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the scores of four former LR deputies invested by the presidential majority

Several outgoing Republican (LR) deputies decided to join the majority following the bitter failure of their camp in the presidential election, thereby obtaining the nomination of Ensemble for the 2022 legislative elections. elected of the 5e constituency of Ain Damien Abad, appointed Minister of Solidarity at the end of May, focus on the results in the first round of four of them:

  • Eric Woerth is ahead of Audrey Havez, RN candidate by just under 3 points in the 4e Oise constituency

He was a notable takeover of the presidential majority before the presidential election: Eric Woerth, figure of the Les Républicains (LR) party, deputy at the head of the finance committee of the National Assembly and former budget minister under Nicolas Sarkozy, had announced to support Emmanuel Macron, at the beginning of February, triggering a bronca in the ranks of his former political family.

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Invested by the presidential majority under the banner of Ensemble for these legislative elections, the outgoing deputy of the 4e constituency of Oise, in which he has sat continuously since 2010, came out on top in the first round, Sunday June 12, with 27% of the vote, ahead of Audrey Havez, candidate for the National Rally (24.15%). The two will face off on June 19 in the second round.

  • Robin Reda arrived behind Nupes candidate Claire Lejeune in the 7e Essonne constituency

Rallyed at the last minute after his inauguration by the presidential majority for the legislative elections, the young deputy of the 7e constituency of Essonne, in office since 2017, close to Valérie Pécresse, member of the regional council of Ile-de-France, had legitimized his decision by considering that “the country’s situation requires overcoming to succeed in the difficult but necessary reforms”.

On Sunday, he placed second in the first round of the legislative elections with 31.96% of the vote, against 35.03% for his opponent Claire Lejeune, environmental activist invested by Nupes. In this constituency, the left finds fertile ground: Jean-Luc Mélenchon came out on top in the first round of the presidential election with 32.41% of the vote. In 2017, Mr. Reda had, meanwhile, been the only right-wing deputy to resist the wave of “walkers” in the department, succeeding the Palais-Bourbon to the ecologist Eva Sas.

  • Constance Le Grip : in the lead in the 6e constituency of Hauts-de-Seine, despite the two dissidences LRM

The investiture of the outgoing deputy of the 6e district of Hauts-de-Seine, elected for the first time in 2017 under the colors of the Republicans (LR), by the presidential majority, was not to the taste of Fayza Basini and Adama Traoré, local activists of LRM, who both stood as dissenting candidates.

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Constance Le Grip, however, qualified in the lead for the first round of legislative elections, with 36.01% of the vote. In the final round, she will face the Nupes candidate Julie Barbaux, who obtained 15.47%. The candidate of the National Rally Marie-Caroline Le Pen, older sister and adviser to Marine Le Pen, was eliminated in the first round (7.36% of the vote).

  • Marine Brenier-Ohanessian in the lead but in difficulty in the 5e constituency of Alpes-Maritimes

She is one of the elected LRs who joined the majority via Horizons, the party of former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. At the beginning of May, the deputy of the 5e constituency of Alpes-Maritimes Marine Brenier, close to the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, with a liberal line on social issues, had, in fact, announced his departure from the party, considering that he had to ” to sell “ has a “blackmail on the part of Eric Ciotti [député LR dans le même département] ».

The deputy, who arrived on the benches of the National Assembly in 2016 following the resignation of Mr. Estrosi, re-elected in 2017 against the candidate of the National Rally, came first in the first round of the legislative elections on Sunday with 26 .14% of the votes. She is a short head ahead of the LR candidate, Christelle d’Intorni, who collected 22.48%. A duel that promises to be tight with the National Rally as referee.

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