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What is this new Camille Combal show in the 2nd part of the evening?

Camille Combal will be at the head of one of the new TF1 games. Discover the details in the next lines!

With the arrival of summer, television entertainment also returns. Various programs that will help us pass the time with family or friends. At the front page, it is not the ideas that are lacking.

This new concept of TF1 games which will soon be arriving on our small screens will also be an interesting meeting for viewers. Want to know more? We give you the details in the next lines of this article.

Camille Combal: TF1 games presenter

From now on, the broadcasting channels are renewing their concept of broadcasting. This is particularly the case for TF1 games, which will experience major changes. Camille Combal is also at the center of all attention. It must be said that the host has always had time to keep viewers in suspense. The audience ratings of its programs testify to this. Indeed, the programs that the latter puts forward have been a real success in recent years. And it could continue for months to come.

Viewers are used to finding Camille Combal in the various TF1 games. This is particularly the case of the program “Mask Singer” where he is a real success. Although the novel concept of this program wows viewers, his talent as an animator adds to its popularity! And we can only hope that the next program that lands on the front page has the same advantage as the others! The producers of the show have also made the right choice in terms of animation.

At the announcement of this new TF1 games program, it is therefore no surprise that we find Camille Combal leading animation. The latter will be in charge of entertaining the viewers but also the guests of the show. A task that our presenter masters perfectly! And it is also on this talent that viewers can count in order to be entertained with each broadcast!

For the time being, Camille Combal has not given more details on the course of the show. Viewers will therefore have to be patient to learn more about what we can see in this next broadcast. There is still some information that the production already reveals to us!

A new concept for the new TF1 show!

Concept ideas are not lacking in TF1 games. And the front page proves it again with the arrival of this event which will complete our various evenings. As for the title, the production chain chose “So what – there’s no shame in being like everyone else!” ». A concept that would therefore combine entertainment and discovery. Something to make French viewers happy!

For those who do not know it yet, this TF1 game will highlight the little habits that characterize the French. And there are many ! In any case, the name of the show speaks volumes enough to attract attention. Know that this will be an opportunity to find little quirks that may bother you but that will help you feel better. After all, what’s really bad about being like other people?

If we are to believe the production, this TF1 game will therefore be available in the second part of the evening. The appointment is therefore given for fans of television entertainment. Enough to allow us to have a good time whether with family or friends in the coming months. The broadcast announced by the front page will also take place from the coming May 10th.

It is therefore a date to remember for fans of Camille Combal. But also for viewers who particularly appreciate discovering new program concepts! Especially since this is not the only novelty that the front page could have in the months to come.

TF1 Games: Other shows to come!

As you will have understood, TF1 Games are developing more and more. You will also be happy to learn that a French version of “That’s my jam” will soon be arriving on the channel. The latter will however be called “Stereo Club”, for the production.

The appointment ? A giant karaoke where celebrities and anonymous will compete. And at the controls of the show, we will of course find Camille Combal! Enough to complete your agenda for the coming months.

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