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The 2022 edition of Pride Month in the 20th

For the 2022 edition of Pride Month, the 20th arrondissement highlights the inclusion of LGBT people through sport. But the month of pride also includes exhibitions, screenings, awareness, etc.

Discover the 2022 program for the month of Pride in the 20th under the sign of sport as a factor of inclusion. Events around sport are marked with a 🏅 in the agenda below.

Screening of short films

📅 Tuesday, June 7
🕑 At 7:30 p.m.
📍 Marguerite Duras media library, 115, rue de Bagnolet

Waiting for the 34e Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival scheduled for October 2022, Cineffable and the Marguerite Duras media library are offering a screening of short films.


📅 Friday, June 10
🕑 At 8 p.m.
📍 La Flèche d’Or, 102 Bis rue de Bagnolet

For pride month, the legendary Flèche d’Or Karaoke is releasing its most flamboyant looks for an evening “prouder than the proudest of your friends!” »

Be fierce, be queer, be proud… and siiiiiiiiiing!

LGBTQIA & Islam identities

📅 Saturday June 11
🕑 At 8 p.m.
📍 La Flèche d’Or, 102 Bis rue de Bagnolet

During the event, members of Nta Rajel?, a feminist collective made up of people from the North African diasporas, the members of the collective will present the work carried out on this theme.

Cabaret Habibi Cinema

📅 Friday, June 17
🕑 At 8 p.m.
📍 La Flèche d’Or, 102 Bis rue de Bagnolet

Each month, La Flèche d’or and Javel Habibi offer a drag queen and cinema program. This month the artists of the Habibi Cinéma evenings at the Flèche d’or revisit the Comedies!

Of Bridesmaids at The city ​​of fearvia Un jour sans fin, Javel makes its Comedy Club to pay tribute to the great moments of Comedy in the cinema!

With Ruby On The Nail, Loulou de Cacharel, Sciatica and Kashalena!

The 10 years of the degommeuses 🏅

📅 From June 18 to 24
📍 in the 20e borough

The degommeuses are a football team mainly made up of lesbians and trans people who aim to fight against discrimination in sport and through sport.

The degummers are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. To celebrate them, they have chosen several districts in which they have a strong presence.

On the program in the 20e borough

📅 Saturday, June 18, attend the Dégommeuses tournament at the Maryse Hilsz stadium in the 20e

📅 From June 18 to 24: the association will also carry out local actions with young people in the district.

📅 Friday, June 24: the association will also close its week of celebration at the Golden Arrow

Other events also await you in the 10e
arrondissement in particular the opening of their photographic exhibition on June 22 at the Point éphémère.

Inauguration of the TEP Eudy Simeulane 🏅

📅 Monday, June 27
📍 49 rue Olivier Métra, 20th

Following the adoption of a wish by the Borough Council, on March 9, the town hall will give the name of Eudy Simelane to the physical education ground (TEP) located at 49 rue Olivier Métra, in memory of the southern footballer -African, LGBT activist murdered in 2008 after a gang rape.

“Nicknamed “the diamond” by those around him, Eudy Simelane wanted to devote her fights to gender equality, and her sporting notoriety to the visibility of LGBTQI+ people. »

Éric Pliez, mayor of the 20th

This appointment is an opportunity to remind the general public of the life and commitments of Eudy Simelane and to promote the fight against LGBTphobia and violence, particularly in sport.

(No) Body is perfect, an interactive exhibition on gender transition

📅 from Saturday June 25
📍 Tenon Hospital, 4 rue de la Chine

This artistic project by Morgane Eches and Jean-François Auguste proposed by the company For Happy People & Co conducted at the Tenon hospital offers visitors a plastic work that questions several aspects that will resonate with the public in gender transition.

Since 2015 the company For Happy People & co has been digging a furrow on the question of the “humanities”. By questioning the notion of “norm” within our society, we attempt to deconstruct the stereotypes inscribed in the collective unconscious and to dismantle the mechanisms of discrimination.

Tombamento, the exhibition of Afro-Brazilian youth

📅 from Monday June 27, inauguration Thursday June 30
📍 rue de la Chine, on the gates of square Édouard Vaillant

Tombamento is the appropriation of “tombar”, which in Brazilian means the murder of a young black man by the police. Ownership is about saying, “If they want to kill us, we’ll stand up. »

This photographic exhibition by Carolina Arantes retraces the struggle of a section of Afro-Brazilian LGBT and feminist youth who are seeking their place in Brazilian society. Tombamento also gave rise to artistic and fashion activities in the State of Bahia which allowed participants to express themselves in different forms about their situations and stories.

Round table: LGBT people from here and elsewhere

📅 Thursday, June 30
🕑 At 6 p.m.
📍 Wedding hall of the town hall of 20e6 place Gambetta

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