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this famous political personality who “heavily flirted”, the shock!

Léa Salamé no longer has anything to prove to those she questions. However, at one time, the valves of some could have demolished it!

Léa Salamé finally confides in her immense moment of loneliness!

Screenshot (c) We are not in bed (c) France 2

When Léa Salamé put down her suitcases at France 2, she had no idea that the management was going to entrust her with so many responsibilities. For two seasons, she accepted the mission of columnist at Laurent Ruquier. The least we can say is that she did not always agree with Yann Moix, Audrey Pulvar or Aymeric Caron.

Never mind, she will mark the star host so much that he will call on her services again. Devoted to the talk show, the box for the second part of Saturday evening is complicated to manage. It is not for nothing that the darling of Hugo Manos ends up giving him his chair. For the moment, just with political broadcasts, the journalist is aware that she has bread on the place. Who knows what the future holds for him when he returns to school? A few days ago, Objeko wondered if she would be able to replace Anne-Sophie Lapix at 8 p.m.… Since this kind of rumors annoys her to the highest degree, she decides to settle accounts. Faced with our colleague fromInpower, Léa Salamé does not go with the back of the spoon. Because of the behavior of some who feel superior, it’s not always easy to be a woman!

This quack that Léa Salamé will never forget!

To fully understand why Léa Salamé has come back from afar, you have to dive back into the archive images. Fascinated by the political arena, she does not yet know that there are vultures. They remain ready to pounce, especially to have the last word. And when a paper or a question does not suit them, they do not hesitate to make the journalist feel it. Cunning as foxes, cunning as monkeys, they use a double language practically undetectable by the radars of beginners. To say that twice, Léa Salamé almost threw in the towel. With hindsight, she will give us the ins and outs of these mind-blowing cases. Never Objeko couldn’t believe it was even possible!

Screenshot (c) The political program (c) France 2 (c) Philippe Lopez/AFP

During the previous presidential election, the former Prime Minister of Jacques Chirac was the big favourite. Invited everywhere, Léa Salamé also wishes to question him on the financing of his program and especially of his future reforms. Alas, once installed in the armchair of political show, it’s a catastrophe. As she tries to put him face to face with his contradictions, she realizes that he is not listening to her. Worse still, she feels totally out of place. This is how she will sum up this terrible experience that she will never forget. ” I was alone, I was trying to tickle him and he didn’t want to play the game. He didn’t even calculate me ! For the time being, the person concerned has not reacted to this confession. Maybe he wasn’t aware of going too far? But this is not the only anecdote that has weakened the former colleague of David Pujadas.

Never again !

Screenshot (c) Words of the World (c) Public Senat

Léa Salamé catches her breath. She knows that if she throws out the name of this politician, she can draw a line under her career. Also, history that the listeners of InPower make an idea on the character, it will describe its temperament with the means of the edge. The least it draws is that it is a ” pretty charismatic guy. “Off the air, he would have given him his dithyrambic opinion on the fairer sex. ” 40-year-old women are at the height of their lives, their beauty, their power. “Only here, at the time of the facts, she is only a simple trainee of the show words of the world. How to understand this mantra when she is only 25 years old?

Looking back, Léa Salamé would like to be able to soothe the torments of the young beginner that she was. With a smile, she tries to weigh the pros and cons. ” I had the impression that he was telling me that at 25, I was ugly! He was right. It’s the only thing I’m leaving for her ! This kind of way of heavily [la] hit on; trying to seduce“, she puts it in a corner of her head. He is not born the one who will achieve it. Today happy with Raphaël Glucksmann, she now brushes off this episode with the back of her hand. Let it be said, this funny bird did not dare to do it again! Phew, honor is safe!

Thanks to our colleagues at InPower

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