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the 6 questions we ask ourselves before season 7

If the wait was very long between seasons 5 and 6 ofOutlander, fans of the romantic adventure series can rejoice: season 7 should be less desired. Outlander had indeed been renewed even before the broadcast of the sixth salvo and the actors have already started filming, as evidenced by the first photos unveiled on social networks. If it will still be necessary to wait at least a year before discovering season 7Outlander, this one will be much longer: it will be composed of 16 episodes, against 8 only for season 6, shortened due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Season 6 ended with an episode showing Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in turmoil. Richard Brown’s militia came to get Claire, accused of killing Malva Christie and her baby, to take her to trial. If Jamie and Claire defended themselves as well as they could, in a western atmosphere, they ended up surrendering. Brown and his men therefore took them away, escorted by Tom Christie who, surprisingly, swore to ensure the protection of the Fraser couple. Richard Brown of course did not keep his promise: he separated Jamie and Claire, wanting to send the first back to Scotland by boat and driving the second to prison, in Wilmington, for her to be tried there. So that’s where the end of season 6 leaves the two heroes ofOutlander : Claire, behind bars and Jamie, who was rescued by Ian and the Cherokee, riding to save her and save her from the gallows. But this finale leaves many questions unanswered, we chose 6 of them since it was season 6 ofOutlander. We are now waiting, firmly, for season 7 and the answers to our questions.

1) Will Claire die?

This is clearly the first thing that comes to mind in view of this finale. Accused of a double murder, how will Claire be able to get out of it? Will she end up on the gallows? This is without taking into account the fertile imagination of the novelist Diana Gabaldon, whose Outlander is adapted, and from the writers of the series. Nor on Jamie’s determination to save Claire at all costs. Claire, like us, knows that Jamie will risk everything, even his own life, to get her released. Perhaps he can count on the help of his friend Lord John (David Berry), seen only briefly this season and who lives in Wilmington. Will he be able to use his connections to help Claire and Jamie?

2) Who really killed Malva Christie?

Shortened to 8 episodes, instead of 12, season 6 ofOutlander left that mystery unsolved. It was clear from the beginning that Claire, despite her doubts, could not have committed such a gesture, even if the young girl accused Jamie of having abused her and of being the father of her child. But who could have slit Tom Christie’s throat in the Frasers’ garden? If you want to play Cluedo with us, we have our theory on the matter, to read by clicking here!

3) Who is the prisoner from the future, seen at the end of episode 5?

Outlander has the art of sowing clues and not returning to integrate them into the plot of the story until much later. At the end of episode 5, leaving Wilmington, Claire thought she heard a song known from her time, but thought she was wrong. She was right since the end of the episode showed a mysterious man, with long hair, locked up in prison too. It should be Wendigo, a man from the future, like her and whom Claire met during her assault in season 5. Being she too behind bars, it’s a safe bet that the two characters meet from new. But for what purpose?

4) Will Brianna and Roger try to cross the stones again?

If this season 6 finale ofOutlander was mainly centered on the torments of Claire and Jamie, it also showed tender family sequences of Brianna and Roger, who over the seasons have become the second star couple of the series. Apart from a long love scene, we witnessed the big revelation: Jemmy has a spot in the scalp that is hereditary! This therefore means that he is indeed Roger’s son! We also witnessed a discussion from the couple regarding Jemmy’s future and the fact that he could, one day, walk through the stones. Will there be time travel again in Outlander ? This is what the sequence broadcast just after the credits also seemed to indicate, showing Brianna, in front of another woman, eating in an American diner… Could Brianna and Roger decide to return to their time to raise their children?

5) Is Tom Christie in love with Claire?

You didn’t see this question coming… But we’ve been asking ourselves this for a while now! Since arriving at Fraser’s Ridge, Tom Christie has been very ambivalent. He never hid his enmity for Jamie, with whom he was a prisoner in Ardsmuir, nor the fact that he disapproved of Claire’s methods. However, he showed himself to be troubled by the doctor on several occasions, in particular when this one treated his hand. Likewise, it seems surprising that he volunteered to provide her protection, even though she is suspected of having killed his daughter (this seems to prove that he knows the culprit, more proof for our theory… ). During the journey, he throws her many oblique glances and seems jealous of the intimacy shared by Claire and Jamie. The believer Tom Christie would he have developed feelings for the wife of his former enemy?

6) Will we see Fergus and Marsali again in Outlander ?

These two characters to whom we became attached (yes, even Marsali) left season 6 along the way to settle in New Bern, after having gone through a serious crisis. Can we hope to see them again in season 7 ofOutlander ? This is what the newspaper that Roger gives Brianna to read, printed by Fergus, suggests! The young man resumed his activities as a printer, such as when he helped Jamie in Edinburgh. We can therefore assume that he will be discussed again in the rest of the series because this newspaper can play, we imagine, a place in the War of Independence, closer than ever at the dawn of this season. 7.

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