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Netflix: 3 delightful series to discover this weekend

The Netflix catalog is renowned for its international volume of films and series of all kinds; if the algorithm does not bring up curiosities to your liking, the CNET editorial staff proposes to make up for it. The three proposals in this article are from different countries (Sweden, Spain, United States) but have one thing in common: they will only have one season, which lends itself to a few hours of binge-watching. And there’s something for everyone, from the most comfortable to the most radical!

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This weekend, the editorial staff of CNET France recommends the series clark, The Good Cop and 45 rpm.

What series to watch this weekend on Netflix?

A crazy Swedish series: clark


An evocation of the life of Swedish Clark Olofsson, the controversial criminal who inspired the term “Stockholm syndrome”, responsible for numerous robberies and author of spectacular escapes in the 1960s.

The opinion of CNET France

Each introduction of the six episodes of this Swedish mini-series wants to be clear: “based on truths and lies”. In fact, don’t expect a faithful biography of the incredible life of criminal figure Clark Olofsson, played here by Bill Skarsgaard.

The latter is famous for having been associated with the robbery of Norrmalmstorg in 1973, a case that hit the headlines when the hostages of a bank created a bond of empathy with the robbers. Co-creator and director Jonas Akerlund is less interested in truth than legend; and, in constant voice-over, his fictional Clark very quickly makes us understand that it would be in vain, given the tendency to permanent mythomania to achieve his ends.

Akerlund delivers nothing less than a frantic visual Barnum throughout the six episodes to illustrate each painting, real or imagined, of the life of its protagonist, where we find his taste for a dynamic and over-vitamined montage (he has made music videos for the biggest pop artists, from Madonna to Beyoncé) and trash without ambivalence.

clark is a rock’n’roll proposition, which revels in the implausible twists happening to its hero. One of the episodes, quote – supposedly – ​​real from Oloffson, is even entitled “I am seen as a mixture between Pippi Longstocking and Al Capone”. A whole program, which is held.

Ultra-violent animated segments, an obsessive and incompetent investigator tracking Clark, Tommy (Vilhelm Blomgren), disco dance sequences, or even a monologue on the vagina delivered from his cell: the list of audacity of clark is very long, and even challenges us to find a psychological depth to the characters crossed by the hero on his way.

From his poverty-stricken childhood at the hands of alcoholic parents Shameless until the 1980s, clark is a delirium not far from the most hallucinated films of Guy Ritchie or Danny Boyle, who is not there to please everyone. Worse still, it can shock by the bias of showing an antihero who is manipulative to the last degree and epicurean in his relationship and his relationship to his stays in prison. But the mission of this project is 100% accomplished: leave no one indifferent.

  • A small glimpse of the nihilistic festivities of clark :

An endearing detective comedy: The Good Cop


As if he didn’t have enough to do with solving murders, a sickly honest cop tries to keep an eye on his father, a very nice man but a finished scoundrel.

The opinion of CNET France

The specialty of Netflix is ​​to offer a volume of very different series, including those which could be programmed by the historical American television channels. Their sitcoms are remembered as the new version of house partyor the recent adaptation of The Lincoln Defense acquired from CBS. The Good Cop is an example of a classic, but well done, procedural series.

And for good reason: its creator is the co-creator of monks Andy Breckman, expert in the balance between police investigation and hilarious comedy. Shot in a resplendent New York, The Good Cop abandons the tics and neuroses of Adrien Monk to offer a father-son tandem freely adapted from an Israeli format.

Tony Caruso Jr. (Josh Groban) is a first-class cop, an outstanding investigator, a stickler for procedures and the law; his father, Tony Caruso… is quite the opposite, which cost him a stay of several years in prison for corruption. When the series begins, he is on parole and forced to return to cohabit with his son, which gives rise to comic verbal sparring between perfect opposites.

The Good Cop begins with a murder, a mystery, clues and co-ops who don’t help too much (including old cop veteran Isiah Whitlock Jr., known for playing Clay Davis in TheWire), leaving Tony Jr. no choice but to use his savvy to solve the crime.

Against the backdrop of ubiquitous jazzy music, the rhythm is familiar, perfect for rainy weekends, and this is the main charm of the series. Josh Groban proves his comedic talents beyond the song, and Tony Danza finds a role to broaden his acting palette: you never know if Caruso senior is incorrigible or if he tries to get back on the right track and be forgiven by his son. In short, a program which will not conceal many surprises but which knows how to make the most of its endearing cast.

  • Check out the trailer for the only season of The Good Cop :

An energetic musical series: 45 rpm


In 1960s Madrid, producer Guillermo Rojas launches a rock’n’roll label, aided by up-and-coming singer Robert and his brilliant assistant Maribel.

The opinion of CNET France

This Spanish series was not produced for Netflix but for the Antena 3 channel, which does not prevent its producers from being very well known and among the most prolific in the country: they thus produced the series velvetor The Telephone Girls. Fans of this latest series – broadcast in full on the SVOD platform – will be able to find a lush visual touch – here with warm tones tinged with orange, gold and pink – and impressive decorations recreating the Madrid of the 1960s.

The time of the yé-yé was experienced differently depending on the country. 45 rpm takes an interest in the Spanish music industry, and a fictitious label, Golden Records, which finds great success with variety, while in the streets, rock artists perform in bars and are victims of the police and of censorship.

Artistic director on the sidelines, after several professional failures, Guillermo Rojas (Ivan Marcos) will go all out: offering to create a label to sign rock artists, Futura. In doing so, he gives the opportunity to Maribel, his secretary about to get married (Guiomar Puerta), the opportunity to unearth talents and organize concerts. Maribel will immerse herself in work, she who is also an accomplished musician but who has not been able to pursue her dream, to the great displeasure of her conservative and bourgeois family… and of her fiancé, who questions their relationship. They already have a rare pearl all found: the handsome singer Robert and his acoustic covers in perfect English, but the rise of artists perceived as “rebellious” in Spain is not without pitfalls… more than Robert hides from everyone a heavy medical secret which calls into question his flourishing career.

Punctuated by feverish dialogues (the series is only available in original version with French subtitles), 45 rpm puts at its center an ambitious and resolute female character, served by the energetic interpretation of Guiomar Puerta. She describes a traditionalist society and a record industry riddled with bureaucracy and corruption… struggling with idealistic employees who believe in a new wave of music from the United States and England.

The thirteen episodes may suffer from the archetypes of certain characters, but if you listen carefully, have a playful secret: the covers of Robert in front of a delirious crowd are none other than anachronisms! These are, for the most part, period arrangements for current big hits, Hey Soul Sister from Train to Lady Gaga and REM A period telescoping that adds to the interest of this project, which only had one season of 13 episodes. We saw Robert’s interpreter, Carlos Cuevas, in someone must die on Netflix, while Guillermo, alias Ivan Marcos, held one of the roles of Jaguar last year for the platform.

  • Check out the trailer for 45 rpm :

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