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Politics – Legislative elections 2022 « Montceau News

Communicated :

“After the result of the presidential elections electing Emmanuel Macron as President of the Republic for the next five years, on June 12 and 19, 2022 you will have to vote to elect your five deputies for Saône et Loire. Many of you are far from satisfied with this situation and do not see how your situation will improve during this quinquennium.

One thing is certain, with the establishment of the “new” Borne government which tries to make us believe that they intend to do otherwise with the same but in different positions, the tone is set for the next term. Nothing will be social!

For some of you, the question arises of not repeating the error of the presidential elections which brought Emmanuel Macron as president despite nearly 70% of French men and women who did not want it.

For years, and more particularly since Sarkozy, the liberal political parties to the extreme right have undermined the world of work and have never ceased to oppose each other, sometimes by opposing civil servants to citizens, sometimes by stigmatizing immigrants (Sarkozy 2012 “it was necessary to degrease the mammoth” and “clean the suburbs with a karcher” but for what result? Destroyed public services, dying hospitals, schools that are closing, telephone platforms to replace tax services , family allowances etc, where it is more than complicated to find a contact to meet our needs.

Attacks on the Labor Code (El Khomri law, Macron law, etc.), pension reforms (Touraine reform, retirement at age 62, etc.), the increasingly unequal distribution of wealth, the destruction and the creeping privatization of public services promotes division and serves as a springboard for the xenophobic, nationalist and sexist ideas of the French far right.

No voice for the liberals and the extreme right.
After having destroyed the public services, it would seem, according to the extreme right, that the problem in our country would be immigration, but what are we talking about?
The official figure in our country is 230,000 migrants per year, of which 120,000 (constant figure) are posted workers such as truck drivers or construction workers, while at the same time 500,000 French people work abroad in uranium mines to fuel our nuclear power plants, in iron mines, on oil wells or even closer in neighboring countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium or Germany. Of these 230,000, 80,000 are students who often pass through our schools at the end of their studies to perfect their French, while French people go to England for the same purpose. You don’t need to have studied extensively to understand that we are talking about 30,000 migrants who reach France each year, some of whom are just passing through to reach England.
Do not make the mistake of confusing migration and foreigner with people who were born in our local maternities like their parents and sometimes even their grandparents.

The CGT claims and demands a better sharing of work and wealth. The right to work enshrined in the Constitution stipulates that “Everyone has the duty to work and the right to obtain employment”.
To combat the effects of the current crisis borne by employees, the CGT is proposing a series of immediate measures:

– Freezing of the prices of basic necessities and energy
– Blocking of rents
– Prohibition of any economic dismissal

Proposals to live with dignity from your work:

– The CGT demands the transition to the 32-hour week to work less, work better and work for everyone.
– The CGT demands an increase in the minimum wage to 2000 euros gross / month, a general increase in wages, pensions and social minima. The current economic context with inflation at more than 5% highlights the urgency of this claim.
– The CGT demands the right to retirement for all at age 60 and the repeal of the Touraine reform relating to the contribution period.
– The CGT, attached to the socialized salary, a necessary condition for the existence and financing of our Social Security
– The CGT demands the end of exemptions from employers’ social security contributions which endanger social protection.
– The CGT claims a genuine industrial policy, a sector that will create direct and induced jobs. The CGT in the territories carries projects for so-called short sectors, guaranteeing industrial sovereignty and the consideration of ecological issues. The CGT is also fighting to give priority to rail freight, which would help industrial recovery.

For the CGT, we must concern ourselves with the real issues, increase in the minimum wage and wages, retirement at 60, maintenance of purchasing power, reduction of working time for a better sharing with those who do not have any, defend our social security and public services etc

June 12 and 19, everyone at the polls to improve our daily lives and for social progress”

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