growing. The Olympian staff therefore believes that it is important not to look down on this competition, which would ultimately correspond to the level of the current team, with all the same good opponents. “We’re not really in a position to be able to choose the titles we want to win!, says Jorge Sampaoli again. People here need to vibrate and win titles. I say it and I repeat it to the president and the owner. If we have to play in the Conference League, there are still clubs like Roma, Tottenham or Vitesse Arhnem, we have to respect that. Only then will later come the opportunities to win and be competitive in higher tournaments like the Champions League.”

McCourt and Longoria demand that OM play the competition thoroughly

Finally, playing the smallest of the European Cups to the fullest is also, according to our information, a request from the leaders of OM. Pablo Longoria and Frank McCourt hope that an adventure in this Europa League Conference is possible and that, according to the posters, a few prestigious matches could allow OM to bring some money into the club coffers via receipts Ticketing. It’s no secret that OM are not rolling in gold. And Marseille cannot afford to snub the money that these European Cup matches could bring in. By crossing their fingers so that OM do not leave too much energy there, in view of what remains the priority objective of the club: qualification for the next Champions League. Much more lucrative, this one…

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