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Tarek Boudali in Vierzon: “I like to make people laugh”

Babysitting 1 and 2, 30 days max, Alibi. com… Tarek Boudali has a string of successes in the cinema, notably with the “Bande à Fifi” (with Philippe Lacheau). He is now the main actor in Olivier Baroux’s latest film, Liar, which will premiere tomorrow evening at the Ciné Lumière, at the opening of the Tomorrow Film Festival.

In “Liar”, you play as a sickly liar. What did you like about this character?

Its complexity. He is quite complex as a character, but touching. And despite all his lies, it was this touching side that I liked, and the fact that he was funny. He goes through several stages throughout the film, and I find that for an actor, it’s good to be able to play all these nuances.

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Do you think you should always tell the truth?

(he’s laughing). So I am in favor of always telling the truth, or at least not lying but perhaps not telling the whole truth.

Did you already know Olivier Baroux before shooting this film?

Yes. I was a fan of Kad and Olivier. And when we were doing sketches on Canal +, the first sketch we did was right in front of Kad and Olivier. And I remember that they had been hyper-benevolent towards us, they had laughed… And some time later, Olivier directed the Italian (released in July 2010, editor’s note) with Kad, and he called me and told me said: “If you want, you can play, I have a role for you”. And suddenly, I had five or six days on the film, it was the first time that I made cinema, it was crazy.

Corinne Masiero will be the president of the first Tomorrow Film Festival, in Vierzon

It is often said that it is more difficult to make people laugh than to make them cry. What do you think ?

I completely agree. We can make people cry, but it’s universal. We’re going to show things that will make us sad, even if we don’t necessarily cry. While humor is not universal, that is to say that there are things that will perhaps make you laugh, but not others. And vice versa.

Stock up on committed films at Vierzon: find the complete program of the Tomorrow Film Festival

It’s more complicated to make a majority of people laugh. Me, I like to make people laugh, since I was a kid. I never liked seeing people sad, I always tried to make people laugh.

You are an actor, but you are also a director, notably of “Marry me my friend” and “30 days max”. Do you have other film projects?

I’m preparing the sequel 30 days max. I start shooting from September, it will be released at the end of 2023.

And as an actor?

I’m spinning right now 2. A lot of people ask us for sequels to the various films we’ve made (with La Bande à Fifi), but we don’t force things, it has to come naturally.

Corinne Masiero, Julie de Bona, Marie Gillain, Tarek Boudali… at the Tomorrow Film Festival, from June 2 to 5, in Vierzon

If we have a good idea for a sequel, we do it, otherwise we don’t. For example, lots of people are asking for a sequel to Baby sittinga Babysitting 3, but for now, as long as we don’t have a good starting pitch, we’re not going there.

Sabrina Vernade

Practice. Tomorrow’s film festival, from tomorrow until Sunday, at the Ciné Lumière de Vierzon. Projection of Liar tomorrow at 8 p.m. Ticket office on


This evening. Before tomorrow’s Film Festival, an outdoor screening of the film discount, by Louis-Julien Petit, this evening, at 9:30 p.m., on the esplanade of the Société-Française, in the presence of Corinne Masiero, Sara Suco and Louis-Julien Petit. Free.

Projection of Liar this Thursday, June 2 at 8 p.m. Information and tickets on


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