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Top Boy season 3: Great news, the return of the series for its final season finally announced by Netflix!

This British series created by Ronan Benett appeared on our screens in 2011 on the English channel Channel 4. After two seasons, the channel suspended the series in 2014. Top Boy’s big comeback finally took place in 2017 thanks to the rapper drake who shows great interest in the series. Netflix announces the same year to have ordered ten episodes for season 3, Ronan Benett then agrees to participate in the writing. the September 13, 2019 the third season of Top Boy officially airs on Netflix as Season 1 with Drake as a majority producer. Meeting with great success and bringing together its old fans with the new ones, Netflix announces that a season 4 is planned.

March 18, 2022 then appears this fourth season, delighting the fans who regularly questioned the streaming platform on social networks.

Here is the trailer for this fourth season:

A series with a disreputable decor

top boy takes place at summer house, a fictional district of London where crime, violence and danger intertwine. The first season sets the scene for the life of Ra’Nell : young man alone with a mother interned in a psychiatric hospital, a father whom he stabbed. Supported by Leona former caïd, he will help Heather a friend of her mother to grow cannabis. We will also follow the debacles of drug trafficking which will continue during season 2 where a body will be discovered by the police.
Stories of betrayal and espionage will then begin. Ra’Nell will try to pursue his football dreams by distancing himself from the dangers of Summerhouse. Conflicts between gangs will not improve and will end with the death of an emblematic character: Michael.

The third and first produced by Netflix will follow Dushane (Ashley Walters) who thinks of fleeing drugs in Jamaica but will quickly start to dabble again in these dark affairs. He will also quickly return to Summerhouse where he will take on the role of top boy again selling drugs from Jamaica.

Then begins a new turf war, as Jamie has settled in Dushane’s absence. We will also follow the survival of Sully (Kane Robinson) in prison and his release.
The last season (Season 2) released on March 18, 2022, Dushane will try to make a deal with Jamie incarcerated for a crime he did not commit in order to protect his family. Due to a rocky past between Dushane and Jamie, their recent partnership raises some conflict.

The return for a final

After this successful fourth season, Netflix announced that a fifth season was planned but that it would be… the last.
When Netflix decided to produce the series top boy, it picked up the story from the first two seasons but made it into a different series. Thus, the two seasons available on the streaming platform are not season 3 and 4 but season 1 and 2.
The last season will therefore logically be season 3, and as Netflix announced on its Twitter account, she is writing !

We don’t talk about it every day, but it’s progressing: – Arcane S2 – Alice in Borderland S2 – Vikings: Valhalla S2 & S3 – Lupine Part 3 – You S4 – Baki Hanma S2 – Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga S2 – Locke & Key S3 – The Cuphead Show S2 – Top Boy S3 – Ginny & Georgia S2

Filming should start this summer 2022for a release scheduled for beginning of the year 2023 ! Ten episodes have been ordered and the cast is not expected to change much. Dunshane and Sully should be in the game without a doubt, and to the delight of the fans who have become attached to these characters.
On the other hand, it is very likely that Jamie (Micheal Ward) is not part of this third and final season following his death in season 2…

However, we should find the delicious shelly (Little Simz) as well as Jaqs (Jasmine Jobson) Aaron (Hope Ikpoku), Steve (Araloyin Oshunremi), Lauren (Saffron Hocking) and becks (Adwoa Aboa).

For this final, nothing excluded that new characters make their entry in Top Boy to redistribute the cards and offer a grandiose final!
All you have to do is wait until 2023 for the return of our favorite dealers, by then Netflix will surely have made the official release date public!

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