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Steelrising, NBA 2K23: Steam games of the week

Game News Steelrising, NBA 2K23: Steam games of the week

At JV, we know that Monday is a more complicated day than the others. On this Monday, September 5, 2022, we are not changing our habits: in this article you will discover a selection of different games that deserve your attention, which will be released between September 5 and 9, 2022. This week there is management, Action-RPG and simulation (train, sports, and life).

The Ramen Sensei

What better way to start this selection than to talk about good food? Already available on PS4, PS5 and Switch, The Ramen Sensei asks you to become the hero of ramen by helping yourself to the reserves of noodles, soup and garnish to create the ultimate bowl. The goal is to satisfy customers thanks to the concocted flavors and to participate in various contests, just to prove that the champion of ramen is you! Cooking, managing a store and then several, positioning against the competition… The Ramen Sensei varies its offerings. After a certain time, the player is able to prepare his own original noodles and soups with the aim of making the best ramen in the universe. Who’s hot?

  • Release date : 05/09/2022

Train Sim World 3

Leaving everything and becoming a train driver is a bit of the promise of Train Sim World 3. Get out of your daily grind, in other words. The software from Dovetail Games has something to make the hearts of all train enthusiasts on the planet beat faster with its many trains to drive in several countries. Whether in the American mountains, English cities or the German countryside, Train Sim World offers players to tame the rails. Several types of trains are included, some of which are the fastest in the world with the ICE 1 and the Javelin. Equipped with varied and extreme weather conditions, the software also has a trip creator as well as a livery editor.

  • Release date : 06/09/2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Have you ever dreamed of having Goofy as your neighbor while Wall-E rakes your garden while Scrooge runs a ready-to-wear brand a few steps from your home? With Disney Dreamlight Valley, Gameloft aims to transport the player to a magical world where Disney heroes live. On the program: life simulation, adventure, a shovelful of protagonists from famous cartoons to befriend and lots of customization. Although the Sims-style life simulator aspect is particularly highlighted, Disney Dreamlight Valley is also an adventure game with real story arcs to discover. In any case, this is Gameloft’s promise for its free-to-play.

  • Release date (early access): 06/09/2022

NBA 2K23

2K is set to release a new edition of its officially licensed NBA basketball game with NBA 2K23. The legendary player being honored is none other than Michael Jordan. Thus, the player will find the Jordan Challenges, offering to reproduce iconic moments of one of the greatest players in history. For the rest, NBA 2K23 is still aiming for sports simulation with attack and defense movements that are realistic and precise. It will still be possible to compete against the greatest players in the world and team up with former legends via the MyTEAM mode. Other game modes, such as MyGM and My League, are also included. Enthusiasts should therefore find content that could make them happy.

  • Release date : 08/09/2022


Inspired in particular by Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and From Software productions, Steelrising is an Action-RPG that invites us to visit the significant places of Paris. Equipped with a grappling hook, a dash and a ram, the hero has the possibility of exploring his environment in a free and vertical way. Close to a Bloodborne in its fights, the production of Spiders aims to deliver dynamic and demanding confrontations. Do not panic if you fear a challenge that is too difficult, the French studio provides an “Assistance” mode that can be activated on the fly to make the challenge less tough. With its uchronic French Revolution with undeniable qualities, Steelrising could well be the good surprise “made in France” of this week.

  • Release date : 08/09/2022

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