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Where to go this summer ?

This is the usual question that comes up every year: where to go for your summer vacation, if you plan to go abroad? Now that the Covid pandemic is much less virulent and that many destinations have become accessible again, a quick overview of the different possibilities.

In July…

In Europe, it is the holiday period for many countries. This of course corresponds to the best climatic conditions for this part of the world, but also to a very significant rise in prices combined this year with high inflation in many places and the general increase in energy and fuel prices.
For those who are fond of heat, the South (Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Croatia…) and its beaches will meet their expectations. Everywhere else the sunshine will make your visits pleasant, even for the northern regions (Ireland, England, Scotland, Denmark, etc.). It’s a good time in particular to go to Iceland, where temperatures then vary between 8°C at night and 15°C during the day… which lasts twenty hours in a row!
Lovers of swimming and sun can also explore Albania, Bulgaria, the Canary Islands or Montenegro.

In Asia, Indonesia remains the flagship destination for this period with its equatorial climate tempered by maritime winds. The sunshine is very good there despite the intermittent rains in the evening or at night. The temperatures are almost ideal, between 25 and 30°C. Java in particular is very pleasant, and always Bali with its micro-climate. On the other hand, it is the time when the tourist season is in full swing and you will therefore not be alone!

In Africa, Mauritius can be a good choice since the temperatures there are still mild, and even cool at night, and the sky is very clear despite scattered showers and a fresh wind that is often welcome. Same thing for Madagascar which also lives its dry season with 28°C on average during the day and chilly but restful nights at 15°C.
As for North Africa, Essaouira on the Atlantic coast of Morocco will be very bearable at this time with a refreshing wind, like Agadir, despite the frequent presence of fog.

In America, Peru and Bolivia are to be preferred during this period when the rains have stopped to give way to beautiful sunny days, although rather cold at altitude, but dry and bright.
It is also the good time for the national parks of the USA, Yosemite Park for example, where you can climb in altitude without fearing too cold temperatures.

In Oceania, visit northern Australia but also Polynesia, such as Tahiti or the Windward Islands, where the rains become rare and the sunshine very high with average temperatures around 27°C. The Marquesas archipelago experiences the same type of climate with slightly higher temperatures.

And in august

In Europe, August is the big boom! Millions of holidaymakers from all over the world invade the beaches and hinterland of southern Europe. The climate is conducive to travel in almost all of the continent with, however, some areas strongly affected by the heat wave (Andalusia, southern Italy, Greece, etc.) which will only be suitable for fans of heat at all costs.
Northern Europe is very pleasant and summer is the ideal time to visit countries that are usually colder and wetter such as Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands or Iceland.

In Asia, it is undoubtedly the least favorable season. The monsoon is indeed at its peak over the entire region, sparing only a few rare areas (Kerala or Tamil Nadu in India, Bali and the islands of southern Indonesia, northern Australia, etc.) . Elsewhere a hot, moist and humid climate prevails.

In Africa, the Maghreb countries are invaded by tourists, the climate is hot (sometimes very hot at the gates of the desert) and dry, the Atlantic coast of Morocco remains pleasant thanks to the influence of the ocean.
Further south we find the rainy season and it is only at the latitudes of Tanzania that we will benefit from a favorable climate for the visit.

In America, the north is generally hot and dry (sometimes scorching in the deserts of the western USA). Central America is experiencing a short rainy season but further south the conditions are becoming favorable again. It’s hurricane season in the West Indies, the Caribbean and Mexico.

> For more details by destination, go to our section “Where to go in July” and “Where to go in August”.

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