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Netflix gives filming news for 3 of its most anticipated series

If you are a fan of The Witcher, You and Alice in Borderlandthen you’ll be happy to know that the next seasons of these three shocking Netflix original series are well and truly in production, as the platform recently announced by sharing some set images.

To say that Netflix has changed the way we consume series is an understatement. While the programs offered on the small screen are broadcast at the rate of one or even two episodes per week, the original creations of the streaming giant always arrive in one go, with the entire season put online the day of the exit. Result: we devour them in no time! There is of course a pleasurable side to binge-watchingthe fact of not having to wait to be able to chain the episodes in a week, a weekend, or even a single day for the shortest formats and (especially) the most addicted spectators… But the other side of the coin, while we tend to always want more, it’s because once a whole season has been consumed, we then have to be particularly patient until the next one.

And here again, the red N platform differs from traditional television channels, which have a very specific schedule and broadcast their programs at the same times from one year to the next. Netflix is ​​not always set like clockwork. In return, however, in the face of viewers always anxious to know when the new seasons of her original series will be released, she regularly gives them news. This is how the streaming giant recently gave updates of three of its flagship programs.

The Witcher: Netflix shares a first photo from the set of season 3

Let’s start with one of the biggest projects of the platform that makes TUDUM, its famous adaptation of a great video game franchise: The Witcher. An instant phenomenon since its release at the end of 2019, the series worn by Henry Cavill in the skin of the famous Witcher quickly found its audience. Problem, this fantasy program being a real super-production, the wait is particularly long between two seasons. A little because of the health crisis it must be said, the second did not appear on Netflix until two years after the first, at the end of last year. And as much to say that the fans have already binge-watched its 8 episodes a while ago, stamping their feet with impatience to discover the rest of the story.

If we will have to wait a little longer, the good news is that the filming of season 3 of The Witcher debuted recently, as we learned from Netflix on April 4 via a social media post. “The family is reunited again“, commented the platform in a message accompanying a nice behind-the-scenes photo, where we see, from the back, Anya Chalotra alias Yennefer, Ciri played by Freya Allan, and Geralt de Riv still in the guise of Henry Cavill. They are all three settled in their filming chairs, in costumes, right in the middle of a snowy plain… We can already see ourselves there.

You: the shooting of season 4 has started, in London…

Another big success of the N rouge platform, in a completely different genre. It intrigues as much as it makes uncomfortable: Joe Goldberg, the stalker murderer of You, has also been able to rally many viewers to his cause. Finally, you know what we mean… This other Netflix original series has tortured its fans as much as The Witcher his own, knowing that almost two years also passed between seasons 2 and 3 – again, this “slight” delay was due to the pandemic, which had put many shoots on hold at its peak. After finally being able to discover how Joe had adapted to his new life, more or less tidy with his wife, at least as disturbed as him, many are now eager to discover the rest.

Once again, it was via social media that Netflix broke news of its deliciously twisted thriller series: on April 1, the platform shared a photo showing actor Penn Badgley on set. As this one sports a new beard, and sits next to a pile of novels suggesting that our favorite psychopath is just as keen on reading as ever, there’s one more interesting detail that stands out from this shot… set again for season 4 of You : After moving from New York to Los Angeles, Joe Goldberg finds himself… in London!

Alice in Borderland: end clap on the filming of season 2, scheduled for 2022

There are those who had seen this Japanese series before, and those who discovered it after the phenomenon Squid Game. Be that as it may, the two being often compared knowing that they tell of larger than life games where elimination is synonymous with death, many are those who agree thatAlice in Borderland is much better than its South Korean counterpart. While the latter has also offered a certain renewed interest in this manga adaptation, fans can no longer wait for the sequel, the first season dating from the end of 2020… But Netflix has again assured it recently : she comes. The filming of season 2 is even complete, as the platform announced through a short video to celebrate:

You can find the whole cast ofAlice in Borderland, or at least those who survived the first season… Nijiro Murakami, who plays one of the most stylish characters in the series, Chishiya, said he was delighted to have been able to reunite with his colleagues. For his part, the hero of the show, Kento Yamazaki alias Arisu, promises that this new season will be even more ambitious than the previous one. “Every day we were shooting big scenes“, he affirms in fact, before estimating: “The world of the series is more expansive than ever.” “Each plan is very rich“, adds Tao Tsuchiya, the interpreter of Usagi, who assures that this season 2 will be (literally) explosive. “The first season was great, but the second goes even further. I think people will love it“, even advances Sho Aoyagi, still made up of blood for his role of Aguni on the set … If the release date has not yet been communicated, Netflix ensures that this season 2 ofAlice in Borderland will arrive “soon” on the platform, also giving a small encouraging indication: it will be for 2022, that’s for sure.

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