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Towards a “real recovery” of tourism in Agadir?

The analysis of the tourist situation in March shows an occupancy rate in classified hotels in the Agadir destination of 24% against 8.53% in March 2021.

Despite the uncertainties that still hover over the resumption of tourist activity at the national level, especially with the obligation to present the negative result of a PCR test within 48 hours to access Moroccan territory, the tourist sector is gradually beginning its resumed in Agadir, report our colleagues ECO inspirations.

If the return to normal is not for now, especially in comparison with the figures for the reference year of 2019, the latest economic note from the Agadir Souss-Massa Regional Tourism Council, for the month of March 2022, shows a slow recovery in activity with some signs of recovery.

In this sense, the analysis of the tourist situation in the classified hotels of the Agadir destination, which has a hotel capacity of approximately 34,613 beds, shows an occupancy rate of 24% in March 2022 against 8.53 % in March 2021.

As a result, the occupancy rate barely returned to the rate recorded at the start of the health crisis, i.e. 25.90% in March 2020 against 57.10% a year earlier. As a reminder, the destination of Agadir, which received 96,401 tourists in March 2019, saw its attendance rate drop by more than half compared to March 2020, due to the health crisis. What brought back the frequentation of the town of Agadir by the tourists 40 years behind on the level of the statistics!

1st quarter 2022: 14.42% average occupancy rate
For the month of March 2022, tourist arrivals amounted to 56,346 and overnight stays to 191,492, against, respectively, 30,159 and 65,890 in March 2021. As a reminder, the destination had recorded 96,401 tourist arrivals and 436,342 overnight stays in March 2019 , i.e. 40,055 tourists and 244,850 more overnight stays than in March 2022.

Currently, the analysis of the accumulation of arrivals and overnight stays, recorded in the classified hotels of Agadir, highlights the arrival of 113,176 tourists during the first three months of the year 2022 against 73,111 during the same period of 2021 while the destination recorded 340,707 overnight stays during the same period compared to 163,616 during the 1st quarter of 2021.

In total, the average occupancy rate rose to 14.42% in the city’s classified hotels during the 1st quarter of 2022 against barely 7.39% a year earlier. If there is one fact worth noting, it is that the French and English flows are gradually returning although the figures are still timid (15,076 and 10,258 French and English nationals during the 1st quarter of 2022) against 71,533 nationals having stayed in classified hotels in the destination during this period.

German flows: the DRV returns to Agadir
In addition, the Agadir destination will again host, in Taghazout, part of the annual meeting of the congress of the German Federation of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (DRV: Deutscher Reise Verband) and this like the 60th edition, organized in November 2010, Indeed, the DRV will hold its annual conference in two stages, the first in Berlin, on October 13 and 14, and the second in Taghazout, from December 1 to 4.

A German delegation is already in Agadir to take care of the preparations for this event with meetings with the operators, in particular the CRT of Agadir Souss-Massa. The conference will take place at the Fairmont Taghazout Bay hotel while the participants will be accommodated in the various tourist establishments of the new Taghazout resort.

As a reminder, the 60th congress was initiated under the chairmanship of Abderrahim Oummani and the director of the ONMT in Germany, at the time, Hatim Gharbi. For the year 2019, Agadir had welcomed the equivalent of 126,998 German tourists against 129,189 in 2018 out of an overall attendance close to 1.1 million tourists.

In addition, the destination Agadir Souss-Massa, during its participation in the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin, participated thanks to the CRT and the support of its partners, with its own stand as part of a regional tourism promotion which brought together hoteliers, travel agencies, the sales network and TOs.

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