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Top Statements: Man ignites OM, Dupraz threatened with death, Rothen ignites the undesirables of PSG…

On the menu of Top Declarations this week, Man ignites OM, Dupraz threatens with death, Rothen ignites the undesirables of PSG, Macron campaigns for the return of Zidane to France, we must not provoke Hland… Discover the shock sentences of the week .

Sadio Man, an OM lover.

Every Saturday, Maxifoot invites you to take a tour of the ten declarations of the week that should not be missed. Serious and at least serious to know the best of the short phrases of football players. Discover the ranking of all the statements that made the headlines of the press this week.

1. Sadio Man – Bayern Munich or FC Barcelona? You know, you got me in trouble with the Liverpool fans at the moment but hey (laughs). I’ll just say that both teams are not bad. But you know, I’m not a fan of these teams, my team is Marseille! I’m going to say Marseille instead (Mixed zone, 06/04/2022)

Invited to speak about his uncertain future, the Liverpool winger proclaimed his love for Olympique de Marseille and fired up Marseille fans despite an impossible transfer.

2. Pascal Dupraz – But know that, whatever happens, I had decided to leave after our defeat in Lorient on April 8th. After the match, supporters followed us. And one of their vehicles even hit our bus on the way to the airport. On the tarmac, I was asked to go talk to the thirty or so guys present. One of them yelled at me ten centimeters from the face: ‘You jester! You better keep the club otherwise we smoke you.’ This death threat, has the click to leave the club (Le Parisien, 07/06/2022)

After his official departure from AS Saint-Etienne following relegation to Ligue 2, the coach told a deplorable story.

3. Jrme Rothen – Shame has no limits. And then a accumulates, every day. I have the impression that they gave each other the word. (…) Stop taking us idiots, frankly. Look at your navel for two seconds, if you can still do it, because for some it’s difficult after the holidays, they don’t see it anymore. It’s a little message for Icardi and for Neymar too. (…) Respect us for two seconds, with your statements two bullets (RMC, 07/06/2022)

The former Parisian has totally let go against the undesirables of Paris Saint-Germain, who refuse to leave due to comfortable contracts.

4. Emmanuel Macron – I haven’t spoken to Zinedine Zidane, but I have immense admiration for him, the player, the coach. We really want to have, in the French championship, an athlete and coach of this talent who has been able to bring back three major cups that we covet a lot for our clubs. (RMC, 08/06/2022)

After his role in extending Kylian Mbapp to Paris Saint-Germain, will the President of the Republic allow Zindine Zidane to return to France?

5. Andreas Cornelius – If they congratulated me after this exploit? No there was nothing. But it’s the French, it’s like that. they are arrogant (BT, 06/03/2022)

Author of a double against France (2-1) in the League of Nations, the Dane stung, with a smile, the Blues.

6. Bruno Gnsio – We made three Champions League and one Europa League semi-final where we were eliminated by Ajax. I was crushed because Ajax had a smaller budget at the time than Lyon. It seems to me that there is a French club which was eliminated not long ago by Feyenoord and I have not heard the same criticisms (RMC, 08/06/2022)

Too easily targeted by critics for his taste during his time at Olympique Lyonnais, the Rennes coach sent a fine spade to Olympique de Marseille.

7. Matthew Valbuena – It’s finally a chapter that ends. It’s true that I too was tired of all this and I suffered a lot from it. Of course I was penalized a lot on the sporting level. This chapter is finally over. For me it has taken far too many years and far too long, but that is fair. Finally I can spend something else (RMC, 07/06/2022)

After Karim Benzema’s decision to no longer appeal the court verdict, the Olympiakos midfielder wants to completely turn the page on the sex tape affair.

8. Angel Di Maria – The elimination against Madrid and all the fuss that was made may have worked against me. There are other players who will surely leave. Leaving was the easiest because they didn’t have to renew me. (TyC Sports, 06/06/2022)

The winger is still having trouble digesting Paris Saint-Germain’s choice not to activate his automatic one-year extension…

9. Lionel Scaloni – I don’t know what else to say about Messi. It’s difficult. He is like Rafael Nadal. I think it’s better for journalists to talk, because there are no more words to describe it. It is unique. It’s a pleasure to have him in this group, to be able to train him (Press conference, 06/05/2022)

The Argentina coach showed his admiration for Lionel Messi, author of a fivefold friendly against Estonia (5-0).

10. Erling Hland – At first he called me a whore and I can assure you that I am not. Then he said he was going to break my legs… And a minute later I scored. It was nice (TV2, 06/06/2022)

Provoked by Alexander Milosevic, the Norwegian did not fail to chamber his opponent after his double against Sweden (2-1) in the League of Nations.

It is with this declaration that the Top Declarations of the week ends. See you next Saturday for a new issue!


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