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series, films and documentaries from June 10 to 16

To face its competitors, netflix never fails to enrich its catalog. And like every week, the streaming platform delights us with many new features that look more enticing than each other. To start with Intimidation, a new Spanish series with actress Itziar Ituno (seen in Money Heist) as a politician whose career is in jeopardy following a scandal. Fans of vampire fiction, don’t miss First Kill, a new Netflix original fiction produced by Emma Roberts. And above all, prepare your tissues to bid farewell to Tommy Shelby and his gang. Another significant novelty of the week: the release of the original series resident Evil, adapted from the video game saga. On the cinema side, discover the poignant dramas The Trees of Peace and patients or even thrillers centauro and Divine wrath.

The series

Peaky Blinders, season 6 (10/06): Bid farewell to Tommy Shelby and his clan in this final season full of twists and turns.

Intimidation (10/06): Find the actress Itziar Ituno in the skin of a politician on the rise whose career is threatened by the release of a sextape recorded without her knowledge. Will she be able to get out of this?

First Kill (06/10): For teenagers Juliette and Calliope, falling in love is complicated. One is a vampire, the other hunts them, and both are ready to kill for the first time.

resident Evil, season 1 (06/15): This series, inspired by the horror franchise, takes place almost thirty years after the detection of the T virus. An epidemic reveals the secrets of the multinational Umbrella Corporation.

Maldives, season 1 (06/15): In an attempt to solve a mystery, a young woman moves into a very chic condominium and meets its residents, who are as eccentric as they are suspicious.

When My Love Blooms, season 1 (06/15): In love when they were young, a man and a woman find themselves in their forties and realize that they have known very different destinies.

Love & Anarchy, season 2 (06/16): In this new season, Sofia, barely divorced, tries to start a new life with Max. But her hopes are quickly shattered when unexpected circumstances lead her to a midlife crisis that will upend her relationship with the young computer scientist.


The Trees of Peace (10/06): Inspired by true events, this film follows four women of different origins forge an unbreakable friendship during their captivity and their escape during the genocide in Rwanda.

Divine wrath (06/15): Convinced that the death of her loved ones was orchestrated by the famous author for whom she worked, Luciana asks a journalist for help to prove her theory.

centauro (06/15): To pay the debt of his son’s mother struggling with a cartel, a Superbike rider becomes a drug courier, risking his chances of becoming pro… and especially his life.

patients (06/15): Victim of a sports accident, a man arrives at a rehabilitation center where a reality awaits him which he will soon take stock of with his care companions.

Heart Parade (06/15): To save her job, a careerist who is afraid of dogs must go to Krakow. There she meets a charming widower, his son… and their four-legged best friend.

The Hollar Family (06/15): When his mother falls ill, an artist about to become a father returns to his hometown and reconnects with his family, between laughter and tears.

In full shock (06/16): On a fateful day, a corrupt businessman and his socialite wife begin a race against time to save their daughter from a notorious criminal.

The documentaries

In the name of mine (06/11): Follow freestyle skier Marie Martinod’s return to the slopes after giving birth. Her goal: to be a medalist at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

From thread to needle (11/06): Follow the exciting year of a group of talented highliners indulging in the joys of tightrope walking and pendulum jumping in the sublime setting offered by the Pyrenees.

Drop It (11/06): From wingsuits to aerial tricks, paralpinists and other extreme jumpers display their creativity and technical prowess by soaring into the void.

Jennifer Lopez: Halftime (06/14): In this intimate documentary, the global star discusses his multifaceted career and all that involves a life spent in the spotlight.

In the Age of Decoys: The Internet of Crime (06/15): Conspiracy. Fraud. Violence. What happens online can become very real. And the consequences are global.

The stand-ups

Pete Davidson Presents The Best Friends (06/13): Surrounded by his friends, Pete Davidson discusses rumors, free air travel and his very strange year on stage during an evening of stand-up and music.

Snoop Dogg’s F*cn Around Comedy Special (06/16): On the occasion of an evening of music and stand-up, Snoop Dogg welcomes his friends on stage, including the legends of humor Katt Williams and Mike Epps.


Iron Chef: Legend Challenges (06/15): In this high-level culinary competition, stars of gastronomy compete to reach the final and win the title of Iron Legend.

Animated series and films

Charlie in sticker country, new season (06/13): Discover fun new stories with Charlie!

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