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Predator: we have classified all the films of the franchise

The release of “Prey” on Disney+ is an opportunity to look into the “Predator” franchise. From the worst filth to the most beautiful massacre, discover our ranking of films about the monster created by Jim and John Thomas, which owes its design to Stan Winston.

This Friday, August 5, 2022, the Predator arrives on Disney+ with Prey. This is the seventh feature film in which the intergalactic hunter has appeared since 1987, if we count the two crossover where he competes with the famous xenomorph. Cinematographic adventures that have not always been glorious, ranging from masterpieces to grotesque nanar. Here is our ranking of each of his appearances:

7 – Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (Greg and Colin Strause, 2007)

For its twentieth anniversary, the Predator offers itself a second round against the eighth passenger with Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. A project neither done nor to be donewhich is by far the worst episode of the two franchises, not even embracing its nanaard and comic potential as had been able to do Freddy versus Jason a few years earlier.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem ©20th Century Studios

However, all the elements were brought together to offer a brainless and enjoyable spectacle to the public: stupid characters from a small town in Colorado, an arrival on Earth where a child is not spared and above all the presence of a Predalien, announced at the end ofAlien vs. predator. Unfortunately, the set-up is much too long and disinterest in survivors is total. A slasher that is neither funny, nor scary, nor disgusting, and which never does justice to the work of Ridley Scott, James Cameron and John McTiernan.

6 – Predators (Nimrod Antal, 2010)

Several individuals wake up in free fall before landing in a forest. They discover very quickly that they are mostly experienced killers and that they have been sent to another planet for a particular confrontation. Adrien Brody, Alice Braga, Topher Grace and Mahershala Ali form the squad for this feature film, the main novelty of which is to chase multiple aliens simultaneouslya first in the official saga after their brief appearance together at the end of Predator 2.

Predators ©20th Century Studios

taking themselves way too seriously and sometimes flirting with the ridiculous, especially during the freewheeling appearances of Laurence Fishburne or ignoble quadrupeds, Predators loses its spectator in a landscape similar to that of the first opus, with a team armed to the teeth modeled on that of Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Drawing from its main reference but also from Aliens, the return, the film is an anecdotal industrial product devoid of charm.

5 – Alien vs. predator (Paul W. S. Anderson, 2004)

Released a year later Freddy versus Jason, Alien vs. predator is another match between two horror figures. An obviously mercantile concept but which has several advantages: a scientific expedition to Antarctica which turns into a nightmare, the discovery of an underground pyramid, the presence of a cryogenized Alien queen but also of Lance Henriksen, who lends his features to the extremely wealthy Charles Bishop Weyland.

Alien vs.  predator
Alien vs. predator ©20th Century Studios

So many promises for such a disappointing result. Apart from its friendly and original settingwhich wedges its characters like those of The Thingthe film sorely lacking in generositycarefully avoiding hemoglobin one-upmanship and going so far as to propose an unlikely alliance in its last act, which makes the Predator a little too sympathetic and takes it away from one of its main characteristics: to compete with all the others. species.

4 – The Predator (Shane Black, 2018)

Marked by a chaotic production and by the deletion of numerous sequences at the editing table (causing in particular the total disappearance of the character of Edward James Olmos), The Predator suffers froma risky narration and sometimes disastrous ellipses.

The Predator
The Predator ©20th Century Studios

However, Shane Black’s brat mindscreenwriter of The lethal Weapon and D’Goodbye forever, is felt in the feature film and in its protagonists embodied by Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn or even Trevante Rhodes, marginalized lit in charge of fighting a gigantic genetically improved extraterrestrial. Deliberately grotesque (the Predator Dogs !), featuring brutal sequences (the executions in the science lab) and several memorable sacrifices, The Predator deserves a second chance.

3 – Prey (Dan Trachtenberg, 2022)

With Prey, Dan Trachtenberg takes the opposite direction from Shane Black. He goes back in time to offer a sober and effective return to the roots of the franchise, in 18th century America. The hunter lands here in Comanche territory, where young Naru (Amber Midthunder, the film’s revelation) wants to prove that she is a brave warrior to her tribe.

Prey ©20th Century Studios

Convinced that a new evil is trying to invade their land, she sets out to find it in this opus which always goes to the essentials, a quality that is increasingly rare in today’s big productions. Neat, presenting an ultra-charismatic heroine and offering a relevant new appearance to the Predator, which has less advanced weapons here than in the other installments, Prey is a nice surprise. An episode which however still suffers from the comparison with the initial feature film, which it tries to get closer to and takes up the structure to integrate it into a different context. (Read our review HERE)

2 – Predator 2 (Stephen Hopkins, 1990)

Released three years after the first film, Predator 2 is probably the sequel that deviates the most while respecting the characteristics of the creature. After the Central American jungle invested by John McTiernan, Stephen Hopkins sends the beast to have fun in a gigantic urban playground just as sticky : Los Angeles.

Predator 2
Predator 2 ©20th Century Studios

While the city is set on fire and blood by a gang war, Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) must also face a new threat. Violent, moist and bringing together a prestigious cast also composed of Bill Paxton, María Conchita Alonso, Rubén Blades and Gary Busey, Predator 2 is a generous blockbuster, which never rests on the contributions of its predecessor.

1 – predator (John McTiernan, 1987)

Unsurprisingly, John McTiernan’s feature film is still at the top of the rankings. Classic of survival, predator really gives the viewer the feeling of being immersed in a hostile environment. Aware that the jungle is extremely hard to film, the director uses the loss of bearings it causes to give the impression that the characters advance towards nothing but their deathwhile the hunter observes them quietly from the top of the trees.

Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) – predator ©20th Century Studios

Sequence of anthology sequences totally assuming their outrageous side, from the handshake between Dutch and Dillon (Carl Weathers) to the overpowering cry of Arnold Schwarzenegger, passing by the destruction of the camp, the feature film is an absolute reference of the action film. Not hesitating to demolish its basic concept (a group of fearsome mercenaries comes to carry out an “easy” mission) and to eliminate most of its characters in a few minutes, predator turns into a tense duel between his hero and his monster. Unbeatable.

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