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Media and political frenzy, tear gas attacks… the story of the Ollainville squatters, in 3 acts

On May 19 in Ollainville in Essonne, Elodie and Laurent signed the deed of sale for a 70 square meter house backed by 1,800 square meters of land, for 140,000 euros, an unbeatable price in the Ile-de-France region. The problem ? The accommodation is squatted by a family with four children, preventing the couple from settling down. A legal battle ensued which finally ended on the night of this Friday, June 10: according to information from the “Parisien”, gendarmes came, Thursday at the end of the day, to serve the occupants with their formal notice, leading to their departure.

Under pressure from neighbors, the squatters of Roland’s house in Toulouse left the premises

“L’Obs” looks back on the course of this affair, which has been escalated by part of the political class.

The sequel after the ad

1 – A controversy taken up by the far right

The story begins on Wednesday June 8 when “le Parisien” publishes an article relaying the version of the couple of buyers. The latter evoke a visit to the property in September 2021, then empty (supporting photos), then the promise of sale in March, and the signing at the notary on May 19. “In the evening, we had planned to bring some friends home to celebrate. We arrive at 10 or 15, and there, I see curtains on the windows, and a car parked in front, with a pit bull behind the gate “, explains Laurent to the newspaper. A visit during which the occupant shows him a promise of sale indicating the purchase of the house for 120,000 euros in cash.

Second homes: MPs vote for an “anti-squat” measure

The gendarmes are called on the spot but cannot do anything. Because the administrative procedure for the eviction of squatters illegally occupying a dwelling requires proof of the violation of domicile “by maneuvers, threats, assault or coercion”. In this context, the couple must go to court, a procedure which can take up to a year and which is not always applied.

The article in Le “Parisien”, accompanied by a video entitled “We go from dream to nightmare”, ends with this confidence from Laurent: “For three years, we worked like crazy, without counting the hours, to be able to afford this house. I will end up taking a tent and camping in front of my house. »

The situation of the couple circulates widely on social networks and makes the political sphere react, in particular on the side of the extreme right. On Twitter, Eric Zemmour shares the video of the “Parisian” evoking “everyday dramas [qui le] scandalize”. During the presidential campaign, the candidate of Reconquête! had already ridiculed the legislation in force, according to him being too protective of squatters. Same story on the side of Marine Le Pen for whom “a squatter, by definition without rights or titles, should be able to be evicted manu militari within 48 hours”. The couple pushes the media exposure to come and testify on Cyril Hanouna’s show, “Touche pas à mon poste! », Thursday evening.

The sequel after the ad

2 – The house bought at a discount, knowingly

Faced with the controversy that swells, the government seizes the case, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin and the Minister of Ecological Transition Amélie de Montchalin announcing Thursday on Twitter that they have asked the prefect “to immediately initiate a Dalo evacuation procedure”, an accelerated expulsion procedure used twelve times since 2020 in the department. The ministers’ intervention quickly unblocked the situation.

Yes but now, the version of the couple is then contradicted by two videos published on Facebook. In a video relayed by “le Parisien”, their real estate advisor confirms that the new owners were aware of the squat of the house during the sale:

“She (the owner) bought a property at a very interesting cost because of the work and the occupation of the squatters, which must be taken care of, because there are procedures to put in place. The buyer is aware of the situation, it was a long sale, you can imagine. »A hundred people evacuated from a squat near Bordeaux

The advisor even explains that Élodie did not receive the key to the property: “We will have to make the people who are inside leave, recover the property and redo all the keys”, she explains. Dated the day of the agreement, the videos also evoke a purchase at half price, given the context. The buyer couple was therefore aware, which is confirmed by the notary, who recorded the sale, and the Superior Council of Notaries, according to whom the mention of a “occupation without right or title” face “black on white on the deed of sale”.

Faced with these revelations, Laurent and Élodie no longer say they ignored the squat at the time of purchase, but assure that they did not measure its magnitude. According to the prefecture, squatters had already been asked to evacuate the premises in April 2021.

The sequel after the ad

3 – The family assaulted during their move

Thursday evening, the family of squatters was finally forced to leave the premises. Around midnight, while this Tunisian couple and their four children aged 4 to 16 were loading their belongings into their car, they were violently attacked by a group of hooded and masked people. A source close to the case tells the regional daily that the attackers used tear gas on the family, physically attacking them. The passenger compartment of their car, which was also damaged, and then the interior of the house were also sprayed with tear gas. The family immediately filed a complaint with the police.

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“You teach me”, reacts Laurent this Friday morning to the “Parisian”. ” The aggressors were wrong to do this, it hurts me. If I had seen the family come out, I would have helped them. In recent days, around the house, the residents were becoming insistent, some were honking their horns, shouting “fire them!”, it was getting tense. Even after school. It’s not for lack of having warned the father of the family… I even offered to help him move for free with my truck. »

For landlords, recourse exists in the event of occupied housing. “The administrative procedure for the eviction of squatters illegally occupying housing has been simplified since 1er January 2021 », explains the administration. ” To make this procedure really effective, the owners concerned can be accompanied by a bailiff since 1er February 2022.” Last year, out of 196 deportation requests, 172 were carried out, recalls France 3.

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