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release date, Shadow as a villain, casting…

A third Sonic movie is already confirmed, not only by the studio but also by a post-credits scene at the end of Sonic 2.

Spectators who have seen Sonic 2 in the cinema are not surprised to read these words: a third film will be offered, and it should mark the end of Sonic’s adventure. A trilogy therefore, but also a first series on Knuckles and probably projects on Shadow and Dr. Robotnik: the future of Sonic in the cinema is rich!

Sonic 3 (movie) cinema release date

  • No release date is yet known for the movie Sonic 3 in theaters. Paramount studios had mentioned February window 2023but it is not confirmed.

Sonic 2, currently in theaters, was released on March 30, 2022, while Sonic 1 was released in early February 2020. We can therefore detect a pattern chosen by Paramount studios, and imagine a release of Sonic 3 in early 2024 would be more logic ! Whatever, the film is well underway, confirmed and its production has already begun.

While waiting for the release of the next Sonic movie, other projects will be released and will serve to keep fans waiting. We can thus name the Knuckles series as well as rumors about a spin-off between Dr. Robotnik and Tails, not to mention the character of Shadow. The latter is introduced during the post-credit scene of Sonic 2. What make these adaptations of the best versions that we have had so far!

Sonic 2 Post-Credit Scene Teases Next Movie And Shadow

We sincerely hope not to have spoiled the surprise for you, but if you are there: the chances that you’ve seen Sonic 2 in the cinema are great. Shadow, therefore, is quickly introduced at the end of the second film in the Sonic film series, and will be the big bad of the next installment.

However, this third feature film is only in its infancy and no filming scene seems to have been shot. Also, actor Jim Carrey has announced his retirement and will therefore deprive the franchise of his (excellent) character of Dr. Robotnik. Which, moreover, undermines the rumors vis-à-vis a series based on his story!

In short, loosely based on Sega’s video game franchise, the Sonic movies quickly stood on their own and don’t exactly follow the adventures of the story. So it’s hard to imagine the storyline of Sonic 3 just yet.

Sonic 3 the movie: what to expect from the movie? Metal Sonic, Shadow, Dr. Eggman…

The continuation of the adventures of Sonic, Tails and Knuckle will therefore be done with Shadow and surely new characters. One can imagine Metal Sonic, Sonic’s greatest rival in the “mythology” of games.

While no announcement has been made, we know that Shadow will be in the film. This last, black and red hedgehog, is the most successful form of life according to Dr. Robotnik. In the games, he’s never Sonic’s arch-rival, though he doesn’t exactly hold it close to his heart. It is therefore another villain who will be introduced, in order to see an alliance between the 2 hedgehogs.

Thus, and if Dr. Robotnik is doing experiments in the laboratory, one can easily imagine metal sonic.

  • In a recent interview, director of both Sonic movies Jeff Fowler said that “Shadow will be a totally different character“, that he “won’t be another sonic“but that he will rather have”different contrasts of Knucles“.

Otherwise, other characters could also be introduced: Jet, Silver Where Blaze. Let’s wait a few more months and we should have an answer from Paramount studios!

Series on Knuckles and spin-off projects around Sonic

The declaration of the director of Paramount Pictures studios leaves no doubt:

For over three decades, the Sonic the Hedgehog universe and its unique and compelling characters have generated one of the most passionate fanbases around. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Sega and all of our creative partners as we explore additional new avenues to roll out the franchise.

This cooperation will continue with at least one Knuckles series planned on the SVOD Paramount+ streaming platform (not yet released in France, but soon in Canal+ package). The release is dated in 2023 and actor Idris Elba is already attached to the project to voice the character, as in the movie Sonic 2.

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