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NBA League Pass: what are the subscription prices?

To make the most of the NBAone of the simplest solutions is to subscribe to the NBA League Pass. This service developed by the NBA allows basketball fans to follow live and in HD each of the 82 games that take place during the regular season.

In addition, the NBA League Pass allows you to follow the Play In mini-tournament in full, the first phase of the Play-Offs, the Conference finals up to the NBA final. Highlights of the NBA such as the Draft or the presentation of the various trophies and awards can also be followed live or in replay on all your screens thanks to the NBA League. What are the prices for NBA League Pass subscriptions?


4 subscription offers for the NBA League Pass

For its online streaming service, the NBA offers three monthly or annual subscription offers, supplemented by a daily access offer. Here are the four offers:

League Pass Premium

This is the League Pass Premium offer using which you will be able to access the entire NBA regular season. Live or on demand, you can follow the highlights of American basketball: regular season, Play-Offs, Draft Lottery, Draft, Summer League, etc. In addition to allowing you to experience the entirety of each NBA season, the League Pass Premium gives you access to legendary archive games. The most beautiful matches in the history of the NBA can thus be relived fully and in HD via League Pass Premium. In addition, you can follow all of the last ten seasons of the NBA (up to the 2012-2013 season), Play-Offs, All-Stars Game as well as the NBA Finals included.

Added to this is live access to matches during commercial breaks. Then, you have the possibility to adapt your live streaming according to your desires: camera angles, commentary languages, statistics and high lights, etc. Finally, the League Pass Premium offers you the possibility to follow each match on two screens simultaneously, and to follow two matches of the same day on two screens. The League Pass Premium is accessible from €229.99 per season, and costs €29.99 per month.

League Pass Classic

The League Pass Classic is the basic offer offered by the NBA to take advantage of its streaming service. This offer gives you access to all regular season games, Play-Ins, Play-Offs, Conference Finals and the NBA Grand Final. The League Pass Classic also offers you the possibility of following all the most significant events of the season, in particular the presentation of the various trophies, the All-Stars Game, the Rising Stars Challenge or the Draft. You can also follow live or on demand exclusive interviews, press conferences or even the various documentaries telling the story of a team, a coach or a player.

In addition, like the League Pass Classic offer, you have the possibility of accessing all the legendary games that have marked the history of the NBA, but also all of the last seasons, up to in the 2012-2013 season. So you can fully relive your favorite basketball games. The League Pass Classic offer is available for €199.99 for an annual subscription, compared to €24.99 for a monthly subscription.

League Team Pass

Latest subscription offer on the NBA streaming service, the League Team Pass is an offer allowing you to follow your favorite team throughout the season. Don’t miss the 82 regular season games of your favorite NBA team thanks to this dedicated offer. When your team reaches the Play-Offs, you will have access to all matches, both home and away. In addition, just like the League Pass Premium offer, the League Team Pass offer gives you the possibility to adjust the language of the comments as well as the viewing angle of each match live. If your team manages to reach the Conference Finals as well as the NBA Finals, you will be able to experience these highlights thanks to the Team Pass. In terms of prices, the League Team Pass is offered at €109.99 per season, or €14.99 per month.

League Day Pass

Finally, the offer League Day Pass is an offer giving you access to all NBA programming for 24 hours. You can follow the matches in progress or choose the matches you want to follow, relive the most intense matches of the season, as well as follow the press conferences. Finally, the League Day Pass offers you the possibility of adjusting the comments, the streams as well as the angle of view during each match that you have previously selected. The League Day Pass is available for €5.99 for 24 hours.


On which platform can I log in to NBA League Pass offers?

You can sign in to your NBA League Pass account from the web, by logging directly into the official NBA website: You can also log in from:

  • Your iOS or Android mobile device
  • Your smart TV: Apple TV, Android TV,
  • Your game console: Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Your media gateway: Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, CarPlay and Apple Watch.

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