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The success of a Guadeloupean in real estate in Miami

The man is jovial, respectful, we feel in his attitude a desire to distinguish himself. Pierre Rizk is living his American dream, he has given himself the means to extract himself from a ready-made road.

His way of expressing himself reveals a work done on his mind, Pierre Rizk also uses words that do not mislead, such as “limiting belief”, he knew how to silence this little inner voice that discourages in order to give birth in him positive thoughts that help him to surpass himself. At 33, he seems to have assimilated most of the American codes, at least those necessary to succeed in his business.

Business is hereditary in the Risk family, and little Pierre was born with a very heavy bequest. The father is an example of professional success, in fact, the father is part of this Lebanese community that arrived in successive waves in the West Indies, following the political and economic difficulties that Lebanon experienced from the end of the 19th century. A successful integration for the Lebanese-Guadeloupians, today they successfully display their dual culture.

Pierre Rizk is proud to say that his father built a life in Guadeloupe from scratch.

The youngest of a family of 10 children, he was immersed in commerce from an early age, so what could be more natural once the baccalaureate in his pocket than to enter a business school. At 21, with his Business International license in his pocket, the young man is nevertheless in full questioning. ” Should I continue my course out of family habit? What if I was made for something else? Doubt sets in, he decides to give himself time to think things over and returns to Guadeloupe.

His father is ill, so Pierre uses this stage to support him and assist him in his businesses but also physically by giving him massages, ” you have amazing hands “, launches his father regularly, it does not take more for him to embark on studies of osteopath. But after three years of theory and practice, he understands that this job is not for him, he returns to Guadeloupe at the bedside of his very sick father.

Pierre Rizk finds work in a real estate agency, but a year and a half later, his father dies. The death of a parent is a test for which we are never ready, but it sometimes allows us to reflect on the meaning of his life.

It is by knowing death that we learn the quality and value of life

The Guadeloupean understands that you have to get out of your comfort zone. He appreciates the field of real estate, he left at the age of 25 to settle in New York, because according to him, the United States is the best place to live from this new passion.

Going to the Big Apple is for Pierre Rizk aiming for excellence because it is one of the most active markets in terms of real estate sales. Believing in his potential is good, he ends up joining a prestigious agency on the 5th av. After two weeks, he was entrusted with the sale of an apartment on Central Park South in Manhattan with an extraordinary view from the twentieth floor, a small one-bedroom apartment, but estimated at 4 million dollars. With a colleague he sells it after 6 weeks.

A very rich American experience that will last a year, because to work in the United States, you must have a professional visa or a green card. The employer can sponsor a visa application, but bad luck for Pierre, real estate agents in New York are independent. The only solution to have a permanent visa is to invest a lot of money in a company (between 75,000 and 100,000 dollars). The New York adventure ends against her will. However, he keeps the best of this adventure which remains forever etched in his memory.

Instead of an event stressing me out or scaring me, I transform this feeling into excitement, and it becomes a boost that allows me to keep moving forward.

Back in Guadeloupe in 2016, of course, he only thinks of leaving. But on the advice of members of his family, he settled down and created his real estate agency, a peaceful life, as a couple, with his friends from Guadeloupe.

An event will once again upset this quiet and well-regulated life. The covid crisis in 2020. It’s a rout. He is forced to move out of his apartment, sell his car and return to live with his family. At 31, this step back is difficult to accept, but it is sometimes in adversity that opportunities are born. Moreover, the desire is not far away. This is the right time to offer his services to an American company specializing in real estate investments in the United States for which he was a business bearer. Bingo! This company is looking for experienced employees to join a start-up in Miami.

Since May 2021 he has been Director of Investor Relations, with a permanent visa, he is committed to developing the young company with French investors. He succeeded in convincing some overseas shareholders. And since February 2022, the capital has been opened in series A, this is a fundraiser which should allow the start-up to be further developed. The goal is more than $3M. To achieve this, he relies in particular on his West Indian address book.

An example of success in business and real estate. Pierre Rizk has not for all that forgotten his native Guadeloupe. He gives his time to those who call on him.

I give them advice, I explain to them how I did it, I try to motivate them, so as to change their state of mind, to remove their fears, their limiting thoughts.

The Guadeloupean wants to share his experience as a businessman. Eventually he will have made a career in another form of commerce, more lucrative, more exciting for him than he had first imagined. But a journey that is nonetheless inspiring for the youngest. Clearly, anything is possible if you give yourself the means.

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