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TICKET / Stade Rennes – Saint-Etienne: Don’t talk about the Champions League

At the end of the 35th day of Ligue 1, Rennes carried out an excellent operation by returning to 3 points from Marseille, and retaining their 3rd place. But for Bruno Genesio and his players, there is no question of changing the discourse.

We were expecting this ” photography “ impatiently. Bruno Genesio had repeated it several times, it would be a question of making a point after the Saint-Etienne match, three days before the end of the championship. Saturday evening, Rennes disposed of ASSE (2-0) and certainly validated its third place at the end of this J35. But in the mixed zone, the watchword remained the same: “take match after match”. “As we told you, we want to be European, that’s the goal. But as you know, we are competitors, we will do our best to win the last three matches. » explained Captain Hamari Traoré in offers relayed by Ouest-France. Martin Terrier had launched the humility operation a few minutes earlier on the edge of the lawn, at the microphone of Prime Video. “We must first focus on the next games, remember what was positive tonight. We keep moving forward, that’s good. »

Double scorer against the Greens, and one of the first to have displayed strong ambitions for Rennes, Lovro Majer wanted to be more measured. “We are not obsessed with knowing if we want to finish 2and or 3and. Of course we want to finish as high as possible. There are 3 games left, a few more teams to fight for the Champions League and we really want to focus on the upcoming game, and we will see where we will be at the end of the season. » Caution therefore, again and again for Stade Rennes.

No taboo?

Taking the matches one after the other, concentrating only on yourself, not thinking about the classification, chaining… We’ve been playing this Stade Rennes 2021-2022 version for 35 days, with reasoned discourse. Do not “ignite” when Rennes performs, do not “to fall into the ambient catastrophism” when he thwarts. And not to talk about the Champions League. The question has been asked many times this season at a press conference, and Bruno Genesio has often dismissed the room for the last three days, and for this famous photograph that the coach could take at the end of this 35and daytime. Here we are finally, and yet.

“The objective remains qualification for the European Cup for the 5and consecutive year, which would be a great development for the club in terms of consistency. Today we are third, we want to keep this place. We will do everything to defend it even if we know it will be difficult. » reacted Genesio, aware that his team has ” ways “ of “exceed targets”.

Still no “Champions League”? Then Flavien Tait appeared in the mixed zone. Then maybe… “Our goal is always to go higher. Today I cannot assure you that we will be in the Champions League. But it is sure that for me on the whole of our season, we deserve to be there. » The words were finally spoken, finally.

Marseille, the turning point

But if in the end Stade Rennes did well to continue on this path? If by voluntarily refusing to mention the C1, even until the end of the season, the SRFC did not put all the chances on its side to offer its supporters a qualification for a preliminary round, or even direct thanks to a possible 2and square ? When reacting, Genesio, Traoré, Tait, Majer or Terrier had not yet been able to witness Marseille’s defeat against Lyon, leaving the Rennais only 3 points behind their opponent in the 37and daytime.

This penultimate day promises to be boiling, but at La Piverdière this Monday, there should be no projection on May 14. Before that, there will be a trip to Nantes (May 11) preceded by a (too?) long week of training. Match after match, the SRFC is piling up the stones of what could be its most beautiful building on the evening of May 21, in Lille.

The 3and place occupied by Rennes today, Bruno Genesio admitted to talking about it ” for some time “ to his players. “We have to be ambitious, but that shouldn’t inhibit us. » tempers the technician as usual. “We have to stay focused on the game, which we know how to do. Even if today we must be able to assume that we want to play as high as possible. » To the point of talking about the 2and room for its players?

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