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Third constituency of the Pyrénées-Orientales: La Nupes is not unanimous

In the absence of candidates wishing to dissent from the New People’s Ecological and Social Union, the moderate left is waiting for this constituency which it held from 1997 to 2002 and from 2012 to 2017. Elected officials and former elected officials do not jostle each other

The suspense will have been complete until the very day of closing for the submission of applications, but despite all the efforts of the socialist staff of the Pyrénées-Orientales, with the support of that of the Region, no applicant wished to leave. in dissidence on the 3rd constituency of the P.-O. against the candidate of the union of the left, Nathalie Cullell. However, the profiles were not lacking between the former PS deputy (2014-2017) Robert Olive, mayor of Saint-Féliu-d’Amont, the departmental councilor and mayor of Estoher Marie-Edith Péral, or even the regional elected Eliane Jarycki. Polled for several weeks, they all rejected the proposal a contrario of Alexandre Reynal, former boss of the Socialists in the Department, in the running for him on the 4th constituency.

Is this worth supporting the rebellious candidate, invested by Nupes? Nothing is certain according to the various executives of the fist and the rose party who saw their electorate disappear during the presidential election since they were only 1,360 to vote for Anne Hidalgo when they were 3,773 in 2017 to speak for Benoît Hamon and 17,030 to prefer in 2012 François Hollande.

Socialists from Actors to Commentators

The time is therefore not for commitment and here they are transformed, even before the first round, into a commentator on the political situation rather than an actor in an election which is nevertheless crucial for the political orientations of France. Socialist mayor of Matemale and departmental councilor, Michel Garcia is embarrassed to say the least when it comes to asking him who he supports for these legislative elections. “I don’t know. Politically, it’s complicated. We didn’t want to present a candidate, but that doesn’t mean supporting Nupes, which hasn’t chosen the best possible candidate. But she will score well on the constituency and in my commune”. Departmental councilor and mayor of Estoher in Conflent, Marie-Edith Péral does not say anything else. “We have common left-wing values ​​with the LFI candidate, but there are too many issues that divide us and it will be difficult for me to support her or vote for her. I am in the middle of thinking. This election is particularly important but on my constituency, the casting does not satisfy me”.

Withdrawn from political life since 2021, Ségolène Neuville, former socialist deputy for the constituency (2012-2014) before becoming secretary of state in the government of Manuel Valls and Bernard Cazeneuve, is not involved in this electoral battle either. but makes no secret of his choice for June 12. “I will vote in accordance with the values ​​that have always been mine: leftist, universalist and secular feminist. In the second round, if there is the National Rally, I will vote for the candidate who will be against the RN as I always did”.

Departmental scars

Support in an ocean of indecision but which can also find its explanation in the departmental elections of 2021. At that time, in the crucial canton of the Catalan Pyrenees, held since 2015 by former Prime Minister Jean Castex, not a candidate for his succession , the left wins to everyone’s surprise, taking advantage in particular of the divisions on the right against a background of quarrel between the elected officials close to the former host of the Elysée and those invested by the Republicans, namely Joseph Montesino and Joëlle Urrutia Calvet. Tipped to replace the right-wing pair, Pierre Bataille, now a candidate invested by the presidential majority for the legislative elections, rejects the proposal. Worse: in his commune of Fontrabiouse, the pair on the left crushes the competition in the first and second rounds. By not presenting a candidate in this constituency, is the left returning the favor to Pierre Bataille?

“Three times no” it is said on the side of the Socialists of the Department who consider on the contrary that a various-left candidacy would have arranged the pretender of the presidential majority and that the ballot will be played in the offices of Perpignan. Behind the scenes, on the other hand, some elected officials sketch a cunning smile concerning this hypothesis. “Pierre Bataille is a child of the country, he is well established, and his political color is secondary”.

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