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start of the second round for French nationals living abroad with the opening of electronic voting

The first round of the legislative elections has not yet taken place in the ballot boxes of France that registered voters (1.43 million) in the eleven constituencies of French people living abroad are called to vote online for the second round. , since noon (Paris time) Friday, June 10. They will have until Wednesday, June 15, noon (Paris time), to express their choice electronically.

As for the first round, the results of which were revealed on the night of June 5 to 6, expatriates express themselves in advance to elect the eleven deputies who represent them in the Hemicycle – and this for the third time, since it is only since 2012 that deputies have been elected to represent the French living outside France.

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Online voting is one of four options available to them along with proxy voting, postal voting and physical voting at embassies and consulates. The latter will take place on June 18 for French people living on the American continent and the Caribbean and on June 19 for the rest of the world. Electronic voting will be particularly monitored since, in the first round of voting, several technical hiccups were reported and prevented citizens from exercising their right.

The Nupes opposed to Together! in ten constituencies out of eleven

For this second round, in ten out of eleven constituencies, the duel takes place between candidates of the presidential majority, Together!, and those of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes).

If the Macronist candidates came out on top in eight of them, the first round of the ballot was marked by the elimination of the former socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, the only candidate invested by Together! not having crossed this threshold, facing the outgoing deputy, the dissident Stéphane Vojetta, in the 5e constituency (Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Andorra). The latter won 24.59% of the vote and will face Renaud Le Berre (Nupes) in the second round, who came first with 27.88% of the vote.

The other area with high stakes for the presidential majority is the 9e constituency (Maghreb and West Africa). Elisabeth Moreno, former Minister for Equality between Women and Men, majority candidate, won 28.05% of the vote in the first round, behind Karim Ben Cheikh, Generation s candidate invested by Nupes (39, 99%), which she will therefore face in the second round.

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In North America, in the 1D constituency, the outgoing deputy, Roland Lescure, on the other hand, is the favorite after having obtained 35.87% in the first round. He will face Florence Roger, candidate of Nupes (33.43%). In the 6e constituency (Switzerland and Liechtenstein), the majority candidate, Marc Ferracci (La République en Marche, LRM), also came out on top (36.48%). He will face competition from Magali Mangin (Nupes), who totaled 20.27%.

The 3e constituency (Northern Europe) saw, unsurprisingly, the outgoing MP, Alexandre Holroyd (LRM), come out on top (38.51%). He will be opposed to the candidate of Nupes, Charlotte Minvielle, who collected 31.46%. Advance of the same order for his counterpart Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade (LRM) in the 4e constituency (Benelux), with 38.92% of the vote, which will face Cécilia Gondard (Nupes, 32.46%).

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The 8e hotly contested constituency in the first round

The outgoing deputy Frédéric Petit (MoDem) also came first in the first round in the 7e constituency (Central Europe), with 34.57% of the vote, ahead of Asma Rharmaoui-Claquin (Nupes), 26.06% of the vote. In Latin America and the Caribbean (2e constituency), Eléonore Caroit (33.98%) will face Christian Rodriguez (Nupes), with his 27.72%.

In the 10e constituency (Middle East and Africa), the outgoing MP, Amélia Lakrafi (LRM), is in a good position, with 32.74% of the vote, against Chantal Moussa (Nupes, 22.53%). The 11e constituency (Eastern Europe, Asia and Oceania, i.e. 49 countries) saw the outgoing MP, Anne Genetet (LRM), achieve a wide score in the first round (38.14%). She will be opposed to Dominique Vidal, candidate of the Nupes who collected 24.78% of the votes.

The 8e constituency (including in particular Italy, Greece, Turkey and Israel) will be hotly contested, since only 170 ballots have separated the two qualified in the first round. Meyer Habib (Union of Democrats and Independents), elected in 2013 and re-elected in 2017, won 28.85% of the vote. He will face in the second round Deborah Abisror-de Lieme (27.77%), ex-chief of staff of Olivier Véran and majority candidate.

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