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Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple release date revealed

Latest trailer shows off new Pokemon and more

London, UK, June 1, 2022. The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo today announced that the games Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple were due out on November 18, 2022. New Pokémon were also revealed in a never-before-seen trailer posted on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

Digital pre-orders are already available on Nintendo eShop.

Covers revealed

The new legendary Pokémon of these opuses, Koraidon and Miraidon, appear on the covers of the physical versions of the games. The logos feature an embossed effect evoking the two Legendary Pokémon. These jackets echo the covers of old books opening on a new story, ready to be lived.

The multiplayer mode

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple are the first open-world role-playing games in the main Pokémon series. Not only will it be possible to enjoy the series’ emblematic activities, such as Pokémon exchanges and battles, but also to explore the different locations of the region with a maximum of 4 players.

New characters and Pokémon

Professor Olim and Professor Turum

For the first time in the history of the main Pokémon series, a different teacher will appear depending on the version of the game. Players will meet Olim in Pokemon Scarlet and Turum in Pokemon Purple. Each professor conducts research into enigmatic aspects of the region’s history.


Menzi is a friend with a radiant personality. She is bursting with energy and is passionate about Pokémon battles. She’s an experienced and trustworthy Pokémon Trainer who will also serve as your guide. Several Pokémon never seen before can be crossed over the course of the adventure, such as the three Pokémon presented below, which are also part of the Menzi team.


In addition to the electric pouches on his cheeks, Pohm has pads on his front paws that are used to project electricity. He generates electricity by rubbing his cheeks, then electrocutes his opponents by touching them with his pads. Its fur effectively protects it from the cold and also serves to store electricity. When nervous, this cautious Pokémon rubs its cheeks and prepares to send out an electric shock.

  • Category: Pokemon Mouse
  • Type: Electric
  • Size: 0.3m
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Abilities: Statik / Nature Medic


Gourmelet uses his developed sense of smell to search for food. He eats exclusively the most fragrant wild herbs and the most succulent Berries. Due to its eating habits, its body smells of weeds that Bug Pokémon loathe. When he is surprised by an enemy attack, Gourmelet rushes forward in disaster.

At first glance, his body appears to be made of fat, but in reality, it’s mostly made up of muscle developed through his constant search for food.

  • Category: Pokémon Swine
  • Type: Standard
  • Size: 0.5m
  • Weight: 10.2kg
  • Talents: Aroma-Veil / Gluttony


The oil secreted on the top of its head has a strong bitter taste and is inedible.

When he is surprised or attacked, Olivini projects this oil which has the effect of slowing down his opponents. He then takes this opportunity to escape.

Through photosynthesis, Olivini converts nutrients into oil which it stores in the fruit that tops its head. Thus, he can last a week without eating or drinking. It does best in dry, warm places and seems to spend its days sunbathing.

  • Category: Pokemon Olive
  • Type: Grass / Normal
  • Size: 0.3m
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Skill: Morning

New information about starter Pokémon

New information about the first Pokémon partners, Poussacha, Chochodile and Coiffeton, has been revealed. Players will have to choose one of them before setting off on an adventure.


This temperamental and attention-hungry Pokémon tends to sulk when its Trainer shows affection to another Pokémon.

When Poussacha rubs her front paws, they give off a sweet smell that fascinates the beings around. This smell has therapeutic virtues and deprives opponents of the will to fight. The composition of its silky coat is close to that of plants and allows it to create energy by absorbing the rays of the sun. This Pokémon washes its fur regularly to prevent it from drying out and to promote photosynthesis.

  • Category: Pokémon Cat Plant
  • Type: Plant
  • Size: 0.4m
  • Weight: 4.1kg
  • Talent: Fertilizer


Chochodile is laid back by nature and likes to go at her own pace. He loves to eat and when he spots food, he rushes at it, his eyes sparkling.

It produces Fire-type energy from the heat absorbed by the rectangular scales that cover its belly and back. Its scales are always warm, and sometimes become hot. The overflow of Fire-type energy it produces escapes from its head in the form of flames. When Chochodile is over-excited, the flames that flicker on his head multiply.

  • Category: Pokemon Croco Fire
  • Type: Fire
  • Size: 0.4m
  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Talent: Inferno


This Pokémon has a serious temperament and scrupulously follows its Trainer. He likes cleanliness and particularly hates getting his head dirty.

Its feathers secrete a shiny-looking gel that repels water and dirt. He slicks the feathers back on his head with a rich, moist cream. When they dry out, these feathers become shaggy. Coiffeton has powerful legs that allow it to swim without difficulty, even when the current is strong. In combat, he chained his paws at full speed to defeat his opponents.

  • Category: Pokémon Duckling
  • Type: Water
  • Size: 0.5m
  • Weight: 6.1kg
  • Skill: Torrent

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