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SBK 22 is unveiled: trailer, images, release date… All the info! | Xbox One

Milestone has just revealed by surprise the return of the SBK franchise. 10 years after the release of SBK Generations, the studio returns to its first love and presents SBK 22, the new official game of the Motul FIM Superbike World Championship.

First details and release date revealed

The game will feature the riders, bikes, teams and tracks of the 2022 season and promises advanced physics “developed in collaboration with real riders, aiming to achieve an extreme level of simulation in terms of behavior for both the bike and the rider. . »

We imagine that several elements will be taken from the MotoGP franchise since the studio indicates that an immersive career mode, many personalization elements as well as the ANNA AI system will be part of it.

You will find the first images of the game, the trailer as well as the details of the novelties below.

SBK 22 will be a cross-gen game, as it will be released on September 15 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC as well as Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

Milestone and Dorna WSBK Organization Srl are pleased to announce SBK™ 22, an all-new chapter in one of the most iconic and celebrated franchises in the racing gaming landscape. Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Steam, SBK™ 22 will be available on September 15, 2022.

With SBK™ 22, the authentic world of the SBK championship is back, 10 years after the historic last release of SBK Generations, the tenth game in the glorious series developed by Milestone and initiated in 1999 with Superbike World Champion. The game recreates the experience of the Motul FIM Superbike World Championship thanks to the charm of its simulated gameplay and larger than life riders, motorcycles and environments, finally making the dream of the community and fans of the discipline a reality. SBK™ 22 introduces the official 2022 WorldSBK Championship, an immersive and compelling Career mode, the full SBK weekend experience with trials, superpoles and races.

The official WorldSBK 2022 Championship is the perfect replica of the championship events taking place in real life, thanks to the calendar of events, the official roster and the pit environments of the teams highlighted by photorealistic effects and animated character models. Players will test their skills playing with the best drivers and taking on all the competitive circuits of the SBK™ Official containing unpredictable challenges for maximum adrenaline.

SBK™22 aims to recreate an authentic and detailed SBK™ experience, thanks to its advanced physics developed in collaboration with real riders, aiming to achieve an extreme level of simulation in terms of behavior for both the bike and the rider. The immersive Career mode offers many ways to work around riders and motorcycle performance. As you progress through the development trees, players have full control over settings ranging from managing personnel to crafting an advanced bike setup. Personnel management involves hiring different professionals like personnel manager, chief engineer or data analyst.

The development tree is structured into different areas, each requiring a specific number of research points to unlock. These points are acquired passively by engineers or actively by players by performing specific tasks during race weekends.

SBK™ 22 also benefits from improved realistic characteristics, such as tires to be selected from a wide range of Pirelli tires for dry and wet tracks, or fuel management to balance the weight of the bike.

ANNA System, the revolutionary AI system based on neural networks and machine learning, guarantees a tailor-made gaming experience, by intelligently controlling opponents according to their real personality and training them, through the accumulation of data and experience. At the higher level, piloting behaviors are considered human-level skills. The different editors allow players to customize several aspects to ensure a unique experience. Sticker Editor, Helmet Editor and Number & Butt Patch several editors dedicated to pilots and motorcycles are available. The Fiction Team is, on the contrary, entirely focused on creating a totally fictional team with a customizable rendering and style.

SBK™ 22 is even built for epic multiplayer races. Up to 12 players can create online lobbies, where competitions reach a whole new level. The multiplayer stream is customizable by choosing whether or not to add SBKTM’s typical Tissot-Superpole session before the race. In this fully online experience, players have the ability to customize each race with new settings and rules.

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