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the 10 most beautiful theme parks in the world

It is relatively easy to put an attraction on a lawn and let the mechanics act on its amateurs. But creating a universe from cardboard decors – and, increasingly, from technology – represents a much more demanding challenge, one that only the biggest operators have the means to meet. Here are the 10 most beautiful leisure parks in the world, in all subjectivity.

1. Phantasialand (Germany)

© Fantasyland

Still little known on the French market, Phantasialand stands out in the world of parks, as its hotel offer grows. In Africa with Black Mambain a fantastic Middle Ages with Taronor at the time of the industrial revolution way steampunk with F.L.Y : Phantasialand stands out with ultra-immersive attractions, and permanent interactions with the scenery of the park.

2. Disneyland Paris (France)

© Disneyland Paris

By Disney executives’ own admission, Mickey’s European home had to be the prettiest, most romantic, and neatest. And this is the case: Disneyland Park in Marne-la-Vallée is considered one of the most successful in the world by observers. This sumptuous park required huge investments which handicapped the complex for many years at the time of its launch.

3. Universal’s Islands of Adventure (Etats-Unis)

© Universal Orlando Resort

In Orlando, the entire tourist economy is organized around the amusement park industry. It is therefore not surprising to see the biggest players in entertainment, such as film studios, compete there. At Islands of Adventure, Universal plunges its visitors into the worlds of Jurassic Park, Harry Potter or even the encounter with King Kong. Gorgeous.

4. Tivoli Gardens (Denmark)

© Visit Denmark

In the heart of Copenhagen, this park created in 1843 because, according to its founder, “when the people have fun, they don’t think about politics”, brings together roller coasters, family attractions, concert and theater stages, with a permanent representation of the Art commedy. A green setting in the heart of the no less green Danish capital, and the locals’ favorite outing.

5. Tokyo DisneySea (Japan)

© Tokyo Disney Resort

Opened in 2001, the second park of the Japanese Disneyland complex ranks among the masterpieces in this field. Organized around seven ports, the park takes visitors to Jules Verne’s greatest novels, to the jungles of Central America with Indiana Jones, or to New York at the start of the 20th century. Spectacular.

6. Puy du Fou (France)

© Alain Monéger/Puy du Fou

Several times voted best park in the world, the Puy du Fou has created a unique offer based on shows combining grandiose sets, period costumes and technology. A unique economic model that has already been exported to Spain and soon to China by the Vendée group, which ensures that its historical park is an immersive, verdant and bucolic link.

7. Disney’s Animal Kingdom (USA)

© Jay Monty/Unsplash

Spread over 230 hectares, Animal Kingdom is the largest Disney park in the world. It honors wild nature, the preservation of the environment, and ecological fables. Between two safaris alongside real animals, we fly over the world of Avatar, where we will live the last moments of the dinosaurs. At night, the park reveals itself in a different, sparkling light.

8. Efteling (Pays-Bas)

© Efteling

Among the busiest parks in Europe, Efteling draws on tales and legends to immerse its visitors in a dreamlike universe that necessarily speaks to children and adults who have kept a child’s soul. The park has around forty attractions and more than 3,000 beds in four hotels.

9. Europa Park (Germany)

© Europa Park

Having become a must, Europa Park inspires many of its competitors. Since its opening in 1975, the German park has continued to grow, offering a high-performance European model in the face of mainly American operators. In 2019, Europa Park attracted 5.7 million visitors.

10. Disneyland Shanghai (Chine)

For the second Disney park in China (after Hong Kong), the firm has built an “Enchanted Kingdom” in the image of China: huge and spectacular. While reimagining Disneyland’s most iconic attractions, like the critically acclaimed Chinese version of Pirates of the Caribbean. A total investment of almost 5 billion dollars, for one of the most expensive theme parks in the world.

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