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series, films and documentaries from May 6 to 12

While subscribers to netflix will finally plunge back into the world of Stranger Things from May 27, the streaming platform invites you to wait with the release of a ton of new releases this week, starting with the action comedy far from the ring road with Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte. Horror lovers will be served this week with 5 horror films not to be missed from Saturday May 7th. And, finally, don’t miss the event documentary Our father to all, which looks back on the astonishing case of a doctor specializing in fertility. A program that is likely to make a lot of noise!

The series

The Sound of Magic (May 6): This Korean drama, starring Choi Sung-eun and Ji Chang-wook, revolves around Yoon Ah-yi, a student abandoned by her parents. Despite the fact that she is busy with her job and her studies, the young woman is still one of the best students in her establishment. But her life changes when she meets a magician, Rieul, who will make her biggest dream come true.

Welcome to Eden (May 6): Zoa and four other people, very active on social networks, receive a mysterious invitation to attend a party on a secret island organized by a brand of drink. Those who accept the invitation begin an exciting adventure, realizing that it will change their lives. Although, little by little, they will also discover that this paradise is not what it seems.

Baraki season 1 (May 7): When he learns that he is going to become a father, Yvan will do everything to become a better version of himself. And to help him, he can count on the unfailing support of the Berthet family.

Workin’ Moms season 6 (May 10): Discover the continuation of the adventures of Kate, who had recently welcomed a young man claiming to be the long-lost son of her husband, Jenny, who had lied about her pregnancy, and Anne. This one will have to face the arrest of her husband after he hit the companion of their daughter.

42 days of darkness (May 11): Inspired by real events, this police thriller, which takes place in a town in Chile, follows Cecilia, a woman in search of Veronica, her missing sister, against the backdrop of a media storm and a police investigation.

Savage Beauty (May 11): To satisfy her revenge, a woman with a tragic past interferes in a powerful family with a global cosmetics empire, but which hides many secrets.

Maverix (May 12): This Australian series revolves around a bunch of daredevil teenagers on a junior motocross team. The latter give the best of themselves to defeat their opponents and triumph.


far from the ring road (May 6): Ten years after their last investigation, Ousmane Diakité (Omar Sy) and François Monge (Laurent Lafitte), two polar opposite police officers, reluctantly reunite their shock duo for a new investigation into a sordid murder which takes them to the Alps.

Thar: the three targets (May 6): This action-thriller is set in a small, isolated town near the desert, rocked by a wave of violent murders. The story follows an antique dealer and a seasoned policeman who will team up to try to find the unknown who is behind this whole series of murders.

Bunker Project 12 (May 7): James Cosmo stars opposite Natasha Alam in this thriller that revolves around an arms dealer who hires mercenaries to kidnap a manufacturer to use him to track down a mysterious weapon hidden in a Soviet bunker.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (May 7): This free adaptation of the video game Detective Pikachu, with Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith and our favorite Chris Geere, tells the story of Tim Goodman, a young student looking for his missing father. During his journey, he is accompanied by a Pikachu that he is the only one who can understand. They can count on the help of Lucy Stevens, an apprentice journalist accompanied by her strange Psyduck.

A haunting at the directory (May 7): Inspired by true events, this film explores the life of a couple who move into the most haunted house in England. Terrible secrets surround their new home… and their marriage.

Conjuring the dead (May 7): In search of a fresh start, a divorced woman moves to a small Welsh village where a sinister clan plans to awaken malevolent spirits.

The Amityville Theater (May 7): After the death of her parents, a teenage girl inherits a strange theater in the infamous Amityville, and discovers that an ominous presence awaits her there.

The last house of cemetery Lane (May 7): After settling in a peaceful town, a screenwriter discovers that the old mansion he lives in contains a supernatural presence as well as terrible secrets.

Theater of fear aka midnight horror show (May 7): A strange family of circus performers put on a mysterious nocturnal show serving as a cover for the sinister work being done behind the scenes.

The Best of Enemies (May 9): Based on the book The Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South by author Osha Gray Davidson, this historical film takes place in the midst of racial segregation. Ann Atwater, a civil rights activist, and CP Ellis, a Ku Klux Klan official, were forced to co-chair a community summit on school desegregation. Discover the birth of an improbable friendship between two completely different people, played by actors Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell.

The documentaries

Stop filming us (May 7): Joris Postema, a Dutch director, collaborates with young Congolese artists who have to deal with the subjectivity of Western reporting and their true culture.

I’m in Love with My Car (May 7): This documentary, directed by Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi, analyzes how the automotive industry has shaped modern society, as well as the long-term impact of cars on the five human senses.

LeavingAfrica (May 7): As one of them prepares to return to Finland, two women talk about their friendship and their fight for sex education and gender equality in Uganda. A documentary not to be missed!

Elon Musk: the Real Life Iron Man (May 7): Discover the story and meteoric rise of Elon Musk, a man who recently bought Twitter for $44 billion!

reflections (May 7): Director Sara Broos takes a close look at the life of Karin Broo. From her tumultuous youth to her rich career, through her complex relationship with her daughters, discover this intimate portrait of this painter respected by her peers.

show dancer (May 7): A once-in-a-lifetime dancer struggles to heal his drug addiction and get his life back after his release from prison.

Our father to all (May 11): Based on a true story that took place in the 80s in the United States, Jacoba Ballard learns through a DNA test that she has seven half-siblings. As she sets out to trace the root of their family tree, she soon discovers the horrifying truth about a fertility doctor.

stand-up shows

Christina P: Mom Genes (May 8): Comedian Christina P examines the joys and sorrows of parenthood, marriage and more through the pragmatic lens of Gen X.

Animated series and films

Marmaduke (May 6): Based on the comic book of the same name by Brad Anderson, this animated film follows a successful dog trainer who challenges himself to transform the craziest and most mischievous dog into the perfect little animal.

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