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the entry of Cyril Hanouna illustrates the mess at the Stade de France

During the final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, thousands of people were left stranded outside the stadium, including Estelle Mossely and Marvin Matip.

FOOTBALL – Very turbulent evening in Saint-Denis. On the evening of Saturday May 28, thousands of supporters trying to enter the Stade de France to watch the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool were blocked outside. A beautiful mess illustrated by the host Cyril Hanouna, who explains the incredible conditions with which he had to return to his seat.

At the end of the meeting won for the 14th time by the Madrid club, the presenter of TPMP explains: “But darka [rigolade] absolute when I arrive I have to pass under the barrier with [mon fils] Lino it was so crazy! And the guard asks me for a meshkin selfie! A madness! I vs rac [vous raconte] Monday,” he wrote.

The scene described by Cyril Hanouna was immortalized by the influencer Challenge, who posted a video on the social network Snapchat. The video was then relayed on Twitter, as you can see below. The C8 host, dressed all in white, passes under the broken turnstile before taking a photo with security personnel once the barrier has been crossed.

According to the prefecture, the incidents that punctuated the evening are due to “many supporters without tickets for the match or holders of fake tickets [qui] disrupted access to the Stade de France, at the level of the external security perimeter”. UEFA, organizer of the competition, explains that the too high number of counterfeit tickets blocked the turnstiles. Exceptionally, the kick-off was postponed by 36 minutes due to this incident which caused the intervention of the police and the use of tear gas.

Tear gas and jostling in front of the Stade de France

In a second message, Cyril Hanouna adds to be “sorry for all the people who couldn’t get in when they had their tickets. I really thought we weren’t going to make it. I was seriously afraid for Lino. [Quand] the guard told me mechkine pass below the barrier does not work! Then selfie! Madness.”

Cyril Hanouna was luckier than boxer Estelle Mossely. In a series of three tweets, she explains how she got stuck in front of the Stade de France until the end of the first half. “It’s a scandal what is happening at the Stade de France”, she gets carried away. “Blocked for more than an hour, gassed, jostled… Access to the stadium was closed even before kick-off. And [c’est] just now that they decide to ‘evacuate’ people. [Pour] reminder, [tous] have tickets [pour] come in SCANDALOUS!”

Shortly before 11 p.m., she wrote: “Finally in the stadium… We will see at least the 2nd half but unfortunately this will not be the case for [beaucoup] of people still stuck outside.”

Misadventure also for Marvin Matip, brother of Liverpool player Joel, as well as his pregnant wife. “Marvin, had to flee with his family as they tried to access the stadium. His wife is pregnant. Tear gas! They had to take refuge in a restaurant”, says on Twitter an English journalist from SkyNews, who met him.

“The organization around and in the stadium is unworthy of a Champions League final. Using tear gas in areas with children and uninvolved fans is dangerous.

Bertrand Latour hit by supporters

This is another kind of overflow suffered by the journalist of The Team Bertrand Latour. When he arrived at the stadium, he told his media that he had been attacked by several people. “I was leaving the RER D to join the Stade de France when a Frenchman told drunk Liverpool supporters that I was a ‘pro-Madrid’ journalist, which I obviously am not,” he explains.

″The three supporters then started hitting me. It went very quickly. We were in the middle of a crowd and other Reds supporters [Liverpool] have come to separate us. I just had a gash on my cheekbone and that didn’t stop me from doing duplexes afterwards”, he continues.

The journalist also filmed at 9:29 p.m., five minutes before kick-off, which had been postponed, dozens of people still stuck outside the stadium. “Shame. Coming to a Champions League final, being gassed, for some not being able to enter after hours of waiting around the stadium, for others entering the enclosure without a ticket. Disgusted. We have a good role to make fun of the CAN [championnat d’Afrique]”, he regrets.

The prefecture indicated that 68 people had been arrested in connection with the excesses of the evening.

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