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Millions watched as Canada qualified for the World Cup

It’s the very first time in 36 years (since 1986) and all football fans who attended this match on March 27, 2022 will not soon forget it!

Canada qualifies with a landslide 4-0 win! against the Jamaican Reggae Boyz, in front of 30,000 fans at BMO Field in Toronto, which is a record audience for this type of competition.

But above all, millions of viewers witnessed their feat, across large and small screens around the world! The attitude of the whole country has changed and this will count enormously for the next steps, who knows, towards a possible triumph, at the very least a first choice place in the World Cup?

A jubilant stadium poured into the streets of Ontario’s capital, carried by a surreal euphoria, exulting and above all rediscovering that all hopes are now allowed to shine in Doha as a team that really counts in the concert of the great football countries!

The fervor of Canadian supporters is beyond measure with the recent past and the entire nation is mobilizing for their team.

Even if they remain outsiders for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, their rating continues to climb to be among the teams likely to create a surprise. But, from the way we saw him qualify, how can we not understand that this was only a sample of his enormous talents still untapped, which are just waiting to hatch over the tournaments among the greats of world Cup?

The unwavering faith of his coach carries the team

In ninety minutes of play, suddenly, Canada rose to become the “Football Nation” that it would never have ceased to be, according to what underlines the British coach, John Herdman. Since he took the reins of the Canadian 11 in 2018, he has never stopped believing in his team, nor to claim to who did not agree to hear him, that they would qualify for the cup. of the world. Now that history proves him right, he fully intends to exploit this shared flame to carry the team to heights for the next 30 years!

It’s not all down to the temporary “mirage” of a lightning match, since FIFA, at the end of this exploit, paid 15 million dollars in favor of the team, which only ran on an annual budget. provided by the federal government, only 4 million: a boost that should be felt at all levels of national sport to survive both substance and form!

The virtuous circle of qualification

Participation in the World Cup alone, with a certain probability of repeating the gesture several times, should generate other millions of dollars. Then come the sponsors who dread the galvanizing experience of collective play and so on.

The team discovered a very constructive team cohesion, capable of breaking through the opposing defenses in breaking waves, scoring successively. Already knowledgeable observers consider the Canadian attack and defense as the best, without comparison, of the Football Confederation of North, Central, South and Caribbean Americas (Concacaf), attributing to it the curve of an ascent sharply. The individual talent of top players, often found in top European teams such as Bayern Munich, was recognized, but the results were not there. Doubt had crept in, after many obstacles or setbacks, and the essential thing that this group of men had now encountered was missing: faith! Now, the mind is forged for the next summit meetings and nothing seems impossible!

At each World Cup, a presumed outsider stands out above the crowd and plays his luck as long as a victory seems within reach. The audience’s participation and enthusiasm at each of his performances only transports him to new triumphs. The potential adversary takes this into account and begins to dread surprise during the confrontation, providing an almost unstoppable self-confidence to the new magicians in the stadium.

As in the alignment of the planets, all the elements seem to be linked in turn to lead the Canadian team to the fireworks, one evening of the final in Doha!? What will be will be

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