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the new season of this Netflix series is panicking internet users

Among the news for Friday May 20, subscribers to the N rouge streaming platform could discover F*ck love alwaysa film based on relationships and in particular love triangles, or the Israeli drama series The beauty of Jerusalem. The big release of the weekend was all the same season 3 of this fiction produced, among others, by the filmmaker David Fincher. Fans were eagerly awaiting new episodes of this crazy program launched in 2019 on Netflix,. The pitch of this animated anthology? Suspicious yogurt, lycanthrope soldiers, rampaging robots, trash monsters, cyborg bounty hunters, alien spiders and bloodthirsty demons from hell: all this beautiful world is brought together in 18 animated shorts not recommended for sensitive souls.” With all these precious cluesyou have surely guessed that we are talking about Love, Death and Robots season 3. Here is what Internet users thought of the new episodes!

“Excellent but too short”, “It’s incredible”, “I am happy”, “A master class”… Internet users literally convinced by season 3 of Love, Death and Robots on Netflix

Full house for Tim Miller and David Fincher. The creators of Love, Death and Robotsthis animated anthology can boast of seduce fans of fiction with each new batch of episodes. Season 3 convinced viewers just as much as the previous bursts of episodes, if not more. “Love Death Robots the absolute slap once again!, “On the other hand, the last episode of Love Death and Robot left me speechless”, “The new season of love death and robots is A NUGGET”, “The last episode of Love Death & robots is a MASTERCLASS at all levels it is unheard of”, “Volume 3 of Love, Death and Robots is excellent but too short, it’s becoming a habit”, β€œSeason 3 of Love Death & Robots is a continuation of the previous two. great episodesranging from fun to incredible (Rats, bears, zombies, robots after humanity, sailors…), very entertaining even if not always intelligent”, “The new season of Love, Death & Robots it’s crazymasterclass upon masterclass”can we read on Twitter.

Love, Death and Robots : will there be a season 4 on Netflix?

As soon as released, immediately binge-watched. It’s kind of the concept when the streaming giant’s subscribers like a series; they don’t appreciate it halfway. We are not sure that the spectators of Stranger Things be just as quick with Season 4, given that two out of nine episodes will be as long as movies. While waiting to find out, know that it is still too early to know the fate of Love, Death and Robots. No announcement has been made from Netflix about a potential season 4. What is certain is that Tim Miller, the creator of the series, is more than ready to continue the series beyond this salvoas he had entrusted to the site IGN : “Why would we stop if they let us continue? I love animation and I love animators. They are a unique species. It’s a real honor to be able to give these people the project they never thought they would have.”

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