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Well, we have to learn to be a little dandies. It is about the damaged image of our country. Yes, we Senegalese are very different from the other Negroes of this god-blessed continent that is Africa. We are so racy, so civilized while the others are so…African! The proof by Baye Seng who spoke French better than the most educated Toubabs. There was also Blaise Diagne, Lamine Coura Guèye, not to mention the most educated African from Casablanca to Cape Town, who has included the freedom to walk in our Constitution and authorized his fellow citizens to protest with a red band. Another marvel of our country which must encourage us not to behave like savages, we have the most beautiful and elegant women in the world. The most diamond crunchers too! But we didn’t say anything about that. Which are so naughty – and also poisonous languages! —that all men in the world fear them. They have this demonic power to bewitch any man. We are also so graceful in bearing and in verb. In short, we are black-skinned Toubabs. A beautiful country, we tell you! Who has never known a civil war. Muslims and Christians often slum in a beautiful brotherhood. A country that has lived to the rhythm of democracy for centuries. And that’s not all. We have a stadium worthy of a World Cup, a regional express train waiting for the famous rapid transit bus. All that remains is to fuck off the fast buses and other Ndiaga Ndiaye or even Tata which still make poor Kàccoor Bi happy. With all this, therefore, we must learn to be less savage. To see things differently. Like that bullshit about banning marches or peaceful gatherings. It’s a beautiful atmosphere, good-natured, which prevailed yesterday place de l’Obélisque. Which makes us say that authorizing these demonstrations must be the rule and prohibiting them the exception. We also need to get rid of this old-fashioned image of seeing law enforcement gassing and chasing peaceful opponents. And above all, let no one come and tell us nonsense like the presence of rebels in the capital. Whoever distills this bullshit is certainly struggling to go down in history

“The Witness” daily wonders why dictators and other heads of state do not learn from the political mistakes of their predecessors? Too bad that our dear President of the Republic Macky Sall seems to have understood nothing of the errors of Heads of State who have lost power by undemocratic means. Because, we do not wish him, but if he were to find himself on the edge of the precipice, in any case in a situation comparable to that of the riots of March 2021, his political entourage made up of opportunists, mobsters, false advisers and other bearers of double-headed “hammers” will be the first to drop it. Or else to betray him as was the case with Wade and his Wadists, Karim and his Karimists, Khalifa and his Khalifists, the late Tanor and his Tanorists, Collin and his Collinists, etc. Proof by the supporters of Mayor Bamba Fall, Moustapha Niasse, Idrissa Seck, Augustin Tine, Abdoulaye Baldé, Jean Baptiste Diouf and others who had proclaimed themselves Macky Sall’s shields. Better, the “young people” and activists of Bby said they were ready to organize counter-demonstrations, yesterday, Wednesday June 08, 2021. Alas, it was only financial “door hammer”! After having “cashed in”, some Bby militants and other Apr supporters had disappeared from the circulation on Wednesday of all dangers. Nowhere in the department of Dakar was there the shadow of a counter-demonstration by Bby.

At Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar (Ucad), we are told, even the members and leaders of the Movement of Republican Students and Students (Meer) and the Convergence of Republican Youth (Cojer) had holed up in their rooms facing the surging waves of opposition activists towards the Place de l’Obélisque. However, we are prompted, the Minister of Youth, Néné Fatoumata Tall, would have released funds for the benefit of certain members of Meer and Cojer who claimed to organize counter-demonstrations. “We are going to show the young people of the opposition that we are more numerous than them. Madam Minister (Editor’s note: Néné Fatoumata Tall), you have seen how numerous and committed young people from the movement are alongside President Macky Sall. We are going to bring together all the youth of the movement next Wednesday in place of the nation, to show the opposition our strength before giving July 31 a resounding majority in the National Assembly to the President “declared these” doorkatou hammer ” du Meer and de la Cojer to the Minister of Youth. Yesterday, many of them were very discreet vis-à-vis a very strong mobilization of the opposition that no defense or security force could domesticate or disperse without material and bodily damage. As for the supporters of Bamba Fall, one wonders where did they go?

Before flying to Paris yesterday, the Head of State, Macky SALL, chaired the traditional weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers at the Palais de la République. He thus sent his warm congratulations to the Christian community following the smooth running of the 134th edition of the Marian pilgrimage to Popenguine. Macky Sall praised the mobilization of the young walkers as well as the quality of the messages evoked and the prayers formulated on this occasion, in order to consolidate peace and social stability in Senegal. Also, he reiterated his directives relating to the acceleration of the renovation of Catholic religious sanctuaries, in particular that of Popenguine, whose extension and construction are undertaken in relation with the clergy, project manager.

Addressing the issue related to the modernization of public broadcasting, the President of the Republic returned to the ceremony to lay the first stone of the Senegalese Radio Broadcasting Tower (RTS), which he chaired on June 07, 2022 , on the site of the South Triangle, in the town of Medina. The Head of State indicates that this act, historic and refounding (because it is the first headquarters of the RTS financed directly by the State), further confirms the primordial place he grants to the modernization of public broadcasting. . He took this opportunity to congratulate the Director General of the RTS, as well as the agents of the public press companies, in particular those of the RTS, the Sun, the Senegalese Press Agency (APS, Télédiffusion Senegal (TDS), who accomplish, each in their field, a remarkable work which must be supported by the Government. Thus, he asked the Minister of Culture and Communication, to continue, with the public press structures, the dynamic of digital transformation and modernization of public media, by integrating, in the foreground, the promotion of our national languages, the cultural, tourist and economic potential of our different regions. Macky Sall also invited the Minister of Culture and Communication, ensure the preservation of the archives, heritage and memory of public press companies with a view to creating a national library of public audiovisual archives. the State has also asked the Minister of Communication to finalize the latest application texts for the press code, particularly that relating to the national public publisher of audiovisual communication.

The Head of State also asked the Minister of Sports to speed up the rehabilitation process, in partnership with the People’s Republic of China, of the four (4) scheduled stadiums (Léopold Sédar SENGHOR of Dakar, Aline Sitoe DIATTA from Ziguinchor, Lamine GUEYE from Kaolack, Elimanel FALL from Diourbel) for a total cost of 40 billion CFA francs. We hope that these contracts will not be awarded by mutual agreement to the inevitable Mbaye Faye, a great friend of Minister Matar Bâ!

Also, Macky Sall focused on securing Senegal’s supply of sheep: in view of the Tabaski, which will take place in a rather particular international and economic context, the President of the Republic is asking the Government to accentuate , with the actors, the effective application of measures to facilitate the supply of sheep to populations, at affordable prices. Finally, he invited the Ministers in charge of Trade, Finance and Livestock to take all measures to ensure control (during this period) of livestock feed prices;

The President of the Republic has taken the following decisions: • Mr. Talla CISSE, holder of a Master II in Strategic and Legal Management, is appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Company for Integrated Waste Management (SONAGED SA). • Mr. Mass THIAM, management expert, graduate of HEC Montreal, is appointed Managing Director of the National Society for Integrated Waste Management (SONAGED SA).

Yesterday, just after the rally of the Yewwi Askan Wi coalition, the Senegalese press was bereaved by the brutal loss of our colleague Mamadou Moustapha Sarr. The deceased knew “The Witness” well, having cut his teeth there before finding himself in other media. It was later that he succeeded in the Cesti competition, from which he came from the 42nd promotion. Affable journalist, very rigorous and demanding, the deceased worked in several organs of the place. Besides Le Temoin, he also worked for Wal Fadjri. Administrator of the site, he was called back to God, this Wednesday, June 08, 2022, following a short illness. The editorial staff of the Witness presents its sincere condolences to his family, his wives, his colleagues and to the entire Senegalese press. Allah counts the deceased among his elect and has mercy on him. The lifting of the body will take place this morning followed by the burial in Touba.

The video went viral and widely shared. In this element, the political leader of the Alliance for the Republic (Apr), Ahmad Suzanne Camara, clearly calls for the killing of political opponent Ousmane Sonko. “As long as Ousmane Sonko lives, there will be no peace in Senegal, he must be executed, because he is a follower of violence. He must be killed”, declared unequivocally, the former Secretary General of the teachers aperistes. A dangerous statement to say the least, even if everyone knows that the leader of Pastef is the enemy of power to be defeated. But after such an open statement, the Prosecutor will certainly take action. It is about social peace. For less than that Cheikh Oumar Diagne has taken up residence in Rebeuss

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