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Star Wars is not worth the MCU according to Mark Ruffalo, it attracts the wrath of the fans

War is declared ! This time around, it’s not between DC Comics and Marvel Studios, but between Star Wars and the MCU. In full promotion of the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Lawyer whose Hulk and his cousin Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) will be the heroes, Mark Ruffalo sent a spade to the very distant universe of George Lucas. Which greatly displeased the fans!

Movies star wars too similar?

During an interview with Variety, the MCU star was asked if there are “too many” Marvel Studios films and series. According to Mark Ruffalo, this is not the case, and to prove it, he chose to compare this universe of superheroes with Star Warsdescribing the feature films of this saga as all identicalunlike those of the Maison des Idées.

It’s not something I worry about. I understand that these things take their course and then something else happens. But what Marvel has done well is that inside the MCU, just like the comics, they let a director or an actor recreate each element with their style, in their image. Marvel usually lets them bring that to the movie. If you look at a Star Warsyou will have roughly the same version of Star Wars Everytime. There may be a little humor. There may be a slightly different animation. But you’re still, really, in the same kind of world. But with Marvel you can have a totally different feelingeven within the Marvel Universe.

Controversial remarks which obviously made the fans of the distant galaxy react on social networks.

Has Mark Ruffalo ever watched an MCU movie

August 12, 2022

Has Mark Ruffalo seen an MCU movie?

Tired: DC vs. Marvel fanboys/girls
Wired: Marvel vs. Star Wars fanboys/girls

Inspired: Disney talent from one property taking shots at other Disney properties.

August 12, 2022

Deja vu: Fan DC vs. Marvel
Deja vu: Marvel vs. Star Wars fan
New: One property’s Disney talent goes after other Disney properties.

Me watching The Mandalorian thinking it’s Revenge of the Sith because according to Mark Ruffalo all Star Wars is the the same

August 12, 2022

Me watching The Mandalorian thinking it’s Revenge of the Sith because according to Mark Ruffalo, all Star Wars are the same.

What a weird way to find out that Mark Ruffalo has watched neither Star Wars nor any Marvel movie

August 12, 2022

Strange way to point out that Mark Ruffalo never got an MCU or Star Wars movie.

mark ruffalo should watch the star wars holiday special bc WHAT.

August 12, 2022

Mark Ruffalo must have just seen the Star Wars Christmas special.

Has Mark Ruffalo never seen the six canonical Star Wars movies. The Force Awakens is the only 1 for 1 rip off of an earlier Star Wars film (not canon).

As for the MCU, they have far more instances of rehashing the same formula.

August 12, 2022

Mark Ruffalo has never seen the first six Star Wars movies. And for the MCU, there’s evidence that they’re still using the same formula.

Mark Ruffalo I love you but you are wrong, Star Wars is superior

August 12, 2022

Mark Ruffalo, I love you but you’re wrong, Star Wars is superior

Mark Ruffalo definitely has not seen Star Wars for him to be saying that. lol

August 12, 2022

Mark Ruffalo has never seen Star Wars to say that

Congrats to Mark Ruffalo for uniting the Star Wars fandom with his shitty take

August 12, 2022

Thanks to Mark Ruffalo for uniting Star Wars fans with his shitty release!

What the f*** does @MarkRuffalo know about star wars cinema!

August 12, 2022

What does Mark Ruffalo know about the fucking Star Wars movies?

These fan debates to determine which is the best between two universes are commonplace on social networks. But the discussion generated by the article by variety did something else: we especially notice many tweets denouncing the exhausting working conditions imposed by Disney on their special effects technicians.

Due to the frenetic pace of film and television releases from Marvel Studios, VFX artists are subjected to dire working conditions and had a major rant in mid-July. And for Internet users, Mark Ruffalo’s remarks about Star Wars and the MCU are simply an attempt by Disney to distract from this issue by creating a fake controversy.

I mean sure, but can’t say I remember when Star Wars took over thousands of cinema screens multiple times a year and demanded so many projects that it abused the VFX artists bringing it to life in the first place.

August 12, 2022

I mean sure, but I can’t say I remember the time when Star Wars occupied thousands of movie screens several times a year, and demanded so many projects that it had to be abused by the VFX artists who brought it to life in the first place.

I thought that Star Wars varying wildly in tone from what people expected was one of the most common criticisms of it.
Either way, I feel like the output question is less “is the quality good” and more “is this worth grinding VFX artists into dust” and so far, no to both imo.

August 12, 2022

I thought one of the most common criticisms of Star Wars was that the tone varies wildly from what people expected. Anyway, I feel that the question of the result is less “is the quality good” than “is it worth grinding VFX artists to dust“and so far, no to both.

What do you think of this debate on the quality of the MCU VS Star Wars ? Should Marvel slow down?

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