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VIDEO. Here are the first images of the future Vitré cinema

Here are the first images of the cinema ©Gilles Imbert architect

The new cinema project in Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine) was officially presented on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 to the press in the presence of the project leader, CinéWest, the Gilles Imbert architecture agency, Alain Landemaine, the president of the Aurore cinema association, Yves Gérard, president of Aurore, and elected officials from Vitré.

This new structure will be built at La Grande Haie, boulevard de Laval, east of the city. This multiplex will include 6 rooms for 958 seats. Its opening is announced for 2023.

A potential of 180,000 admissions per year

In the pipeline for several years, the project is finally taking shape, thanks in particular to the Aurore Cinéma. “We make between 110,000 and 120,000 admissions a year. We are no longer advancing. We did a market study which concluded that the potential was 170,000 to 180,000 admissions with the population of the Vitré community”, presents Alain Landemaine, president of the Aurore cinema association.

To reach this figure, the cinema must think bigger. The three current rooms are therefore not enough. The project of a multiplex is then advanced with several rooms as we can see in Fougères, Redon or Saint-Malo.

Problem: the cost of a multiplex of 5-6 screens costs between 6 and 7 million euros. Far too much for the association, which cannot assume this investment alone.

“We decided to move up a gear and in our research, we came across Daniel Taillandier”, continues Alain Landemaine.

Six rooms and 958 seats

The project of the future cinema is therefore carried by CinéWest and its boss Daniel Taillandier. The latter relies on the architecture agency Gilles Imbert, which specializes in leisure activities: restaurant, bowling and cinema.

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Let’s start with the outside first. The future cinema will therefore be built at La Grande Haie, boulevard de Laval, between Norsud and Citroën. The land belongs to the Vitré community, which will therefore sell it.

The site is 13,500 m2 and the footprint of the structure is 3,000 m2. “The cinema will be complementary to the leisure activity that is offered”, communicates Gilles Imbert.

“This reinforces this local offer. We will be able to enjoy leisure activities nearby,” rejoices Pierre Léonardi, deputy mayor in charge of housing, town planning, land and institutional communication.

Several parking areas will be created for a total of 170 parking spaces. A shelter for bicycles will also be provided.

Here are the first images from the cinema
Here are the first images of the cinema ©Gilles Imbert architect

The project has six rooms with 333, 219, 150, 94, 81 and 81 seats respectively. This makes a total of 958 places, including spaces dedicated to people with reduced mobility.

The 350 m hall2 will be glazed and therefore very bright. A lounge area will be set up. Interactive terminals with information and timetables will be installed, as will terminals for tickets. A ticket office will also allow you to buy your place. For the gourmands, there will be a confectionery.

As for the tiered rooms, “a lot of work on comfort” has been carried out. The seats will be red, the walls black and the floor dark. These rooms will be located on the ground floor. Upstairs, you will find the technical rooms and those of the staff.

Finally, the frame of the building will be glued laminated wood and landscaping will be done outside.

Discover here the first images of the project (credit Gilles Imbert architect)

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“Accessible” prices for seats

Before seeing the cinema emerge from the ground, we will have to wait. The administrative delays will be quite long. Work could begin in October-November 2022 and should last eight months.

Cinéma Aurore my Cinewest could therefore open before the summer of 2023.

The cinema in Vitré will then take on another dimension with more daytime screenings, but this should not be accompanied by a considerable increase in ticket prices, as announced by Daniel Taillandier. “The full price is a little below 9 euros. We will have reduced prices in the afternoon. The price of the place will be 4 euros for children under 14 years old. We are on low average prices, ”replies the boss of CinéWest. “These will be affordable prices”, specifies Pierre Léonardi.

Note that the future cinema will also offer a room for birthday parties with movie screenings, games and cabin tours. “We will also be offering opera, ballets, one-man shows and even theatre”, specifies Daniel Taillandier.

Here are the first images from the cinema
Here are the first images of the cinema ©Gilles Imbert architect

The end of the associative model

This new cinema carried by the private group CinéWest therefore also marks the end of the associative model of Aurore Cinéma, which has 140 volunteers.

“17 years ago, Aurore Cinéma, then a branch of Aurore, became independent. We decided to create an association,” recalls Alain Landemaine, president of Aurore Cinéma. The cinema was then created on Boulevard de Laval.

What then of the future of the association? “It will be dissolved and the assets will be transferred to Aurore”, announces Alain Landemaine.

The two current employees, Julien Pérez and François Guérin, co-directors, will be taken over by the group. Five recruitments are expected.

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