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The Bridgerton Chronicle Season 3: New information revealed by the cast on the release date and the plot!

This American series created by Chris VanDusen signed his big comeback on March 25, 2022. Adapted from the novels of Julia Quinn, the first season brought together a community of fans who exploded viewership records when the second season aired. Netflix announced it on its Twitter account, The Bridgerton Chronicle becomes the most watched English series on the platform with 251.7 million hours of viewing the first week.

A modern romance

The second season featured the duo Kate Sharma embodied by the excellent Simone Ashley (Sex Education) and Viscount Anthony Bridgerton interpreted by Jonathan Bailey. As Edwina Sharma enters the Court chaperoned by her big sister Kate, everything seems to push her into the arms of Daphne’s big brother.

However, things are not going to go as planned, between ego war and emerging romanticism, this second season is explosive!

Anthony who had ended up uniting his sister and his friend the Duke of Hastings in the previous season, it is high time for him to pass the altar!
He will then look for a woman “at his height” among the contenders for this new year. He will then come across two sisters back from India, Kate and Edwina. If Edwina seems perfectly suited to fill the role of perfect woman in the eyes of Anthony, he can no longer remove the intelligent and charismatic Kate from his mind.

Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran break down what it was like to shoot the beautiful and emotional — SPOILER ALERT — wedding scene.

Perfectly avoiding repetition with the first season, this entry of new debutantes brings us fresh stories that are just as engaging. Following the novels of Julia Quinn who devotes each volume to a member of the Bridgerton siblings, the series manages to establish an emotional and erotic tension between the main characters.

A third season announced and much more…

After this obvious success, here is a treasure that Netflix is ​​not going to let go! And this is indeed the project that the streaming platform has in mind. She announced the April 10, 2022 on his Twitter account that the series The Bridgerton Chronicle would come back for a third season but also… for a fourth!

This wonderful news has fans screaming with joy on social networks! Season 3 would thus already be in preparation and would be scheduled for the beginning of the year 2023! Here is what to prepare for the return of balls, dresses, ceremonies and horseback riding.

After several clumsy revelations from Simone Ashley during interviews and statements by producer Shonda Rhimes, lhe series could take some liberties with the novels! For the moment the story of the series has followed the order of the novels, without it looking like a copy-paste, but nothing prevents season 3 from being an exception!

A cast revealed?

After an interview given to the newspaper The Wrap by Jonathan Baileyseveral clues about season 3 point the tip of their noses. A baby for Kate and Anthony? That’s what the books say! Jonathan showed that he had read the works by evoking certain passages and showing his eagerness for season 3.

The Netflix Instagram account revealed on May 16, 2022 many details on the rest of the adventures, it could well be that the next season will focus on Penelope and Colin! This promises episodes filled with romance and secrets!

New characters could also enter and overturn the already existing romantic relationships. This is something that the producer did not put aside.
For the moment no release date has been revealed by Netflix, the shooting of season 3 will begin in summer 2022, a release for 2023 is therefore very likely! All that remains is to read the books for the most impatient… and try to guess the rest!

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