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Netflix: France vs USA, less films and series in the catalog and should you take a VPN?

This article was updated on 04/03 with a selection of films and series available on Netflix US, but not in France.

Did you know ? The Netflix France offer is less dense than the American version of service. However, is it wise to equip yourself with a VPN to compensate? Even though the tricolor catalog is enough to satisfy the majority, some may be tempted to want more… Here is our opinion on the issue to help you decide.

About 5600 moviesseries, documentaries and cartoons in the Netflix France catalog, almost 6000 contents on the american version of the platform of streaming. The numbers are irrevocable. So why such a difference and what content are we talking about exactly?

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Different catalogs: why?

These are not the original creations of the SVoD service (Stranger Things, The Crown, Sex Education…) in question, but many productions for which it has acquired the broadcasting rights for a given period, often several years. To do this, the Reed Hastings firm signs licensing agreements.

In general, the deals are negotiated locally with those who hold these same licenses in the various countries concerned. Take the example of the famous series dexter. In the United States, Netflix had entered into an agreement with the Showtime channel (ViacomCBS) to broadcast the show. An agreement which has since ended today, and the series is no longer available in the catalog across the Atlantic.

Dexter, hero of the series of the same name.

In France, on the other hand, it is more complicated. In 2017, Showtime signed an exclusive contract with Canal+ for at least ten programs, including dexter. As a result, the Reed Hastings firm cannot offer the series in its French offer. dexter is not an isolated case and other quality content is in the same case.

The list is quite long and contains some very popular content like The Lord of the Rings, Broadchurch, NCIS, The attack of the Titans or even four parts of the adventures of Indiana Jones.

But do these differences in the catalog justify subscribing to a VPN to access the American version of the SVoD platform?

A VPN for Netflix USA, or not?

As a reminder, the use of a virtual private network allows you to avoid the geographical blocking of your IP address by connecting to a foreign server. In the case of Netflix USA, you will therefore obtain an American IP address. Before taking the plunge, several points should be considered:

  • Will the virtual private network only be used for stream the SVoD platform? If so, be aware that films and series are far from always available in French.
    Same observation on the side of the subtitles, English speakers will be able to activate the subtitles in the language of Shakespeare, but not necessarily in that of Molière. What, perhaps, deter those who have little or no command of English. If you are still determined, know that there is an easy way to add your own subtitles on Netflix.

Then, it may seem obvious, but do your research well before subscribing. Here again, several parameters, summarized in this dedicated article, are important. Here are a few things to keep in mind before signing up:

  • Check the compatibility of the VPN with Netflix and above all, its presence in the targeted country. While the majority of VPNs claim to provide access to Netflix, few actually do. Netflix’s geo-blocks are getting more and more sophisticated, so one should select a VPN that still manages to circumvent them effectively.
  • If the VPN in question has many servers dedicated to streaming, it’s even better. Remember to check on the sites of the various providers, if this is the case, they do not fail to brag about it.

Once all these parameters have been verified and these arbitrations made, the time comes to choose. If the Netflix France catalog is too limited for you and you are not afraid to watch your content in English, the VPN seems to be an interesting solution.

It will allow you to access content from Netflix USA and many other sites, without being bothered by the geographical blocking of your IP address.

Otherwise, there is also the possibility of subscribing to one of the other subscription streaming services available in France. Amazon Prime Video, OCS, Canal+ Series, Disney+ or Salto… There is therefore no shortage of choice.

Here is the list of some of the films and series available in the Netflix USA catalog, but not in France:


  • NCIS (15 seasons)
  • Death Note (animated series)
  • Criminal Minds (12 seasons)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (15 seasons)
  • Into the Badlands (3 seasons)
  • Friday Night Lights (5 seasons)
  • Vampire Diaries (8 seasons)
  • Hap & Leonard (3 seasons)
  • Charmed (3 seasons)


  • The Hateful Eight
  • There Will Be Blood
  • Into The Wild
  • Ali
  • Untouchables
  • Leon
  • Last Action Hero
  • Twilight (5 movies)
  • Wretched

Several VPNs suitable for Netflix

Here is a selection of VPN services that combine at least several of the advantages described above. It is then up to you to check each point and compare the different offers according to your uses and your budget. Do not hesitate in case of doubt to seek advice in our internet forums and networks.

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Rather want to try Prime Video?

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