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the new program presented by Camille Combal fascinates Internet users!

This Friday, May 20, Camille Combal was at the controls of Stereo Club on TF1. And the least we can say is that this show has particularly conquered Internet users.

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New show for Camille Combal. Last week, TF1 broadcast the final of the third season of Mask Singer and viewers were able to appreciate the victory of Denitsa Ikonomova. A week later, the front page draws a new program, Stereo Club. Camille Combal is also at the helm of this new show inspired by That’s My Jam, inaugurated by American animator Jimmy Fallon. The concept is simple: several celebrities (Amir, Joyce Jonathan, Elie Semoun, Julie Zénati, Eva Queen…) compete in two teams through dances and humorous games, while offering breathtaking performances. breath. The objective is to entertain the public as Furya show that punctuated the small screen between 1995 and 2000.

An entertaining game!

In an interview given to Tele-Leisure, the host had touted the concept of his show. “It’s a real visual show, which mixes musical game and pure fun. You’ll see celebrities like you’ve never seen them before: they dance and laugh, while offering absolutely crazy performances. It’s the biggest issue of my career, the craziest I have ever produced“, he said. This Friday, May 20, the first issue was broadcast from 9:10 p.m. and for more than two hours, viewers were able to follow the adventures of the guests.

Internet users conquered!

And the least we can say is that this game particularly amused internet users ! “Glad to see that TF1 believes more and more in Camille Combal by entrusting him with new concepts, he deserves and so do we”, “I completely validate this show finally novelty entertainment that changes ideas it feels good”, ” I like this show, it changes and it feels good”, “Nothing to gain from a good atmosphere where you get caught up in the game. And a very nice set. TV needs this style of program”, “Pretty good the concept of Stereo Club, happy to finally have this kind of musical game back on TF1”can we read in particular.

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