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travel guide to go to Porto

Why visit Porto?

The most visited and appreciated city after Lisbon, Porto is a place to see absolutely! It is located on the slopes of the Douro Valley, near the Portuguese coast. This city has both a history and a rich culture, but also a nightlife that would make some European capitals green!

In Porto, you can easily spend a romantic week in a calm and romantic environment. However, it is also possible to go on an adventure thanks to the many excursions and hikes departing from the city.

Do you prefer to treat yourself both culinary and mentally? This is possible thanks to the many restaurants offering typical Portuguese dishes as well as the various museums of Porto!

As you will have understood, this magnificent Portuguese city is full of activities and visits that will leave you speechless. Do you want to know more in order to prepare your stay? So, Génération Voyage has prepared a Porto city travel guide for you!

Travel & Visit Porto

To help you organize your stay in Porto, we have listed the visits and places of interest to do in Porto.

20 must-do things to do in Porto
To visit Porto, a cosmopolitan and vibrant city, is to fill up with sensations. Follow our guide to not miss any of its nuggets! Porto is first of all this tangle of colorful buildings which nibble the bank of the Douro, watched over by the towers of the cathedral. Or even that nostalgic air, impregnated with saudade. But it is also a city in full mutation which […] See the essentials

Main places of interest in Porto

Porto is a beautiful city and full of places of interest to visit, so much so that it is sometimes difficult to do them all in one stay. However, as with any city, there are places that are truly unmissable and constitute the main points of interest.

For Porto, it is first of all the historic district, Ribeira, and the port cellars and cellars, where you can taste the best wines of the whole city. There is also the Lello bookshop, known for having inspired JK Rolling for his novel Harry Potter. Finally, visit the Clérigos Tower, a tower that shines both for its architecture and its magnificent panoramic view from its summit.

Do you want to know more about these must-see places and discover more places of interest in the city? So don’t miss the articles in this section of the Porto travel guide!

Pass to visit Porto

The Porto tourist pass allows you to save money on visits and public transport. Do you have to buy this Porto pass? Our opinions & advice:

Port City Pass Porto: review, price, duration & activities included

Other places of interest in Porto

Porto also has other lesser-known places to discover if your stay lasts a few days longer or if you are coming for the second time.

Other ideas for activities in Porto

Porto is therefore a city full of activities and events! Here, we give you all the tips to make the most of it during your stay!

Douro River Cruise

Museums in Porto

Porto is a romantic city, known for its beauty as well as its large number of monuments to visit. However, it is also a city of history and culture! You will also find many museums for all ages and all interests.

You can, for example, visit the Serralves museum if you like contemporary art or take a tour of the Soares dos Reis museum, the oldest in the city, if you are an art lover in general. There is also the FC Porto Museum, ideal for football fans and club supporters. Finally, for a fun outing, the Porto Natural History and Science Museum is the ideal place.

Do you want to stock up on knowledge and admire the most beautiful collections during your stay, all genres combined? So, we invite you to read the articles in this section!

Serralves Museum, Porto The Serralves Museum

Excursions around Porto

If Porto is full of places of interest, a trip to its surroundings will allow you to visit sites around the city. The opportunity to get off the beaten track or do an activity that you should not miss.

excursions-from-porto The best day trips

Nightlife & Gastronomy in Porto

Porto is a city known for its rich and lively nightlife. This is particularly due to its many bars and restaurants located on every street corner. You will find the best alcohols, but also dishes from all over Portugal!

You also want to taste the famous Portuguese specialties in Porto such as Bacalao Ze do Pipo, Tipas à Moda do Porto or Francesinha? Or go for a drink with friends in the best bars in town? Then we also help you find your happiness! Here, we give you the best addresses to have fun and enjoy yourself at any time of the day in the city of Porto!

Cálem Cellars The best Fado shows in Porto

Tripas in Moda do Porto Where to eat Portuguese specialties in Porto?

Where to stay in Porto (apartments, hotels, youth hostels,…)?

Covering approximately 41.3 km², Porto is certainly not a big city like Lisbon or Nova de Gaia. Nevertheless, it remains very lively, populated, and above all touristy, which explains the number of hotels and apartments for rent which is only increasing in the city. So you can rent accommodation in Porto easily. You will have the choice between an apartment, staying in a hotel or homestay.

Nevertheless, whatever you choose, you will have to decide carefully which neighborhood to stay in. The most recommended and known is the old town, named Ribeira. It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and will bring a colorful touch to your stay.

If you want a rich nightlife and lots of shopping, then go to boasvista. This is the new city and you will easily find accommodation close to everything.

Finally, there is Miragaia, known for its quiet atmosphere. Its atmosphere makes this area ideal for couples looking for a romantic place for their stay.

Are you still hesitating or want to know more about the best neighborhoods and places to stay? We give you tips and our best plans in this section of the Porto travel guide!

Timetables, maps and practical information in Porto

Although it is less hectic and impressive in size than Lisbon, Porto remains a city where a stay should always be organized at a minimum. This will allow you to really be able to enjoy the visits and activities of the city, but also life on site.

In order to organize you as well as possible during your stay in Porto, we give you all the necessary information concerning schedules, plans or budget! This will allow you to better prepare your dream trip!

ribeira port What budget to go to Porto?

Transport to/from Porto (airports, train station, transfers)

Porto is in the southeast of Portugal, far from Lisbon or Faro, so there are many ways to get there from these cities. You can, for example, take the trainthe bus, the car or even the taxi.

Nevertheless, the most economical is often still take the plane to Porto-Francisco Sá-Carneiro Airport. From there, you can reach the city center using one of the shared shuttles leaving regularly from the airport.

Here we give you all our tips for getting to Porto, but also to other major cities in Portugal from the city of Porto!

Public transport, car rental & taxis in Porto

With its 41.3 km², Porto is not the largest city in Europe, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to rent a car in Porto or to be able to get around using a taxi or public transport. This will allow you to visit the city at your ease. However, you will need to plan the right budget for this transport in order to be able to go to all the places that interest you.

Know, for example, that a kilometer by taxi can cost between 45 cents and 1 euro, depending on the company, but also the season. A bus ticket costs around 1.90 euros, while a metro ticket costs between 1.20 euros and 5.20 euros. Finally, a ticket for the funicular costs 2.70 euros.

Here we give you all the tips for take public transport or rent a car. You will also find tips for having parking spaces cheap throughout the city!

Also to see in Porto

Do you want to see the city through the eyes of a local and enjoy the best-kept places in Porto? We offer you the best unusual and secret places here!

You will be able to see places such as Espaço Compasso, an alternative space run by a multicultural association. There is also the Maus habitos, a restaurant/art gallery/concert stage, or the Jardim das virtudes, an original park built in terraces.

Porto as you've never seen it before: 10 top secret addresses

Porto as you’ve never seen it before: 10 top secret addresses

Do you want to enjoy a Portuguese weekend while avoiding the tourist crowds? Discover our 10 top secret addresses in Porto! Porto, its Douro, its “mercados”, its narrow streets and its habitats made of azulejos… If the “unconquered city” has long remained in the shadow of Lisbon, today it is on the rise. For several years, Porto has been part of […]

When to go to Porto

Porto being close to the Atlantic Ocean, the city is experiencing a temperate oceanic climate. The temperatures are therefore mild all year round, without becoming too hot or cold. However, this also means that there is a good chance of rain in the colder months.

The best months to leave are therefore those from June to September, when the average temperatures are between 25 and 28°C. In addition, the risk of precipitation is at its lowest.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to consider the months of April and May, but also October and November. However, these are a little cooler and the precipitation is more important, sometimes exceeding 30%.

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