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the releases of films and series to see this month

It’s March 1st, it’s time to watch what Netflix has concocted for you to liven up the month: the return of Bridgerton, the revving engines of Formula 1, a good dose of the inexplicable with Adam through time or even a Romy Schneider cycle to review all her classics. What good awaits you!

Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell as adult and child Adam in “Adam through time” // Source: Doane Gregory – Netflix

You don’t have any ideas yet of what you want to watch to accompany your last winter evenings? Netflix has unveiled the list of its new series and film content added in March. We make you a small selection of the unmissable.

And don’t forget that if you’re looking for some inspiration, you can also go to the Top 10 site to see what works around you.

Series releases on Netflix in March 2022

Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny

Rev the engines! The best F1 drivers are back for a 4th season closer to the competition. Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and all the others will battle it out once again in Formula 1 which takes you to the heart of the world championship and the single-seaters from March 11. A documentary behind the scenes of F1 to relive a colorful season.

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The Bridgerton Chronicle

Fans of the scandalous saga are in heaven. From March 25, the mundane and earthy series is back in service for a season 2 that promises to be thunderous. Anthony Bridgerton wants to get married too. And the viscount will find his equal in the big sister of his future wife.

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Four young comedians want to conquer the Parisian boards. They try to find the resources to reconcile passion, pressures and love life. Between doubts and jokes, they try to move forward in their own way. A series created by Fanny Herrero (Ten percent)

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  • 1st of March : The Guardians of Justice
  • March 2: Ritmo salvaje
  • 3rd of March :
    • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Season 2)
    • Midnight at Pera Palace
    • The Agency: luxury real estate with the family (season 2 – doc)
  • March 4:
    • His real face
    • The Craftsmen of Fun
  • March 7: Outlander (season 6, 1 episode per week)
  • 8 March :
    • Heartbroken Astrology Guide (Season 2)
    • Last One Standing (stand-up show)
    • Chip and Potato (season 3)
  • March 9:
    • The Last kingdom (season 5)
    • Queer Eye: Germany
  • March 10 :
    • The World of Karma (season 2)
    • Solo Kotaro (Anime)
  • March 11 :
    • Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny (season 4)
    • Until fate separates them
    • Tyler Henry Listening to Afterlife (Reality TV)
  • March 15:
    • Team Zenko Go
    • Adam by Eve: At Live in Animation (anime, experience)
  • March 17: The Good Land
  • March 18 :
    • Funny
    • human resources
    • Look for love… madly
    • Alessandro Cattelan: a simple question (reality TV)
    • Topboy (season 2)
    • Light the night (part 3)
    • The Monsters of Kravovia
    • Young, Famous & African (reality TV)
    • We would eat it… or not (show)
  • March 19: twenty five twenty one
  • March 20 : Forcasting Love and Weather
  • March 24: Thirty-Nine
  • March 25:
  • The Bridgerton Chronicle (season 2)
  • Transformers: Botbots
  • March 28:
    • Business Proposal
    • Thermae Romae Novae (anime)
  • March 29: Mighty Express (season 6)
  • March, 31st : Super PupZ: Puppies like no other
  • Shortly : Tomorrow
Netflix in March: the returns of Bridgertons, Formula 1 drivers and Ryan Reynolds through time
The Bridgerton Chronicle signs for a season 2 // Source: Liam Daniel – Netflix

Film and documentary releases on Netflix in March 2022

Adam through time

A poetic fresco, the story of a man who undertakes a journey through time to heal his past wounds and save the future. A journey between the child he was and his missing father to better rebuild himself. With Ryan Reynolds in the adult title role, Jennifer Garner (Alias) and Mark Ruffalo (Zodiac, Avengers: Endgame) in those of his parents, Zoe Saldana (Avatar) in that of his wife and Catherine Keener (Capote, Malkovitch) in nasty. Beginning of the initiation quest on March 11.

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The most famous Emily in Paris change register. Lily Collins is starring in Backlash, an American thriller in which a couple of billionaires come across a burglar in their residence. And the situation suddenly becomes tense. To be discovered on March 18.

Netflix in March: the returns of Bridgertons, Formula 1 drivers and Ryan Reynolds through time
Backlash with Jason Segel as a man who came to rob Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons // Source: Netflix

1st of March :

    • The Very Private Life of Mr. Sim
    • Queen Margot
    • Quai d’Orsay
    • Diptych Jean-Jacques Annaux: Two Brothers, The Bear
    • Baywatch: Baywatch
    • Fighting with my family
    • LOL
    • Ted 2
    • A Lease from Hell (doc)
  • March 2:
    • Lost in the arctic
    • The Pirates: The Royal Treasure is Ours
  • 3rd of March :
    • The Weekend away
    • Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
    • Surviving in paradise: a family story (doc)
  • March 4: meskina
  • 8 March : beautiful autumn
  • March 9:
  • And the sky is darkening
  • Andy Wahrol’s Diary (doc)
  • March 11 : Adam through time
  • March 15:
    • Marylin has black eyes
    • Insidious, the last key
  • March 16: Bad Vegan: scam on the menu (doc)
    • Three tons of $: Record robbery in Brazil
    • Cycle Romy Schneider: The Swimming Pool, Christine, The Trial, The Things of Life, Max and the Scrappers, Caesar and Rosalie, The Important is to Love, A Woman at Her Window, Full Sun (already available)
  • March 17: A furry friend
  • March 18 :
    • Backlash
    • Much more than a goodbye
    • Black Crab
    • The Animal Kingdom (season 2 – doc)
  • March 21st : Rest life
  • March 22: The Pleasure Principles (doc mini-series)
  • March 24: Love like the falling petals
  • March 29: Johnny by Johnny (Documentary Series)
  • March 30:
    • very bad trip 2 and 3
    • Trust no one (doc)
    • The Hailstone Effect
  • Shortly : 800 meters (doc)

Movies and series leaving Netflix in March 2022

  • 1st of March :
    • Sunrise
    • 21 Thunder
    • The Red Riding Hood
  • 3rd of March :
    • The death of Dante Lazarescu
    • Lil Peep: Everybod’ys Everything
    • aurora
  • March 6: The secret
  • March 14:
    • Luther
    • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
    • Scorpio
    • college in prison
  • March 19: Spoiled
  • March 24: Ratz
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