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What are the most beautiful cities in Europe to visit?

What a joy to get lost in the streets of a city you don’t know! To discover its great and small wonders of European cities. The hardest part is choosing your destination for this getaway. Our selection.

Everyone has their own list of the 10 most beautiful cities in Europe, but some names seem to appear in all the rankings, such as Venice or Florence, for Italy. More recently, Croatia entered the race with Dubrovnik and Zagreb. But Seville, the beautiful Spanish or Prague hold their rank. As well as Stockholm, the northernmost of our selection. Follow the European tour of our favorite cities and let yourself be tempted by a great weekend, time to discover their treasures.

Florence (Italy), the city of the arts

The gardens of Villa San Michele in Florence. Stanislas Fautré / Le Figaro Magazine

Cradle of the Renaissance and the Medici, it saw the birth of Dante and Leonardo da Vinci. Stunning as it is rich in palaces, churches, museums and monuments, Florence hides a secret and authentic soul. Stroll through the Boboli Gardens, visit the Opera del Duomo and the Palazzo Vecchio, of course, but don’t forget to taste a dish with white truffles and cantuccini dipped in vin santo or dine at the Alle Murate restaurant, the one of the best in town.

Bruges (Belgium), the little Venice of the North

Nicknamed the Venice of the North, Bruges can be visited on foot but also by boat on its canals, real arteries of the city. Kavalenkava

Located in West Flanders, the city of Bruges is often nicknamed the “Venice of the North” because of its canals. A small city with the charm of yesteryear, you can discover it at a glance, from the top of its belfry (370 steps, but the view is magnificent), by boat, along its canals, and of course on foot. , because the center is as big as a pocket handkerchief. Do not miss the beer museum (and its tasting, in one of the many taverns in the city) and the diamond museum.

Dubrovnik (Croatia), the fortified

An ultra-touristy city in southern Croatia, Dubrovnik seduces with its climate, its cultural heritage and its beaches. dreamer4787

The highlight of any visit to Croatia, Dubrovnik and its thick walls and its towers which seem new (because they were rebuilt identically following the last conflicts), will not leave you indifferent, especially if you have seen the series Game Of Thrones. To escape the crowds, in season, embark for the island of Lokrum to stroll in the botanical garden and the sublime monastery of the Benedictines or to bathe in a transparent sea or the Dead Sea, an astonishing salt water lake.

Seville (Spain), the Andalusian

Capital of Andalusia, Seville, its gardens and palaces are best visited in spring and autumn. Jim

The city is best visited in spring and autumn, to avoid excessive heat. From the great cathedral and its Giralda to the General Archives of the Indies, from the Moorish palace of the Alcazar and its sublime gardens, to the Plaza De España, built for the 1929 exhibition, we don’t know where to turn. Seville vibrates day and night, to the sound of flamenco, especially in the Alameda district, where bars follow one another, the perfect spot to discover all kinds of tapas.

Vienna (Austria), the imperial

Historical city par excellence, Vienna is an open-air museum.

Capital of the Habsburgs for centuries, history has deeply marked the capital of Austria. From the Ring to the red brick workers’ houses, passing by the majestic beauty of the Belvedere, Vienna escapes all summaries. We have fun at the Prater, we waltz to the sound of Strauss waltzes, we go to visit Freud’s office in a carriage and we taste a Viennese chocolate before attacking the visit of Schönbrunn. But there is still the course of the Secession to do…

Prague (Czech Republic), bohemian

The romantic capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is full of lively streets and museums to visit. adisa

Discover the fascinating city of Prague, rich in history, starting from the Powder Tower and the Municipal House, then stroll through the alleys and passages of the Old Town and its astonishing astronomical clock, the Jewish heritage of Josefov, the Charles Bridge to finish with the picturesque district of Malá Strana. An exotic stay, especially if you sit down to taste local specialties such as goulash or schnitzel.

Porto (Portugal), the bucolic

An authentic city in the northwest of Portugal, Porto is easily visited on foot. SeanPavonePhoto

Ideal getaway for a weekend or essential stopover when visiting Portugal (it is the second largest city in the country), Porto, located at the mouth of the Douro, charms visitors as soon as they arrive. We stroll there on foot, along its small streets steeped in history and nostalgia. Sail on the river barcos rabelos, which were once used to transport wine, be surprised when entering the Bolhão market or even taste the sweet flavor of typical wines and see the Ribeira, the historic heart of the city, Porto is not lacking in attractions. The azulejos are everywhere. These painted tiles adorn the facades like that of the Igreja do Carmo, and their interiors, and rub shoulders with the spray graffiti that adorns the walls and doors of garages, or metro stations (those of Lapa are remarkable), another art to discover in Porto.

Stockholm (Sweden), the most natural

Settled on fourteen islands, the capital of Sweden harmoniously blends nature and culture. Mikael Damkier

City between sea and mountains in the heart of a natural setting (there is even a ski resort in the city), Stockholm is located in an archipelago of 14 islands between the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren. We therefore stroll from island to island, to discover Gamla Stan, the old town organized around the Grand-Place, Tortorget, the Royal Palace, the Nationalmuseum of Fine Arts or the very impressive Vasmuseet which houses the Vasa, a huge warship which sank in the port during its inauguration and which came out of the water almost intact.

Venice (Italy), the romantic

A romantic destination par excellence, Venice is famous for its canals, its monuments, its carnival and its gastronomy. yasonya

Whether you get there by train, plane or boat, Venice can always be visited on foot and in all seasons. Listing the wonders of this city would be far too long. Stroll along the fondamente (the quays), travel by vaporetto, visit the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica, stroll through the square, cross the Rialto Bridge, of course, but there is so much to discover in Venice , between palaces and churches, the best thing is still to let yourself be guided by your nose to discover squares and small restaurants away from the crowds.

Zagreb (Croatia), the new trendy destination

A trendy destination, Zagreb amazes travelers with its colorful facades, its cultural places and its famous market where you can taste local specialties. happy

The capital of Croatia presents a real architectural mosaic between the upper town, the oldest part of Zagreb, with its districts of Gradec and Kaptol, and the lower town (Donji Grad), which houses museums such as the Pavilion of Arts, the Archeology Museum and the Mimara Museum. Pay attention to the street art that adorns the walls, all over the city. Another curiosity of Zagreb, the magnificent cemetery of Mirogoj, a wooded setting with magnificent ornate tombs. We also like to stroll between the stalls of the Dolac market where you can find products from all over the country.


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