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These 4 series that you will love if you liked The Chronicle of Bridgerton!

Did you enjoy The Bridgerton Chronicle? Here are some other programs that you absolutely must watch in this case!

The famous cult series of Netflix The Bridgerton Chronicle did not leave viewers indifferent. An original work, modern and contemporary at the same time.

Those who have watched it will certainly enjoy reliving this historic love atmosphere in other series. Without further ado, discover in this article our selections of soap operas to allow you to wait for the new sequel to Bridgerton.

The Bridgerton Chronicle: The Hit Series

The Bridgerton Chronicle centers on the gripping love stories of handsome Viscount Anthony. The series had been a big hit with all viewers all over the world. The second season was even unanimous! Indeed, the latter has broken many records while seducing fans with its romantic plot.

The universe of The Bridgerton Chronicle won the hearts of more than one viewer with its bucolic settings in England. But especially with its green countryside and its magnificent estates! In addition, the series has also become the reference object for fashionistas! To a point where some major haute couture houses are inspired by the models worn by the actresses in the program!

Many wonder where they shot The Bridgerton Chronicle! To name but a few, the property of Ranger’s House located in London is one of the places on which they filmed the series. This one has a sumptuous frame made with red bricks and decorated with ivy and wisteria. Its elegance has made it a museum that can be visited!

As well, Wilton House is one of the most exploited places when looking at the scenes in The Bridgerton Chronicle. For your information, this sumptuous property was also used as a filming location for another program that was a big hit on the Netflix platform. This is the famous “The Crown”.

The captivating series with a romantic atmosphere that you absolutely must watch

You have already heard of Downton Abbey ? A series like The Chronicle of Bridgerton which immerses us in the history of a family of the British aristocracy. This highlights the adventure of their servants from 1912 to 1925! A quality program that simply deserves to be watched! Between love, prejudice, drama and adventure, it is a title rich in emotion but also very pleasant to watch.

This series is notably available on the Netflix streaming platform but also onSalto and Prime Video. In addition, there is also the hit track “Belgravia”. The latter is the adaptation of a novel of the same title, written by Julian Fellowes. Much like The Bridgerton Chronicle, the story revolves around the 90s.

It immerses us in the adventures of a family of newly rich who hide many secrets. Even if the romance is not the main focus, Belgravia is still interesting and captivating. This one focuses on the modernization of society as well as the evolution of social classes. A detail that we could see in The Chronicle of Bridgerton!

The next title that we will advance to you will be The Crown! Not to mention filming locations identical to that of The Bridgerton Chronicle, the two programs share other commonalities. To name only the remarkably stylish costumes, the talented actors but also the wealth of amazing writing giving way to captivating stories.

As a bonus: titles reminiscent of La Chronique de Bridgerton!

And we continue with a very touching story in Poldark. The story revolves around Ross Poldark. At the end of the 18th century, the brave soldier returned from the war, impatient at the idea of ​​reuniting with his dear lover, Elizabeth. But to his great surprise, he discovers that she has in fact married his cousin during his absence! Imagine the pain and disappointment he must have felt. All this takes place in an absolutely magnificent setting worthy of The Chronicle of Bridgerton!

Indeed, Poldark puts forward a flamboyant decor of England! It’s one of those series where you never get bored. Just like with The Bridgerton Chronicle! Discover immediately the five seasons which are absolutely remarkable as each other on the Netflix streaming platform.

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