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Panasonic launches a new range of OLED TVs

At CES, Panasonic unveiled its OLED LZ2000, a high-end television. The Japanese brand has today revealed its entire premium OLED and Core LED range. There are screens ranging from 42 to 77 inches.

The 2022 range offers new features on its screens such as the Game Control Board, which will allow you to play directly on your television with low latency. The new Panasonic televisions will, in addition to this, be equipped with HDMI 2.1, which will offer better gaming quality.

Like the previous screens, these new OLED models will also feature color adjustments from Stefan Sonnenfled, who is the founder and CEO of Company 3, an American post-production company. The LX940 series LED models will be equipped with the HCX Pro AI processor and will support automatic temperature management to provide brightness adapted to the environment in which the television is located. OLED displays also adapt to Netflix’s Adaptive Calibrated Mode.

Improvements to the OLED range

As for the OLED range, it includes 4 different models, available in several sizes:

  • The LZ2000 television (available in 77, 65 and 55 inches)
  • The LZ1500 television (available in 65, 55, 48 and 42 inches)
  • The LZ1000 television (available in 65 and 55 inches)
  • The LZ980 television (available in 65, 55, 48 and 42)

These various OLED televisions are equipped with a 2022 panel. There is the “Master OLED Pro” version for the LZ2000 and LZ1500 (except the 42 and 48-inch models) and the “Master OLED for the LZ1000 model. The 42 and 48 inch screens of the LZ1500 and LZ980 will have to make do with an “OLED” configuration.

Panasonic has continued to improve the development of its OLED panels by making them brighter for its different modes: “True Cinema”, “Cinema”, Filmmaker” and “Professional”. Thanks to the HCX Pro AI processor, the screens will have greatly improved color levels for blues.

Improved Core LED range

Regarding the Core LED range of new Panasonic televisions, there are 2 models, available in 5 sizes:

  • The LX940 LED TV (available in 75, 65, 55, 49 and 43 inches)
  • The LX800 Core LED TV (available in 75, 65, 55, 50 and 43 inches)

If you are a sports and gaming fan, these screens are probably for you. Equipped with the HCX Pro AI (for the LX940) and HCX (for the LX800) processors, the Core LED series offers superb colors and contrasts. The “HDR Cinema Display” and “Bright Panel Plus” features will allow you to adjust the brightness of your Core LED screens according to the surrounding environment.

Improved gaming experience

Panasonic’s “Game Mode Extreme” brings several improvements to Panasonic’s OLED and LED TVs. Equipped with HDMI 2.1, they guarantee a high frame rate for a better gaming experience. They also have a variable refresh rate (VRR) at 120 Hz and 4k resolution.

When you enable VRR, you will have a synchronization of the rhythm of images between your television and your console between the television and the console, making the image quality smoother and more realistic. The new “Game Control Board” feature brings all game settings and information together in one place. It also allows a game overlay offering players the possibility of not leaving their current game to access the settings. You can program access to this control panel directly on your remote control using the customizable “my App” button.

The game control panel will allow you to access the following features in real time:

  • “Information” where you will find all game information like frame rate, HDR metadata and color downsampling.
  • “Dark Visibility Enhancer” which allows you to adjust the dark parts of certain images
  • “HDR Tonemap” which indicates the current HDR tone mapping settings, including “Off” (game console handles tone mapping), “On” (TV handles tone mapping) or “Dynamic” ( the TV analyzes the incoming images in real time and produces dynamic tone mapping, scene by scene, even if the source is static and HDR)
  • “Input Lag and VRR” which allows the display and adjustment of these parameters
  • “Viewing Mode” which gives you the possibility to change the viewing mode in real time and see the effect directly in order to select the appearance you prefer

Panasonic is also offering speed improvements on its new TVs. 60Hz refresh mode reduces latency and input lag for OLED TVs. By being AMD FreeSync Premium 2022 certified, Panasonic guarantees a smooth gaming experience for OLED TVs and the LX940 series. The latter is also equipped with a fast 120Hz display that will provide double speed conversion, ideal for gamers who need a low latency experience.

Image quality optimized according to the surrounding environment

These new televisions are equipped with sensors detecting the ambient brightness of the environment in which you are in order to adapt the colors and contrasts of the television according to this. Ideal especially when looking at the screen at night.

It’s Panasonic’s Auto AI mode that makes this feature possible. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the content watched is identified in order to automatically optimize the quality of the image and sound.

The HCX Pro AI chip will preserve the colors we are familiar with, with the aim of ensuring a more natural image.

Panasonic also offers Adaptive Control that supports Netflix’s Adaptive Calibrated Mode for automatic image processing based on ambient light. Available in the range of OLED televisions, the calibrated mode makes it possible to offer an image quality faithful to Hollywood for streaming content. The mode reproduces a “Master Monitor” image quality, especially used by Netflix directors in post-production.

Improved cinematic quality

All televisions in the OLED range benefit from the technical precision of Panasonic and the skills of Stefan Sonnenfeld. He is known in particular for his skills as a colorist, applied to many famous feature films of the last decade. In his work, he uses Panasonic OLED screens as large format reference monitors. Indeed, these televisions are used in studios and post-production houses.

Audio performance

The displays feature an all-in-one 360° Soundscape audio package to deliver immersive Dolby Atmos audio experiences. On top of that, the LZ2000 OLED TV provides directional sound. Multiple built-in speaker units produce spatial sound. This model also features the new advanced “Front Array Speaker” speaker system that delivers accurate sound by aiming it. The 55 and 65-inch models in the OLED LZ1500 range feature a sound system called “Dynamic Cinema Surround Pro”, Dolby Atmos compatible offering good audio performance at the bass level. The LZ1500 series (except 65 and 55 inches), LZ1000, and the LZ980 are equipped with the “Cinema Surround Pro” system, also integrating Dolby Atmos. Finally, the LX940 range integrates the “Cinema Surround” function and the LX800 is equipped with the advanced “Surround Sound” function.

Compatibility and features

The 2022 OLED range as well as the LX940 LED model feature the latest version of Panasonic’s smart TV OS, “My Home Screen 7.0”. It supports all major video streaming services. Panasonic also offers the LX800 LED Android TV which offers many entertainment options. The new version “My Home Screen 7.0 OS” is much more advanced in terms of accessibility. It allows users to view all settings from the quick menu. The new accessibility menu also offers a variety of useful functions. Voice control, audio descriptions, dialogue enhancement and subtitles for the hearing impaired are easy to set up.

From the LX940 model, all Panasonic televisions are equipped with “Penta Tuner Original”. This offers five different options for advanced broadcast reception. These options include DVB-C (cable reception), DVB-S (via satellite), DVB-T (traditional external/internal antenna), IPTV and IPTV, which does not require a server. This feature allows you to be more flexible in choosing where to place the TV in your home. In a way, Panasonic TV will guide users to ease the installation process.


  • LZ1500 TV model: Available in July 2022 (except the 42 inch which will only be available in October)
  • LZ1000 TV model: Available September 2022
  • LZ980 TV model: Available in July 2022 (except 42 inches which will only be available in October)
  • LX800 TV model: Available September 2022

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