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Tourism: the Occitanie region is full of initiatives for a great summer 2022

The region wants sustainable tourism that helps low-income families as well as seasonal workers to find accommodation for a season that promises to be bright with a rush announced on the coast. Update on some initiatives recently presented by the regional elected officials of Occitanie.

The Occitanie region wants the 2022 summer holidays to be exceptional. And she pulled out all the stops to achieve this. “We want to defend purchasing power and the environment”notes Muriel Abadie, vice-president in charge of sustainable tourism.

Especially since the forecast figures are unequivocal, according to Vincent Garel, president of CRTL Occitanie: “In terms of reservations we are at 38%, 6 points above 2019, the last year before the Covid. And the coastline is at 48%, above more than 12 points”. Only the average basket could be a little lower, due to inflation and the regional tourism policy aims to remain first for French customers but also “to bring back the international clientele, in particular the British”, notes Vincent Garel. Update on a few measures.

Return of the Occ’ygène card

By relaunching the Occ’ygène card and its 300 promotional offers on tourist activities, families with the lowest incomes can enjoy activities at a lower cost. One way to respond to the challenge of inflation and the local customer card that had saved the last two seasons marked by the Covid.

The Occ’Ygène card is back for tourism for all #Occitania !

Acclaimed in past years, it now involves new partners such as the Departments of Gard, Ariège and Lot.

more info?

— Occitanie Region (@Occitanie) June 8, 2022

1001 festivals in Occitania

There will be people in the area especially in the “1001 festivals which are organized. This figure is true. The region financially supports 147 of them to find our 12 million spectators in 2012”, claims Claire Fita, the vice-president in charge of Culture. A vast communication campaign (€4 million) will make it possible to publicize “this extremely rich cultural offer in our region”.

Holidays for all

As it has been doing since 1996, the Region is relaunching its “holidays for all” operation thanks to an envelope of €650,000 which should enable “2,400 young people, including 120 with disabilities, to go on vacation”explains Muriel Abadie.

Aid for seasonal workers

Main obstacle to a great vacation is the shortage of seasonal workers. Muriel Abadie has developed a series of aids to facilitate their accommodation through the provision of high school boarding schools, for example. The region also wants to lift the brake on mobility by lending vehicles or even helping with childcare with aid ranging from 80 to 250 € depending on the situation.

Reduced fare trains

You will have to travel by train in Occitania during the holidays. Many offers were announced by Jean-Luc Gibelin, vice-president of the region in charge of Transport: “We have identified 100 tourist places that can be served by the €1 train”. In addition to the new offer (read elsewhere), we can note the renewal for this summer of the Yellow Train at €5, and a multitude of aids for young people as part of the “+=0” scheme: “The Region and the SNCF will reward 2022 baccalaureate holders with a bonus of €10 credited to their kitty”recalled the chosen one who greeted the train as “the accessible and sustainable solution”. For low-cost and ecological tourism. CQFD.

An unprecedented offer on transport

“It is an unprecedented offer, a national first which will certainly be taken up”. The CEO of SNCF Voyageurs Christophe Fanichet has announced the establishment of aid for young Occitan travelers (18-26 years old). They will be able to benefit from a reduction of 25 € on the Avantage Jeunes card (which costs 49 €) to travel at -30% by TGV or Intercités “everywhere in France. For young people who make more than 10 journeys, 24 € more will be credited. We can say that the more you travel by TER in Occitania, the more you can travel in the country”concluded Christophe Fanichet.

With this innovative and original offer @Occitanie/@SNCFVoyageurswe bring together the best of our regional and national offers around a common ambition: to facilitate the mobility of young people this summer and to #train the solution for a #tourism sustainable.

The device ⤵️

— Christophe Fanichet (@CFanichet) June 8, 2022

“The Fabulous Journey”

The region is relaunching the third edition of its “Fabuleux voyage”, this concept of sustainable tourism which allows you to discover the heritage wonders of Occitania while respecting the environment. With its new, unusual and itinerant tourist stay offers, Vincent Garel added “The Occitanie Rail Tour, around fifty stages” which will be promoted in a specially dedicated Michelin Guide which should be out in a few days. A product paid for by the region but “which offers a guarantee of quality otherwise they would not have done it”added the chosen one.

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