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Terra Botanica: a historic summer season with + 55% visitors compared to 2019 thanks to new features and a unique entertainment program

As the 2022 season continues until November 6, culminating in the Autumn Festival throughout the All Saints holidays, the plant and biodiversity theme park experienced a historic summer with an attendance of + 55% compared to summer 2019, a record year. The giant mosaicultures and the Terra Nocta nocturnal night, the two big novelties of this year, will be at the heart of the activities of an exceptional Autumn Festival which will take place from October 22 to November 6. Three additional nights will precede the event, on Saturday 1, 8 and 15 October. 1er October, the proceeds from the evening will be donated to the association Mécénat Chirurgie cardiac, which will organize this same weekend the Yogis of the heart live from Terra Botanica and broadcast live on the Internet.

The start of the season had provided more than encouraging indicators thanks, in particular, to our visitors’ attraction to new products. But the summer will have been particularly exceptional with record attendance of + 55% rejoices Pierre Watrelot, the director of the park. The teams mobilized to receive this historic influx and the visitors were won over by the new experiences: the arrival of extraordinary animals in topiaries or giant mosaicultures, the cycle of conferences on biodiversity and a 2e edition of the Les Envolées Végétales festival which found a large audience. But the most glaring success for the park comes from the late-night Terra Nocta, which topped 25,000 visitors even though it only kicked off on July 14.

The feedback is very positive and those who have not yet been able to take advantage of this poetic moment will be able to do so on the first three Saturdays of October and every evening during the All Saints holidays on the occasion of the autumn. This Autumn Festival will thus come to close a season rich in entertainment and novelties. It is increasingly one of our visitors’ favorite moments, with the beauty of the fall foliage, the decoration of the park’s paths with its thousands of colorful cucurbits and plants. Not to mention its Halloween atmosphere and entertainment that captivates young and old alike

Terra Nocta: a unique nocturnal stroll for a journey to the heart of the world-tree !

Extending the plant experience in the evening was a request from our visitors for whom Terra Botanica has now become a real tourist destination, the site being the second most popular theme park in the Pays de la Loire says Pierre Watrelot, director of Terra Botanica. After discovering during the day the five worlds of the park and the “ extraordinary animals », in topiary or mosaiculture, Terra Botanica offered from July 14 a stroll at nightfall. During their walk, visitors progress through the heart of the world tree, a vertical visit from foliage to roots. The concept chosen is immersive and poetic. The nocturnes are still visible on the first three Saturdays of October and then during all the All Saints holidays on the occasion of the Autumn Festival.

It is a contemplative, emotional and interactive progression that follows a path through several universes of the park. The stroll sublimates the natural setting and follows a lifeline throughout the course. The aim is to give visitors the feeling that they are an integral part of nature, of its momentum of life, of its creativity and even of its destiny.

The unicorn, like the dragon and the octopus: the largest mosaic cultures in France in 2022

A dragon, a unicorn, an octopus…: these are the 3 giant mosaicultures that Terra Botanica presented to the public this season and which joined the topiary animals welcomed when the park opened in April. These three large structures were developed by one of the rare French companies capable of producing such works of art. We have the ambition to be a park where we discover, while having fun, the extraordinary biodiversity of our planet. But Terra Botanica is also a great playground around plants with artistic creations, like the giant mosaicultures, among the largest in Europe. After the giant dragon 6 meters high made up of nearly 15,000 plants… the 6-meter unicorn installed in June has become one of the stars of the park with, from its first integration weekend, hundreds of selfies in its sides. And in mid-July, a third mosaiculture appeared: a giant octopus that captivated our visitors. welcomes Pierre Watrelot, director of Terra Botanica.

Terra Botanica and its extraordinary animals: discovering topiary animals !

Giant mosaicultures, nocturnal with Terra Nocta, Envolées Végétales, cycle of conferences…

In addition to the extraordinary animals, 2022 will have been a particularly rich year with Terra Nocta, the park’s first nights, the 2e edition of Envolées Végétales during the summer and a cycle of conferences which hosted Cyril Dion, François Lasserre and the climatologist Jean Jouzel. This is an unprecedented program of entertainment and novelties for Terra Botanica. Thanks to the Annual Pass in particular, more and more visitors return regularly during the season to take advantage of the various blooms and activities… until the Autumn Festival, which is the last major event of the season during the holidays. of All Saints.

Terra Botanica: a plant odyssey to discover the richness of biodiversity

Terra Botanica takes the whole family on a journey between playful adventure and botanical discovery. The plant and biodiversity park offers access to 5 universes and a few dozen thematic gardens for events, shows and other attractions. “ At the origins of life plunges the visitor into the primary era with the appearance of the first plants… and dinosaurs, “ The great explorations tells the plant discoveries including one of the largest tropical greenhouses in Europe or the butterfly greenhouse. “ The unusual plant » ventures very close to carnivorous plants and introduces the greenhouse to extreme climates ; “ Getaway in Anjou » offers a boat trip like walking in a brand new rose garden. The Mysteries of the Forest with its courses and its three giants constitute the 5e universe of the park with 7000m2 dedicated to the secrets of the trees and the forest. During their day, visitors can take advantage of around fifty activities and attractions, including the trip in walnut shells, the 4D cinema or even a ride aboard the largest gas balloon in the world: “ Terra seen from the sky “. Finally, the Souffle d’Éole, an outdoor space of 3000 m2 receives every summer an eclectic cultural program “ The plant flights » with a dozen themed evenings.

Ecosystems recreated over more than 20 hectares with plants from all continents…

1h30 from Paris by TGV then by tram – Terra Botanica has its own station – the park offers a real journey to the heart of ecosystems around the world…for a minimal carbon footprint. Terra Botanica invites visitors to discover the vegetation of a dozen countries from all continents… while staying in France. From gardens to greenhouses, we travel to China, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Louisiana, Cape Verde, New Zealand, Brazil, Indonesia, Scotland, Australia, Madagascar, Mediterranean countries… A guaranteed change of scenery and a breath of fresh air within of the twenty hectares of the park !

A park at the service of the environmental cause, to offer concrete solutions for the climate

Smart garden, vegetable garden, garden without water: learn while having fun respecting biodiversity and green gardening

Among the dozens of themed gardens and greenhouses, three gardens stand out for their educational vocation to learn how to grow fruits and vegetables and other plants in a way that respects the environment without using chemicals, by saving water or even by recycling. Overview.

The vegetable garden: The objective is to convey to the younger generations that the earth is nourishing and that it must be taken care of. Distinguished in 2019 during the National Vegetable Garden Competition, he explains sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening techniques. It talks about the ecosystem, living soil and the gardener’s natural helpers, such as birds, insects and all the biodiversity of the garden.

The Garden without water: this new generation plant space is an opportunity for visitors to discover a garden without any need for watering. The plantations are self-sufficient in water thanks to the root system of the plants which draw water from the depths, in land specially laid out for this future technique. There are Mediterranean plants but also plants from all over the world specially selected and cultivated for their resistance to drought.

Le Jardin Malin: Through games, puzzles and information panels, everyone can learn to garden in a natural way in order to preserve biodiversity. The Smart Garden is divided into several spaces: the vegetable garden, natural habitats, bee plants, weeds, the composting area or innovative crops. The objective is to raise public awareness to garden without chemicals, and to recycle as much as possible the various materials present in a garden (green waste, water, etc.).

Illustration image: giant unicorn in mosaiculture – new for 2022 at Terra Botanica – credit Vincent Ripaud – Skillvalley agency – 5bd

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