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should we see “The World After”? Reviews

JURASSIC WORLD. The latest installment in the dinosaur franchise hits theaters on June 8, 2022. Check out what critics say about Jurassic World: The World After.

[Mis à jour le 9 juin 2022 à 12h28] “Jurassic World 3: The world after” was finally released in cinemas on June 8, 2022. This is the end point to the franchise, launched in 2015 by Colin Trevorrow, but can also be read as an end to “Jurassic Park”, since Sam Neil, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern are back for the occasion. In this new episode, human beings must learn to coexist with dinosaurs, now roaming freely on Earth. But after the mixed successes of the previous part, should we see this new feature film?

The critics French are mixed on the quality of this final episode. For some, the entertainment keeps its promises. Télé Loisirs indeed finds this conclusion “visually striking, mixing spectacle, science, humor, thrill and emotion”, while Le Parisien salutes the work done on dinosaurs. For Le Figaro finally, “this sixth feature film knows how to stay in its place. It is content to be spectacular entertainment without any other philosophical pretension”. The negative reviews point to the writing of the feature film. “The new Jurassic World is weighed down by its mechanical fan service and its weak writing”, lapidates Première, while Le Point is also sharp when it describes the film as “sadly mediocre”. For its part, the regional media La Voix du Nord believes that “the real good ideas” are “poorly exploited”, and that the dinosaurs of the film are far from being as disturbing as those of the first Jurassic Park. “So remember what these animals once embodied. And weep.”

The opinion of American critics on the last Jurassic World

And international critics, what do they think of Jurassic World 3? They are far from conquered. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes currently has 37% positive reviews out of 148 reviews posted. A bad note, therefore, since Time deplores an “overfilled plot which leaves no room for its main attraction: the dinosaurs”. For Indiewire, the film has “no identity, which becomes sadly evident when the franchise’s old protagonists meet the saga’s new heroes.” For Entertainment Weekly, “despite the presence of the original cast, there is surprisingly little chemistry or humor”, judging that the film “rarely succeeds in capturing the magic” of Jurassic Park.

Jurassic World 3 viewer reviews

On, some Internet users have also shared their opinions on “Jurassic World 3: The World After”. And as much to say that the feature film also divides the spectators. For DarkLulu13, it’s “bof bof, a few scenes not bad and nothing more”, while sitanox said he was “pleasantly surprised by this adaptation, it’s a very good film which followed its line and will make a good end of path”. Don’t Waste Your Time assured that the film was “crappy from home, save your time to do something better (it won’t be hard), an opinion shared by Max, a big fan of the saga, who called this third episode of “grand nonsense” You too can give your opinion on Jurassic World 3 by clicking below.

“Jurassic World: The World After” was released in cinemas in France on June 8, 2022. It was unsurprisingly the most viewed film on the day of its release, even if the figures have not yet been revealed. We know, however, that the feature film accumulated 8,483 admissions on 80 prints in Paris and the outskirts at 2 p.m., a purely indicative figure but which gives an idea of ​​the trend of the day. Conversely, the 9h des Halles turned out to be disappointing, since the third part of the saga accumulated 52 admissions for this first session, against 89 for the first film in 2015 and 98 in 2018 for the second episode. The number of admissions during the previews is estimated at 110,000.

film sheet

Synopsis – Four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar, dinosaurs now live on the same land as humans. But which species will succeed in dominating the other? Is a balance possible to find?

  • Chris Prat: Owen Grady
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: Claire Dearing
  • Laura Dern: Ellie Sattler
  • Sam Neil: Alan Grant
  • Jeff Goldblum: Ian Malcolm
  • Omar Sy: Barry Sembene
  • DeWanda Wise: Kayla Watts
  • Mamoudou Athie: Ramsay Cole
  • Isabella Sermon: Maisie Lockwood
  • Campbell-Scott: Lewis Dodgson
  • BD Wong: Dr Henry Wu
  • Justice Smith: Franklin Webb
  • Daniella Pineda: Dr. Zia Rodriguez

In France, the film “Jurassic World 3” has been classified for all audiences. Note, however, that the film has been rated PG-13 in the United States, meaning that parental support is necessary to see the latest installment in the “Jurassic World” franchise. On average in other countries of the world, the film is not recommended for children under 12 years old.

Is Jurassic World 3 the last film in the franchise?

Colin Trevorrow signs the third part of the “Jurassic World” saga. It is also the last installment of this trilogy, since no sequel has been announced. By summoning the protagonists of the first part of “Jurassic Park”, it is also an end point which seems to be looming for the saga featuring the dinosaurs. To the Today Show in May 2022, Chris Pratt confirmed that “Jurassic World: The World After” “was the end of this franchise. I really think it is anyway.”

However, Colin Trevorrow made a contradictory statement in an interview with Variety. The director explained the introduction of Kayla Watts, played by DeWanda Wise, in “Jurassic World: The World After”: “It was important to introduce a new character who could potentially define the future of this franchise. ” What suggest that a spin-off could be dedicated to him? We will have to wait for a more explicit confirmation to know for sure.

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