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As is customary, every year Apple releases new products and this year among them it will appear the iPhone 14.

Credit: Apple

The leakers managed to obtain information before the official launch and a few months before its release, it is already subject to various speculations of all kinds. Price, design, colors, you will immediately know all the information available to date.

What’s new from Apple

Over time, Apple has established itself by innovating with each of its releases. Based on the commercial failure of the iPhone 12 mini, there will be no iPhone 14 mini. On the other hand, on the market, four new devices are expected namely: the iPhone 14 considered (first of the series), the iPhone 14 pro, the iPhone 14 max and the iPhone 14 pro max.

Release date

The iPhone 14 will be officially presented to the world at the start of the school year, during the month of September. It will be during the Apple event that the presentation of the iPhone of the year will take place. Unless there are disruptions, these deadlines will be more or less respected. Pre-orders are available a few days after the official announcement. Shortly after, the devices will be available in sales stores for all to enjoy.

Design of the iPhone 14

The more time passes, the more Apple stagnates on the design side of its devices. No development on the horizon, it was said. But there seems to be something new. Indeed, taking a look at the design of the iPhone 14, we notice that the steel often used for the iPhone chassis would be replaced by titanium. As strong as steel, titanium is lighter, which could help reduce the weight of the new iPhones.

However, titanium is prone to scratches. To overcome this minor defect, Apple would develop a chemical solution that would protect this material. Note that titanium is already used in the manufacture of Apple Watch, except that it costs more than steel.

Another good news would be the removal of the famous notch. Present in the form of width on the iPhone 13, it is destined to disappear. It would be replaced by a punch integrated into the screen, as it is done on Android or in the form of a pill. Another leak announced that Apple would have opted for both options to stand out from the competition. These changes are for iPhone 14 pro only. The iPhone 14 unfortunately retains the base notch.

Some publications claim that the ultra-prominent block and the Lightning charging port (which replaces the USB-C port) are making a big comeback. The volume buttons would become circular.

iPhone 14 screen

The screen of the iPhone 14 is similar to that of previous generations, which still incorporate an LTPS panel with a refresh rate of 60Hz. While the iPhone 14 pro would be entitled to an LTPO screen with the same 120Hz refresh rate. The screens of the iPhones 14 and 14 pro are 6.1 inches and those of the iPhones 14 max and 14 pro max are 6.7 inches.

For this edition, there will be no fingerprint reader under the screen in memory of Touch ID. Biometric authentication of users will still be done through Face ID. Hope is also placed in the availability of such technology on the iPhone 15.

Expected iPhone 14 performance

The iPhone 14 will not be equipped with a 3nm engraved part, a priori. The supplier TSMC is seriously behind schedule, which makes it impossible to present a 3nm A16 Bionic SoC in September 2022. The number of 3nm chips is insufficient given the millions of copies sold each year by Apple. Usually, the nodes are ready in the spring, in April or even, in May. In the end, the first smartphones that will be equipped with a 3nm chip are Android. This will be done by the ticket of the Qualcomm SoC manufactured by Samsung which intends to get a facelift.

The architecture of the A16 Bionic will then be identical to that of the A15 with its 5nm+ chip. Slight improvements will be visible in terms of performance and an evolution in processor cores. The CPU of Apple chips has six cores: two powerful cores for heavy-duty tasks and four modest cores for basic tasks.

The A16 Bionic would thus bring a performance gain of around 20%. The RAM of all iPhone 14 is the same, 6GB. However, the iPhone 14 and 14 max will use LPDDR4X memory, unlike the iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro max which will be integrating the new LPDDR5 memory.

Apple pushes its limits and offers 2 TB of internal storage. This addition of space will only be confined to the iPhone 14 pro. The iPhone 14, on the other hand, remains with internal storage of around 1 TB.

Battery life of the iPhone 14

The new 5G Wi-Fi chip engraved by TMSC would allow the iPhone 14 to have better autonomy than the iPhone 13. Less energy-consuming than these predecessors, this component would allow Apple to increase the autonomy of the iPhone 14 Also, the iPhone 14 is just the introduction of a new accessory that Apple plans to launch soon.

The iPhone 14, the future king of photography?

With the iPhone 14 your photos will be on another level thanks to the main module of 48 MP compared to that of 12 MP usually presented on the old models. As a result, you will only take high definition photos. This is a delight for professionals who can easily edit and print without losing the quality of the photos.

Have you ever thought about taking 8K videos? If so, know that this will be possible with the iPhone 14. However, to obtain sharp and bright shots, it will be necessary to combine pixel-binning technology and its 12 MP photo capture.

Connection with iPhone 14

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 14 would be compatible with the Wi-Fi 6 E standard. Wi-Fi 6 E stands out for its spectrum extended to the 6 GHz band (between 5945 and 6425 MHz) with higher speeds lower latency. The iPhone 14 is inevitably compatible with 5G.

Apple could refuse to associate SIM cards with the iPhone 14. For September 2022, the launch of iPhone eSIM is planned, a date which coincides with the launch of the iPhone 14.

iOS 16 and iPhone 14

The air of change arrives with iOS 16. This update will not be available on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and even less on the first iPhone SE. No need to wait for September to have more information. Most information could be shared in June during the Worldwide Developers Conference

iPhone 14 price

The brand plans to offer a price accessible to all, i.e. 1029 € in France after conversion and addition of VAT. According to several analysts, it is a price that would be subject to increase after reconsideration of several parameters.

iPhone 14 with pen?

In this article, you are presented with hypotheses, sometimes extrapolations on what could be presented during the next Apple event in September 2022. On certain publications of technical and financial analysts, we see a possible major addition to the iPhone 14: the iPhone Pencil.

Will you really find this gadget when buying? Chances are it will come to fruition as much as there seems to be none. However, some Apple users are raving about the news and are already thinking about what they could do with the iPhone Pencil.


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