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Netflix: what movies to watch in June 2022? – Cinema news

AlloCiné tells you which films are coming to Netflix in June 2022. Mark your calendars!

The unavoidable

June 17: Spiderhead

While his Top Gun: Maverick has just been released in cinemas, Joseph Kosinski is preparing to unveil another film, directly on Netflix therefore: Spiderhead.

Carried by Chris Hemsworth, who had already made the heyday of the platform with Tyler Rake, and one of Kosinski’s favorite actors, Miles Teller, this psychological thriller focuses on an ultramodern penitentiary run by a brilliant visionary in which the detainees wear a surgical device that administers doses of mind-altering drugs in exchange for a reduced sentence.

But when two subjects form a connection, their path to redemption takes a more winding turn, as the experiments of the mad scientist played by the interpreter of Thor begin to push the limits of free will.

June 8: The Top of the Basket

Between two schoolboy comedies (Sandy Wexler, Murder Mystery…), Adam Sandler is used to filming in remarkable dramas (The Meyerowitz Stories, Uncut Gems…) on the platform. His next film, The Top of the Basket, is rather one of those.

Produced in particular by LeBron James, the film follows a recruiter of basketball players in decline who spots a phenomenal sportsman but with a stormy past in Spain. Against the advice of his team, he brings him to the United States to prove that he is worthy of the NBA. Also starring Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall and Ben Foster.


June 3: Interceptor

A few days before the release of Spiderhead with Chris Hemsworth on the platform, it is his wife, Elsa Pataky (seen in the saga Fast & Furious), who will be the headliner of a muscular action film in which she will give the reply to Luke Bracey (Holidate).

She plays a US Army lieutenant who must use her years of military expertise to save humanity when sixteen nuclear missiles are launched at the United States, and a violent coordinated attack simultaneously threatens her interceptor post. remote missiles.

June 14: Jennifer Lopez: Halftime

Intimate documentary on the performer of hits like Jenny from the Block Where Let’s Get LoudJennifer Lopez: Halftime looks at the multi-faceted career of the singer and actress as well as all that a life spent in the spotlight entails.

A large part of the feature film is devoted to the performance of the artist alongside Shakira during the halftime show of the Super Bowl 2020. An event in which the stars of the song all dream of participating!

The program of the month

All the other releases of the month

June 1: The infernal Montparnasse Tower (catalogue)

June 1: The Secret World of Emojis (catalogue)

June 1: Robin Hood (catalogue)

June 1: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (catalogue)

June 1: Lolo (catalogue)

June 1: Akira (catalogue)

June 1: A Family for Hire (catalogue)

June 1: K-19 Widowmaker (catalog)

June 1: The Last House on the Left (catalogue)

June 1: The Florida Project (catalogue)

June 1: The Price to Pay (catalogue)

June 1: Barbecue (catalogue)

June 1: The Scorpion King 3: Eye of the Gods (catalog)

June 1: Sudden Death (catalogue)

June 1: The Nightmare Before Christmas (catalog)

June 1: Don’t Let Go (catalogue)

June 1: Shadow of Evil (catalogue)

June 6: Tomorrow (catalogue)

June 8: The Gladbeck Hostage Taking

June 10: Trees of Peace

June 15: Patients (catalogue)

June 15: Loving (catalogue)

June 15: Centauro

June 15: Heart Parade

June 15: Divine Wrath

June 16: Kabuki: Toma Ikuta takes up the challenge

June 16: In full shock

June 17: Silenced: The Martha Mitchell Effect

June 19: Le Daim (catalogue)

June 19: Civil: Ben Crump in the service of justice

June 20: The Cataclysm of Love

June 22: Love & Gelato

June 22: Black Snake: The Legend of the Black Snake (catalog)

June 24: The Man From Toronto

June 24: Glamor Girls

June 28: Blasted: The Aliens or Us!

June 29: Beauty

June 30: Spider-Man: Next Generation (catalog)

June 30: Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy

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