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The week by mountains and by words… the pomp of the “platinum jubilee” should cost the British taxpayers gold!

The bill promises to be very hefty for the subjects of His Most Gracious Majesty and their tax forms! Even if Buckingham has decided to put his hand in the pocket to finance a major part of it, the festivities attributable to the four days of jubilation inherent in the “Platinum Jubilee” of Queen Elizabeth II should cost “candy” for our neighbors overseas. Sleeve. A note of around £300 million! Rather shocking, in this period of economic crisis?



As the photo shows, the friendly team of this bakery, rue du Temple in Auxerre, found themselves trapped in the night in Saint-Etienne, victim of the excesses of Saint-Etienne after the defeat of their team against AJA. Blocked for several hours, they returned to Yonne too late to ensure the production of bread and the opening of the shop. There is no doubt that the great Marcel PAGNOL could have learned something from the adventure and made a film along these lines, whose title we can already imagine… “The fans and the baker”!


Michel SARDOU says he is ready to leave France if La France Insoumise wins the legislative elections and Jean-Luc MELENCHON arrives at Matignon. Michael who…? But if, you know, the one who sang in the 70s: “never call me France again, France, it has let me down…”.


The bigger it is, the less it passes! Sales of SUV vehicles are still at their highest in France, apparently providing a feeling of power to the driver because of their high seat. According to ADEME, the average weight of a car sold in the country has increased in thirty years from 953 kilos to 1.233 tons. The parking spaces have not increased, however, and this motorist has found the solution, by parking astride two spaces… The method is a bit cavalier!

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Invited by the MEDEF of Yonne and the professional bodies that are the UIMM and the FFB to give a conference in front of an audience of business leaders and elected officials, the economist Philippe DESSERTINE was pleased to recall the story: “D’Estaing is a beautiful assumed name” General de GAULLE would have said to his Minister of Finance who had come to explain to him that it is traditional for a loan to bear the name of the minister proposing it. Making reference there to the nobility claims of GISCARD, a descendant of Auvergne notables whose addition of a particle to their surname had only been obtained forty-five years earlier… Like what the General knew how to handle “tough humour! “.


Over the course of the elections, the ritual is immutable: each candidate makes a point of organizing public meetings which most often only take part in an audience of already convinced voters, who have come to applaud their colt. Meetings without adversarial debate, sometimes bringing together only a handful of “aficionados” at the end of which the “friendship kir” will be served, accompanied by crisps and “cahouettes”! Where are the big meetings of yesteryear, like in the covered market in Auxerre, where the candidates faced each other, carried by the respective encouragement of their supporters, confronting each other in verbal contests which were the salt of democracy and living together ?


Exactly 33 years ago, on the night of June 3-4, 1989, Chinese army tanks entered Beijing, massacring hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Tian’anmen Square. Extinguishing in blood a movement demanding a more democratic China. Today, the country has become the factory of the world and continues to develop its hegemony, notably through the new “silk road”, linking China to Europe. What has become of “tank man”, this unknown demonstrator forever remembered in history for having blocked a column of tanks with his mere presence? A man whose destiny I find at this moment, while surfing on my smartphone, made in… China!


Since Thursday, the day of the launch of the festivities of the “platinum jubilee” of Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom has been in turmoil. In front of Buckingham, it’s the revolution…, royal of course! The monarchy is gambling on its survival but no matter, it is almost a billion euros that its “gracious subjects” will have spent during these four days in honor of their sovereign. The final slate for the British taxpayer, for its part, should be around 300 million pounds sterling. “Shocking”!

Dominique BERNARD

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